Since their release in the facepunch-era leaks, Half-Life 2's mapsources have been ripe for investigation. One of their most notable features is their large number of unused visgroups, ranging from alternate positions of dumpsters to entire cut sequences and early sections of maps. 

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Trainstation 01 01
The trainstation chapters, a fitting introduction.
Canals 08 01
The canals, where the airboat comes and goes.
Eli 01 01
Black Mesa East, Ravenholm
The point when Half-Life 2 briefly becomes a horror game.
Coast 07 01a
The coast chapters, the largest and most "nonlinear" of the entire game.
Prison 01 09
Freeman allies himself with the antlions and storms his way through a Combine prison.
C17 02 02
City 17
Freeman fights alongside a group of rebels to win a civil war through City 17. There are surprisingly few visgroups.
Breen 01 01
The ending chapters, where Freeman finally meets up with Breen in his own citadel.