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MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
ai_guide1 Small playable sequence prototype Borealis start first meeting with Odell. Isolated scripted sequence
alyx Test development test Isolated box A room with Alyx
alyx_caves03 Line 412 error 7 --- DOES NOT LOAD ---
antcave Small explorable area concept Textured with lightning and grubs Antlion caves
antlion_01 concept, sketch Rough textures and brushwork, most likely early development. / Small explorable area Wastelands? without antlions
antlion_cave01 Small playable section concept Devtextured, lit and a bit longer cave variation. Antlion caves
apc_canal Small playable sequence prototype Small cut canal section with an APC to avoid. Isolated prototype test
arcade_01 Small explorable area WIP Indoor and outdoor building. Textured and lit, with npcs. WIP of manhack arcade
arcade_02 Additional 'play' arena added. Small tunnel section added to the 'indoor' area.
arcade_03 Only with the 'outdoor' entrance reworked and small tunnel section added. No 'indoor' area present.
arcade_04 'Indoor' area is back, Outdoor area has an indoor arcade section added. Plus indoor area has some more parts added to it. Also outdoor has surrounding building added at the entrance.
arcade_05 A indoor torn apartment added, 'indoor' area removed and 'outdoor' area prettied up a bit in the inside.
arcade_06 Lots of detail added to places. Where the aparment used to be is now a 'backalley' and the apartment is moved to the end of it. The old 'indoor' area is present with skybox clipping trough it.
arcade_06a Cut down version of 06 with only parts of the entrance available.
arcade_06b Mostly identical to A with some minor details missing (not copied over from 06)
arcade_06 Small playable section WIP Mostly done basework with texturing and lightning. Vision of the manhack arcade
arch Test Test Void with two brushwork arches. A room with arches
areaportal Test Test 2rooms1door Connected rooms with a door
barrel_roll Playable map WIP One map from canal with logs in water, textured and lit. Canals with logs.
bastille Playable map WIP Canal map, airboat? Also has a big isolated bridge area Canals section
bell_light Test Test Hanging ceiling light with entity, no playable area. Light in void
blastfurnace concept A tower that is in void with some random bits here and there / Nonplayable prototype A tower in void
box Test Test A Box with some objects for testing. A box
brickbuildings2 Explorable area concept Buildings in a canal setting. Buildings
brickbuildings3 Explorable area concept Added some more buildings Buildings
brickbuildings-1 Explorable area concept First iteration, no water and least buildings Buildings
btest1 Test Test Two connected rooms with light spot Light test
btest1a Test Test Two connected rooms with light spot Light test
building_test02 Small playable area Prototype, concept Three striders and a City 17 section. textured and lit C17 segment with striders
building_test Small playable area Prototype, concept One Strider in a small City 17 section. Textured and lit C17 segment with strider
building_testa Few brushes and a skybox, some lightning. Same as above, very early Prototype, concept
bullseye Prototype, Test Testing of Bullseye entity, small gameplay section experiment / Small playable section Small apartment section
bullsquid_01 Has a bullsquid and some headcrabs. HL1 style brush cliffs concept, Prototype Wastelands style 'arena'
bullsquid_02 Same with some added space that is linked to the main area.
bullsquid_02a Only the original area with steep out of place displacements.
burntest Small playable section Prototype, Test Stalkers with some scripting, textures and isolated room. Small room with stalkers
burntest01 Exact same, most likely only some values got changed.
bus Test concept, Test Bus concept, Ingame testing or prefab purposes. A box with a brushwork bus
c17_01_13 Playable map WIP very old version, hl1 style brushwork and textured. C17 terminal/industrial
c17_01_13test2 Some stuff visgrouped.
c17_01_13test No visible changes, most likely changed some values.
c17_01_14 Industrial area buildings have been reworked a little.
c17_01_15 Industrial area buildings reworked a little more, some combine gates added. Other minor changes.
c17_01_16 Terminal area does not load it's brushwork. 3d skybox added with a cityscape and early citadel.
c17_01_17 Terminal is missing brushes and underpass traintrack replaced with road. Indst. expanded, spawn moved. Terminal Detail/displacement added. No 3dsky.
