Since their release in the facepunch-era leaks, Half Life 2's mapsources have been ripe for investigation. One of their most notable features is their large number of unused visgroups, ranging from alternate positions of dumpsters to entire cut sequences with strange implications.


The first of many maps. A few oddities, but nothing major.


Trainstation 01 01

Appearing in the checkpoint where Barney sets the player free, it appears to have been used for testing this sequence, with an advance info_player_start and a few entities meant to begin Barney's sequence.


  • One of the used visgroups is named "anti-jackass player clips".
  • The usual "_removed by art team" is active, but nothing seems to be tied to it.


In contrast to d1_trainstation_01, there are a much greater number of unused visgroups, though they still aren't particularly noteworthy.


A set of four grey lights in the food dispensary area before the player exits onto the plaza. They appear to have been placeholders from before later lighting was added.

_old_combine platform

A brush-based metallic platform in the trainstation plaza.


Two unused sets of counter props.

_upper fire escape

A fire escape further up to match the one the player uses to get over the fence.

_shield buzz

A trigger_multiple and two ambient_generics that serve the seemingly the same role as the ambient_generics in the final version, but via a different means.

_hanging hallway lights

Two sets of lanterns attached to the wall.


A padlock on a door in the hallway prior to the "pick up the can" scene. In the final, the door is still unable to be opened despite the lack of a padlock.


Two sets of trigger_multiple entities that tell a unknown entity referred to as "plaza_right_side" to open.

_shield glows

Two env_lightglows affixed to either side of the left Combine gate in the main plaza.

_other extra dumpster

A dumpster on the other side of the fence the player drops onto. Overlaps with a crate prop.

_extra shield layer

An odd "combine shield" brush placed well outside of the checkpoint.


  • There is another unused visgroup called "_obsolete logic_autos", but none of its contents remain.
  • There is a used visgroup called "extra dumpster", which unlike its "other" counterpart made it into the final version.
  • These is no "removed by art style" visgroup present in this map.


Relatively free of interest, aside from a few disabled advance spawns.


A info_player_start and logic_auto shortly before the first apartment hallway.


The same entities, at the start of the second stairwell during the beginning of the metrocops' intervention.


Nothing significant.


_not visible buildings

Several, as the title states, not visible buildings to the left of the player in Kleiner's courtyard. Despite this, the nodraw on their surfaces implies someone thought they were visible from that angle.
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