This page is intended to serve as a reference for VCC Wiki editors, and provide information useful for both newbies and veterans alike.

Getting StartedEdit

Welcome to the VCC Wiki! Before you begin, there's a few different things we need to go through.

Subject of the WikiEdit

Valve Cut Content Wiki focuses on primarily what its name is. Cut content of valve games, such as Half-Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead. It also focuses on the more documentable aspects of the Cut Content community, such as mods and patches.

What sets it apart from the Combine Overwiki is that it specializes in leaks, and doumenting the advanced details of cut content. Where the Overwiki focuses on the various aspects of the final version of the Combine Soldier, leave a brief section about how it changed "Behind the Scenes", VCC Wiki exclusively focuses on how it evolved with "Combine Soldier (Evolution).

Neutral Point of ViewEdit

Neutral point of view is essential for a writer of Wiki articles to understand.

On the Valve Cut Content Wiki, one of the main goals is to provide useful, complete, and accurate information. To provide the highest quality of information, one must be neutral and without any bias or opinion. This is what is called Neutral Point of View, or NPOV.

What is it?Edit

NPOV is when an editor writes or edits articles with a completely neutral point of view. This means that there is no bias or opinion from one author. This also includes to not use the word "I", or other weasel words.

How do I do it?Edit

To follow NPOV, simply write or edit articles without the use of opinionated words such as I, think, like, believe, hate," etc. Using weasel words, such as some argue, many people thought, and experts say are also against the NPOV.

Advertising is also strictly against the NPOV. Advertising is defined as the promoting (or slander) of specific mods or users. Advertising is strongly advised against, as it severely degrades the quality of the article and makes the author seem biased. Source

Formatting ConventionsEdit

  • When referring to a specific directory, put it within <code></code tags. Example: /materials/brick/
  • When creating a texture gallery, have the caption of each refer to the original VTF's, TGA's, etc.'s name in quotations. For example:
  • The Leak is in reference to the The 2003 Leak, and should be capitalized.
  • When referring to Half-Life, make sure to specify which to help avoid confusion.
    • Also: It is Half-Life, not "Half Life".
  • When using level 4 headers (====Header====), either italicize or bold them to make sure that they are not overlooked as regular text.

Page StructureEdit

VCC wiki uses a set of strutural standards distinct from others.

"Evolution of"Edit

Evolution articles document the "evolution" of various valve-related things that make it to retail, using headings for individual versions. Screenshots and textures are included within each header, as they should be each their own time capsule, moving onward.

Header Structure Edit

There is no strict format, as "evolution of" articles should be approached on a case-by-case basis, based in what we have of it.Combine Soldier (Evolution) provides a good example of how these can be structured, though.
===Early Suit Designs===
===Early Color Schemes===
==Version 1: Pre-2002==
==Version 2: E3_Hydra==
==Version 3: 2002==
==Version 4: Leak==
==Version 5: Early 2004==

Cut EnemiesEdit

These are intended to document cut enemies, and what condition (or lack of) they are in, alongside their oddities.

Header Structure Edit

Miscellaneous aspects (see below)
===Screenshots=== (if applicable)
===Textures=== (if applicable)


These are intended to document cut weapons, and how they (would have) functioned.

Header Structure Edit

Miscellaneous aspects (see below)

===Screenshots=== (if applicable)
===Textures=== (if applicable)

"Miscellaneous Aspects"Edit

What does Miscellaneous Aspects represent? Essentially, this is a trivia section, where instead of bullet points, individual notable bits get their own heading.
For example, on the MP5K (SMG1) page, it would refer to the

  • Viewmodel Picture Release
  • Prior Revisions

On the Heavy_Machine_Gun_(HMG1) page, it would refer to

  • Early Viewmodel

It's based on TCRF's approach to headings, of which a good example can be seen here.

Image StandardsEdit

We don't have a lot, in comparison to most wikis. However:

  • Don't reuse images from other wikis. We can do better than that!
  • When capturing images, try to maximise the resolution possible.
  • When capturing renders using hlmv, take the time to remove the background.
    • Also, setting the background to an obnoxious color (like hot pink or lime) can make this process a lot easier.


These are intended to be used by veteran editors, as a reference point.


  • The current custom "Infobox" panels are:
Purpose (For documenting) Template name
Cut enemies Template:Cut Enemies
Cut Maps Template:MapInfoBox
Cut weapons Template:Weapon_infobox
Mods Template:Mod_InfoBox
Shitposts/memes Template:Game_Infobox


Please consider if the current ones are a good fit for your article before creating another.


There are several different sorts of linking that may be needed in certain situations.

  • If the text you are linking is the same as the page title, use two sets of brackets.
    • Example:[[Metropolice (Evolution)]]
  • If the text you are linking to is different from the page title, use two sets of brackets, and put down the exact page title, with "|" at the end. Then, put down the text from which the link will be displayed.
    • Example:[[Metropolice (Evolution)|Police]]
  • If the text you are linking is outside the wiki, first put down the link of it. Then, put down (with no separating characters) the text you wish to display.


This is a list of the currently-used tags. If you feel another should be added, feel free to - this system isn't perfect by a long shot.


Half-Life (General series tag)
Half-Life 1
Half-Life 2

Portal (General series tag)
Portal 1
Portal 2

Team Fortress Classic
Team Fortress 2 (Brotherhood of Arms)
Team Fortress 2 (Invasion)
Team Fortress 2

Left 4 Dead(General series tag)

Counter Strike(General series tag)
Counter Strike 1.6
Counter Strike Source
Counter Strike GO


General tag, used for leak documentation articles, does not involve articles relating to specific parts of leaks.

Use tags below when tagging articles about a specific part of them.
Category:1997 Press Disc

Category:2003 Leaks
Category:WC Mappack

Category:2007 Particle Penchmark

Category:2016 Leaks (Depending on the date of the leak)
Category:2017 Leaks

Type specifiers

Category:Items (Including weapons)


Category:Non-Player Characters



Category:Maps (Used for maps.)
Category:Locations (Used for cut locations. Should not overlap with maps.) Items

Article Types

Category:Unused Visgroups


Category:Beta Patches

Useful FilesEdit

Various files helpful for the investigative editor.

Generally UsefulEdit

VTFEdit, a powerful texture editor
GCFScape, a good tool for browsing GCFs and VPKs
VTF Shell Extensions, a tool that allows you to see thumbnails for .vtf files

Beta StuffEdit

ValveArchive folder for the 2003 leak
Pack of beta model viewers and decompilers
Pack of decompiled models from ScarT's infamous decompiler
Blackfox's reference docs. CSVs of sounds used in the maps, textures, versions, etc.

Wikia TricksEdit

Two tips for removing the unnecesary stuff wikia likes adding:

  • For galleries: Include "hideaddbutton=true" to remove the add buttons
  • For headers: Include "__NOEDITSECTION__" anywhere in the article to remove the header "edit" buttons

To format text to go past photos, use "{{clear}}".


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