c17_01_18 Industrial prettied up, some stuff added. 3dSky is missing
c17_01_19 Industrial prettied up, spwawn relocated again. no 3dSKY
c17_01_19 Playable map WIP Vision of terminal, a lot of stuff got changed later on. C17 terminal/industrial
c17_03_08 Sketch WIP Lots on construction work, basework done with textures. C17 back alley, construction site and an construction elevator to reach the buildings. Early C17 texturework
c17_04_12 C17 old-school, Covers few blocks. Has some entities. Sketch Early C17 again, linked to previous map by falling in a duct. Contains the infamous consul plaza with a plethora of TV-sets in the air. ?Done after 03_08? 03's end exists in this map. No displacements.WIP
c17_04_13 Same stuff for what I can see, couldn't notice anything different.
c17_04_14 No comment
c17_04_15 Void
c17_04_16 No comment
c17_04_17 First signs of changes, visibility from c17_04_xx to c17_05_xx, The garage-style doors are removed revealing the VanceHQ on the other side. Road textures changed on places.
c17_04_18 Tunnel blocked again with some metal bars. Texture changes on places. More detail on some places. See-thru windows added on specific buildings.
c17_04_19 Minor changes
c17_04_20 Some more streets added leading to a back alley sort of. One can reach the upper areas from here trough the stairs. Leads to the middle brige/overpass. More brushwork details in various areas.
c17_04_21 Start of the 3D skybox. Has the old citadel + citadel walls. Also a interesting detail is the huge broadcast antenna seen in arcade levels. Added boxes to force a linear route to the upper area.
c17_04_22 Cosmetic changes, boxes added in one alley. Skybox has more stuff and seems to have the vertigo structure now.
c17_04_23 A roof has been added near the start location.
c17_04_24 Just half of the map missing! Minor changes (like one overpass has a texture change)
c17_04_25 Back to normal, Details added in lots of places. C17 MP building has some posters and the alley with some boxes has got a small extension.
c17_04_26 Gordon relocated to start behind the dumpster. More detail. Barrier added at one of the alleys
c17_04_27 Seems to be only texture changes, cant spot anything really.
c17_04_28 No comment
c17_04_28a Map has been stripped a lot, this time only the consul plaza with the surroundings remain.
c17_04_29 Back to normal, Combot entity has been updated with the new name. Visgrouped stuff. Citadel gains a new look and skybox has been worked on. Seems that some detail has been added aswell. Gordon moved a bit.
c17_04_29a Nothing noticeable. Could be a quick test as in "Which light value is better"
c17_04_30 No comment
c17_04_31 Structures got changed a bit, tunnel blocked to the stairs, gordon relocated to a different start (starts from the upper level now), physics applied to all small boxes. Maybe a techdemo/experiment?
c17_04_32 More areas added! VanceHQ is deleted in this version and replaced with more roads, one of them leading to the manhack arcade.
c17_04_33 Arcade area has been changed, Alley leading to the tunnel that took you to the stairs has been blocked.
c17_04_34 More changes on areas mentioned before. Some roads added near the arcade area. Gordon relocated to the lower level.
c17_04_35 Even more work on the arcade area, destroyed cars added on the streets.
c17_04_36 Same as above, both are filling gaps in the geometry with buildings and adding detail.
c17_04_36_retexture Retextured a lot of stuff.
c17_04_37 Stuck with the retextured version, no other changes it seems.
c17_04_38 Retextured stuff AGAIN. The 20~ boxes are cut to three. Details added.
c17_04_39 Lots of places prettied up, texture changes etc.. Upper area has got a rework and some fences got swapped for taller ones. Start changed and other places too.
c17_04_40 Start changed, New arcade (old one still exists), water canals added, Lot's of stuff changed.
c17_04_41 Playable map WIP Vision of the fourth C17 map. Whole idea got scrapped. Displacements !! Mostly same changes as above, just more work done on those areas.
c17_05_05 Sketch Sketch VanceHQ concept Linked to pre-c17_04_32 maps. Consists of a really small street section that ends up in the wall seen in the 04 skybox. Metrocops are guarding it...
c17_05_06 Sketch Sketch VanceHQ concept, bridges from 04 to 06 ... Also has the Vance HQ indoors, really rough and mostly just a placeholder to the real deal. This version has different outdoor textures on HQ
c17_old07 Sketch Exploreable area Some old test to see how the setting would work. Reeally retro here. HL1 style brushwork and nothing to really do. A small city section is exploreable.
