It should be noted that the way I viewed this was through Sergeant Stacker's porting it to retail. I did not get the renders through a leak model viewer.

Jaytest, commonly also known as V_Jaytest, is a model found within the Half Life 2 leak. At face value, it is nothing more than a bad low-poly beautiful-looking smg.

However, one you look deeper into it, it becomes even more interesting.

History Edit

V_Jaytest is a very interesting weapon in its history. First, its textures appear in /models/Police/ in anon-hl2. This implies that the Police model once had the SMG permanently affixed to his hand, similar to HL1 and hl1ports.

Second, the textures it has are identical to the weapons in the materials/models/weapons/obsolete folder W_MP5 and P_HkMp5k(P_ is Half-Life styled weapon naming). It suggests that v_jaytest is a remnant of a extremely old model otherwise removed.

To add to that, neither the leak's hlmv nor the v31-v35 hlmv are able to open it. This again suggests the age of the model, since v31-35 can open both Samuel and Cohrt with no issue.

Thus, it can be concluded that V_jaytest is a leftover from a much earlier development era, one where models kept their gun materials with their own, and one before even v31.

Differences between back textures Edit

Another fact to note is that v_jaytest, in its default state, uses the police back texture instead of the correct "backgun" texture. Said back texture is actually an earlier version of the one present in Police!

Back Texture in Police Back Texture in Jaytest

Textures Edit

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