Considering the wiki's only a few days old, there isn't much to discuss, however there are still a few things to keep in mind.

  • Self-made user pages suck. If you deserve to have one, someone else will make it for you.
  • The current custom "Infobox" panels are:
Purpose (For documenting) Template name
Cut enemies Template:Cut Enemies
Cut Maps Template:MapInfoBox
Cut weapons (advanced) Template:Weapon_infobox
Mods Template:Mod_InfoBox
Shitposts/memes Template:Game_Infobox
Characters (memey) Template:Infobox_character


There is currently one custom "notice" panel: Template:Obsolete

Please consider if the current ones are a good fit for your article before creating another.

Two tips for removing the unnecesary stuff wikia likes adding:

  • For galleries: Include "hideaddbutton=true" to remove the add buttons
  • For headers: Include "__NOEDITSECTION__" anywhere in the article to remove the header "edit" buttons

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