c17_plaza01 Playable map WIP Terminal post c17_01_xx design Continuation of the c17_01_xx series. Terminal front expanded to make room for a plaza. Lots of minor additions here and there. Skybox is the circular citadel made up of "plates"
c17_plaza02 No comment
c17_plaza02_redo Isolated Plaza area for testing, nothing else really to see.
c17_plaza02_redo01 Complete map again, Textures changed on a plaza building. One of the structures contains 'cyber cafe' and has the window displays changed from TV's showing the consul to a generic room.
c17_plaza02_redo02 A small red building added in the plaza. Also a fenced, grassy area added to the plaza.
c17_plaza03 Red building is missing. Veikko sign added to the building that has the grassy area. Some stone 'cones' added to circle around the plaza center.
c17_plaza04 A circular brush thing replaces the combine post/terminal that used to be where the plaza connected to the tram section.
c17_plaza05 Red house makes a comeback. Also there seems to be the antenna from the arcade levels in the skybox. Not sure on which revision it got added in.
c17_plaza06 WIP More work done on the terminal. Still to be continued on. Changes to the trainstation building.
c17_road01 Exploreable area WIP A section of C17 with a bus. Buildings and roads with a bus that is more worked on than seen in the above terminal iterations. No real purpose yet. Gordon starts from an outside area that is not connected to the main/bigger area
c17_road02 Buildings and roads added. Gordon is moved to the main area and the subarea is removed.
c17_road03 Buildings and roads added. Gordon is moved to a new large tunnel. Bus has a new path that makes it move around the city, from one tunnel to another. Has displacements.
c17_road03a Different entry from the tunnel to the city streets. Still has displacements so this section is done after/around c17_04_41 most likely.
c17_road04 Entry stuck with 03 design. Tunnels are a lot longer and the end tunnel has some alternative routes that lead nowhere. Some details added in places.
c17_road05 Seems to be just minor details.
c17_road06 Exploreable area Concept Basis on what would have been a busride trough C17 streets. Slight changes & detail
c17_ruins01 Exploreable area Concept, prototype C17 ruins. Rocketlauncher/tank stuff A very small section that has a strider. There also are some interesting entities referring to a tank and a rocketlauncher. Three 'targets' also included
c17_ruins01a Very much the same map, Both use displacements but use the old syntax for props.
c17_ruins02 No comment
c17_ruins02a Targets and the rocket in an isolated box.
c17_ruins03 More details added. Street has been extended and the 'targets' removed, area still remains. Instead of using a button to control the rocketlauncher there is a trigger for that.
c17_ruins03test Isolated with a lot of the level removed.
c17_ruins04 Test Concept, prototype C17 ruins. Rocketlauncher/tank stuff. Testing stuff out. Even more details added, surroundings added.
camocity Test Prototype A prototype to see how the combine elite gameplay works ? Small city section with a combine elite, you start with brickbat > beer bottles. Outside the play area are a lot of prefabs for the city sections.
camoroom Test Prototype Shader test room Isolated room with the camo shader applied to a cube, also has a combine elite. Walls are made of various textures to test the shader itself.
camostreet Test Prototype Small playable test snippet city17? contains a few destroyed buildings and combile elite.
canal_bridges01 Small exploreable area Concept, sketch Canal themed bridges Canal bridge types. Has four different types, one of them functions as a dam. Also contains a small straight section outside the main area.
canal_bridges01jb Added some unrelated models, windmills floating.
canal_bridges02 Contains only the straight section with a mirrored side and has been duplicated. Other one contains the traintracks bridge crossing it from the top.
canal_bridges03 A new large section with the windmills and a large bridge crossing. Water and lots of detail added on the out-of-bounds area as well. __01 seems to exist as a visgroup that will overlap the new area.
canal_bridges04 More junk added.
canal_bridges05 One of the waterwheels seems to be redone completely. More junk/scrap.
canal_bridges06 More junk added.
canal_bridges07 Small playable section Concept, WIP Canals, bridge with junk around it. Maybe a puzzle section? A crane has been added.
canal_cave01 Small playable area Concept, sketch Early antlion caves. Early antlion caves labelled as canal sections.
