Jaytest, commonly also known as V_Jaytest, is an early version of the MP5K (SMG1) model found within the Leak files. The file itself reveals a lot of interesting history.

History Edit

V_Jaytest is most likely a leftover from a much earlier era of Half-Life 2's development, one much closer to Half-Life 1 than most other models we still have.

  • First, its textures appear in /models/Police/ in anon-hl2. This implies that the Police model once had the SMG permanently affixed to his hand, similarly to HL1.
  • Second, the textures it has are identical to materials/models/weapons/obsolete/p_HkMp5k[2]. It suggests that v_jaytest is a remnant of a HL1-esque model otherwise removed.
  • Third, either the leak's model viewer, nor the custom v31-v35 model viewer are able to open it. This again implies the age of this model, as both Samuel and Cohrt are perfectly viewable with it.
  • Fourth, the textures of the weapon are setup in a very "old"-style way. There are five-ish textures in total, each used for one side of the model.

Differences between back textures Edit

Jaytest, due to a texture name mixup, uses the metrocop's back texture in normal circumstances. However, the back texture is actually earlier than the one that appears in the metrocop's texture folder!

Back Texture in Police Back Texture in Jaytest
Backpol Backjay

Name SimilaritiesEdit

One of the programmers involved in Half-Life 2's development was Jay Stelly. Since this is called Jaytest, it is plausible that he was involved somewhere.


Textures Edit


  1. 1.0 1.1 Model used is Stacker's port.
  2. (p_ is a style of texture naming usually used in Half-Life based games ported to Source, where textures are no longer included in the model