canal_cave02 antlion_cave01 with different textures.
canal_cave03 Small exploreable area Concept, sketch Antlion caves, entry area or outdoor? Different area, outdoor and has sand&rocky terrain
canal_city01 Small exploreable area Concept, sketch Canals section Small canals section with buildings surrounding, has poor displacements on the hills.
canal_current01 Line 1821 unexpected end of file --- DOES NOT LOAD ---
canal_current02 Sketch WIP Canals section with some monsters. Familiar section of canals, made it in to the retail version. _very_ early draft.
canal_current03 Sketch WIP Canals section with some monsters. Very minor additions.
canal_passage01 Sketch WIP Canals section with rubble and a truck Canals section draft with some rubble and a rusted truck blocking the path.
canal_prop Isolated prototype Prototype Canal trap idea. Some wierd spike obstacle prototype, supposedly a trigger brush will start the spike fall which will hit the player.
canals_01_01 Playable map WIP Cut canals map Very similiar to barrel_roll but has a additional touches. Has a rebel citizen near the end
canals_01_02 Citizen area worked on more, added props.
canals_01_03 Citizen is hidden a bit better, more objects blocking entry. Some brushes added near the beginning resembling barrel_roll
canals_01_04 Citizen area has a bit more boxes added it seems.
canals_01_05 Citizen area extended and detailed a bit more. Minor details elsewhere.
canals_01_06 Visual changes on the surroundings.
canals_01_07 Major changes, retextured, different start position. citizen changed to a generic npc_citizen entity. Starting area has been extended. Lots of detail and some optimizations added as well.
canals_01_08 Citizen area extended a bit.
canals_01_10 HUGE changes. Totally different area but looks pretty good. Shorter section but looks a lot better than 08 did. 09 seems to be missing in this batch.
canals_01_11 Turns out that the 10 was merged with the 08, The location is pretty near the start.
canals_01_12 Canals made a lot narrower, at one point there is a new blockage that will require a slight detour to pass it.
canals_01_13 Isolated starting area, rest is missing.
canals_01_14 Lots of additional areas added. Starting area is now merged back in with the rest. Enemies added and other stuff as well.
canals_01_15 Playable map. WIP Cut canals map, a lot better than what it used to be. Isolated mid-section. Retextured.
canals_02_01 Sketch WIP Rough draft on a canals section Rough draft on the map. Has a campfire with two citizens. Campfire has a env_particlesystem emitting bor_firstsmoke, sound and light.
canals_02_02 Linked to canal_current03 (merged). Surroundings added and current has a downhill section with water! opposite progression direction compared to retail.
canals_02_03 Line 73709 unexpected end of file --- DOES NOT LOAD ---
canals_02_04 Minor changes, ligthing being one of them.
canals_02_05 Testing of a new bridge in an isolated box. Much of the rest of the map is missing.
canals_02_05a More testing on the bridge, now rest of the map is missing. Bridge area has been textured.
canals_02_06 Bridge area worked on a lot more, merged with the rest of the map. End area has been reworked a bit.
canals_02_07 Start worked on a bit more. Ending extended and connected to the bridge area.
canals_02_08 Surrounding buildings added. Ending reworked again to bringh the bridge closer. It is entered on the right side instead of the left side. Overpasses added.
canals_02_09 No comment.
canals_02_10 Bridge area worked on again, isolated in a box. Rest of the map is missing.
canals_02_11 Playable map WIP Pretty decent progress, some of this made in the final. Helicopter added, bridge area reworked. Big facelift (retextured areas, some blocky areas are redone)
canals_03_01 Sketch WIP Canals, combine, apc, pipes. Early draft. Small canals section with combine and APC on a higher(bridge) area than the player is. Area reachable by pipes.
canals_industrial01 Playable map WIP A reorganized bastille. A lot more work done. bastille reworked! A lot more detail and touches. Some surroundings seem identical to canals_01_xx so this was most likely the replacement map for it. bastille midway> end changed to start > midway.
canals_town_01 Sketch WIP, sketch Bridge area and an interesting 'shacktown' linked from canals_02_011 most likely. Contains a 'shacktown' Some citizens but no scripting. Also the bridge area has some new objects so this is from after 02_11.
cave_canyon07 Sketch WIP, sketch A cave and a canyon part. Contains parts, one is a bare brushwork canyon (but decent looking) and other one is a displacement based cave. Planks help you get across to different sides in the brushbased one.
cave_canyon08 Sketch WIP, sketch A cave and a canyon part. Same, Both have spikes on the ceiling which is a nice added effect, could it be that these are the ones from canal_prop? Look similiar
cavetest01 Sketch Concept, sketch Antlion caves, shorter than usual. Antlion caves again. This time cut pretty short (only half of the level geometry exists)
cavetest02 Antlions added and some gameplay stuff. Pretty much same stuff that has been seen before under a different name.
cavetest03 Sketch Concept, sketch Antlion caves, back to the familiar lenght No comment
chopper1 Test Prototype Hangar & helicopter A hangar-like indoors area with an obsolete helicopter entity. A small path to follow.
citizen Test Prototype Citizen spawning in a box. Small isolated box with spawners for citizens it seems.
citizen_tech01 Playable map WIP Huge bridge with lots of junk and a puzzle canal_bridges07 with more work done on it. Lots of added junk.
city_street001 Exploreable area Concept Very old C17 style streets. Possibly a demo. Retro C17 street section, small and full of cubemaps.
city_test03 Small exploreable area Concept, sketch Very old C17 syle again. It will be a demonstration level. The infamous "Get your free tv's !" level. A small section of early C17 done in the style of the above level. Has HL1 health/armor charger outlets in the back.
city_test04 No comment.
city_test05 Roof added in one building.
city_test06 No comment.
city_test07 Building in the larger open area is redone, some slight details elsewhere.
city_test08 NPCs added, a few citizens.
city_test09 Small exploreable area Concept, sketch Very old C17 style again. Not demonstration ready yet. Slight details added, citizens removed.
city_wall Test Concept Prefab in void A prefab for the city wall, similiar to the one seen in canals_01_xx
city17_01_01 Small exploreable area Concept C17 section, early stages of mapping Semi-early C17 design. Contains a few streets and a huge hangar that reminds of the trainstation.
city17_01_02 Trainstation-like hangar is removed. More streets and details added to the buildings. Better contrast with the textures. Also has a combine APC
city17_01_03 Small exploreable area Concept Not much has changed. More stuctures added, mostly surrounding buildings.
city17_alley Small exploreable area WIP Isolated, no real gameplay. The forked part from c17_04_2x designs. Nothing major except a trigger for c17_03 in the start.
columns Test Concept Column prefabs Two column prefabs in a void.
columns_test Test Concept Column prefabs Two more columns in a playable area
combine_gallery_002 Interesting early combine concepts. Different wall deisgn and one that seems to be the "devouring" style of wall in one corner. Worth a check. Combine tech showroom Playable prototype Concept, Prototype
converyors03 Exploreable area Concept Prefabs in a box Ravenholm/Coast style prefab buildings in a box.
cremator Test Prototype Cremator AI test What seems to be a cremator AI test. Also contains some objects and a citizen
cremator_034 Playable map WIP Cremator C17 section in a good shape A very good section with cremators and combine tech set in C17. Seems to be in a good shape considering the standards for that era. A complete city section waiting to be played.
cremator_street01 Sketch WIP Cremator C17 destruction. Early concept for a map. Similiar to camostreet but a extneded to include a new area with a parking lot. Has cremators and no combine elite this time.
cremator_steert02 Sketch WIP Cremator C17 destruction. Early concept for a map. Same to above. The two areas are now disconnected from eachother.
crowhint Test Prototype Cowtest Crow tests in a void with a zombie.
cylinder_test01 Test Prototype Displacement test Cylinder done with displacements
d1_garage_01_08 Playable map WIP Industrial area C17 worked on more than before. Garage idea again. Bus is missing and there is some linearity but it seems that you can reach garage_02 and the terminal area both. So clear objective is unclear at this point. One cool bonus is the very old hydra area as seen in the early e3 strider maps, though no hydras exist. Burned house is reachable but goes to a level change. Terminal area worked on a LOT more than previous iterations. Very complete looking and gameplay-ready for the era. links to d1_garage_02 from the lower level near the start. Uses the early
d1_quarry_01 Exploreable area Concept, sketch Coast&Ravenholm style with a mining theme throwed in. Coast-like cliffs following a watery area that leads to a mining complex. Up in the horizon one can see structures resembling ravenholm. Maybe one was supposed to use the equipment to get there.
d1_terminal_01_40 Playable map WIP Terminal area with a lot of new stuff. A much more refined plaza map. Closer to good quality. You use a skylift to reach the other area now, route ends in a tram route where player will most likely enter it to reach another area.
d1_town_03 Playable map WIP Ravenholm/quarry/traptown pre-E3. Pretty close to final. E3 traptown, earlier on in the design. Places are a bit cleaner. It has no combines and resembles the retail ravenholm much more than e3! Player uses ladders to reach the roof and the church. Start is different. Fire trap from the compiled map is approached in a different direction. Map is linked from: town_01_02_lm That is the attic with paint in retail. No zombie cutter in this one.
d4_streetwar_01 concept, sketch Exploreable area Streetwar c17 section, day4. You start from an area with smaller buildings and progress your way to a plaza further on and the buildings get taller on the way. Also the c17 outer wall is seen. C17 streetwar section, streets and a plaza in the end. As an interesting point, there is a very early vertigo hidden away from the playfield, just look near the spawn area!
demo_materials Exploreable area concept C17 street section for testing city_street001 with some new structures added and paths.
demo_quarrytown02 Exploreable area concept Prefabs in a box Similiar to conveyors03, added some more details and water.
demo_rubble Exploreable area Prototype Vertigo crash section isolated in a box. Small section of vertigo, crash section. Most likely to show off a certain style.
dock_strider Test Prototype Strider script test in 'town' docks. Very early E3 docks section from the 'town' maps. Most likely one of the earliest iterations. Dock is very long and there is a strider script to shoot at the zombies on the dock.
domelight Test Concept One model in a void Just one model in void
domelight_test Test Concept Few models in a hallway Same lights used to light a hallway section.
dynamic_test Test Prototype Prop_dynamic test prop_dynamic x2 in a form of a barrel
e3_building_sign Test Concept One sign in a void Just a brush sign in a void
e3_buildings Test Concept Brush buildings in a void The sign model applied in to a building. Seems to be the one used in the e3_strider level.
e3_industrial Playable map WIP E3'fied d1_garage_01 d1_garage_01 "e3'fied" Meaning that most of the stuff that won't be shown got removed, Lot's of stuff is pre-scripted and tweaked for maximum performance.
e3_lab Playable map WIP E3'fied ms_lab most likely Earlier longer lab design, resembling ms_lab. Some discussion is made. E3'fied as well.
e3_sewer Playable sequence Prototype Early E3 hydra sequence test. Early hydra encounter. There is an street-level section where you climb down the ladders. Everything is pre-scripted for the NPCs
e3_sewer01 Playable sequence Prototype Very minor update Some entities cleaned up
e3_strider Playable map WIP E3 strider, concept remade in E3 2003 version. A collage of different maps. e3_sewer, e3_buildings, demo_materials, demo_rubble and concepts from previous strider maps. Streetwar map. You were to crash in here ages ago ?
e3_strider_002 No real difference, some striders missing or relocated.
e3_stider_building e3_buildings with some road from e3_strider and scripted for explosion.
e3_strider_lux e3_strider middle section, a part from the main street with e3_building implemented.
e3_strider_sewer With only the sewer part isolated.
e3_strider_test _002 style, sewer section with hydras changed to a lot smaller one ! most likely the original design.
e3_strider_vis_1 Visgroup changes, seems to be otherwise the same to _test
e3_strider01 Street sections in the end cut and reworked ?
e3_strider02 No comment.
e3_strider2 _test with stuff missing. Different start.
e3_strider2a No comment.
e3_strider03 Playable map (use _002) WIP E3 strider, concept remade in E3 2003 version. Whole map but missing a LOT of stuff, as if it's corrupted. still Smaller syle hydra area
e3_terminal Playable map WIP E3 Terminal, Was to be shown at E3 The infamous cut terminal map, seen in the retail hl2demo promotional shots. A Lot of streamlining and E3'fied. Sadly the last iteration of the terminal map before it got scrapped.
e3_town Playable map WIP Another section different from E3 2003. 50%~ made to final A different portition of the town, not the one shown in E3 2003. Contains a part that is after the docks. The part where you first meet Grigori in retail. Lots of puzzles are different. E3'fied.
elevator_building01 Exploreable area Prototype Isolated to help designing One building from the terminal level (one with the elevator) isolated in a box.
elevator_building02 Exploreable area Prototype Isolated to help designing Same thing with more stripping done on the surrounding stuff.
elevator_room Test Prototype Isolated room with brushes. A room with random brushes floating and paths.
env_smokestack Test Prototyle env_smokestack in void env_smokestack
factorymodel Test, concept Concept A room with a structure. Some early factory concept
fireroom Test Prototype Isolated boreadlis section Borealis section with pipes, machinery and fire. Has some scripting / entities.
func_brush_test Test Prototype Small apartment section Close to bullseye. Has manhacks.
hall_01 Small exploreable area Concept Multiple similiar halls Multiple isolated halls that remind of a hangar / trainstation style.
industrial_light Test Concept Prefab in void. Light prefab in void
item_zoo Small exploreable area Zoo A gallery of pickable items An opening containing lots of items! a non-functional/cut Missle launcher being one of them! Has everything from CSS weapons to four brickbat throwables.
jay Test Prototype A room with physbox objects. A room with some physbox objects.
jay2 Test Prototype A room with physbox objects. A room with some physbox objects.
junkyard01 Small exploreable area Prototype, concept Area with rubble and cremators A room with diplacement piles of rubble. A few cremators thrown in for fun.
leak_bug Test N/A a Box A empty box. Could be some kind of bug submittal ?
light_prefab01 Test Concept Prefab in void. Light prefab in a void.
lighttest Test Prototype Displacement filled room and lights. A room with lots of displacements/deformed stuff.
lighttest02 Test Prototype Room with a light test. Another light test with a building from c17_04_xx
lighttest2 Test Prototype Room with objects to test lights on. Same kind of a test with some stuff from both.
lighttest3/a/b/c Test Prototype Lights on a clock tower Scale model of a clock tower and the 'real' size.
machine Test Prototype, concept Machine in a box Some wierd oil pump -like machine.
mad_nobe Test Prototype Isolated rooftops section Rooftops section isolated in a box/void, stalkers and citizen.
materialtest01 Exploreable area Concept A large area with a few buildings. Some buildings and a structure that resembles the trainstation (similiar to the one in city17_01_01)
mines Small playable test Prototype Landmines, pachiniko poles on a wall Landmines! There is also some wierd pachiniko style poles on a wall that are to show off physics most likely.
missle_launcher Test Prototype tankrocket, striders in two boxes. Missle launcher / tankrocket test. Shoots a strider and changes target after that.
model_bug Test N/A Cut section from citizen_tech to show a bug Seems to be cut from citizen_tech, same purpose as leak_bug I guess.
model_lighttest Test Prototype Model lightning test Earlier iteration of factorymodel
model_test Test Prototype Model test Very similiar to above. Has a combine gate and 2 lamp posts.
ms_lab Small playable map WIP Lab section, demonstration purposes most likely. Very similiar to e3_lab on the same folder. Has alyx instead of Dr. Kleiner and Barney. Small discussion is done here.
nether_01 Playable map WIP Very early style brushwork in a stalker infested factory. Stalkers in a factory enviroment. A bit similiar to the child factory. Kinda reminds of a early citadel design as well. Has a few areas to explore, worth a look! There is a Citizen named Joe (Joe Who?) and there are apparently three killer Stalkers dedicated for it. Poor Joe.
nov_bor_001 Playable map WIP Very early borealis. Lots of brush use. A very early version of borealis as a whole! No stalkers but there are scripts, explosions and fire. Some NPC_MAKERs exist. Could be one of the earliest maps completed !
origin_test Test Prototype Logs and water barrel_roll isolated test for the logs.
outside_city01 Exploreable area WIP, concept Outside C17 walls. Outside the C17 walls. What would later become canals_01_01.
outside_city02 More wreckage added. Area duplicated and the old one exists in a relocated section. Area #2 is shaping to look like the canals level.
outside_city03 Very rough layout on the canals section is complete.
outside_city04 More detail and surroundings added. Building resemble the oldschool dystopic tall design. Some enemies added as well and water.
outside_city05 Start changed to the canals_01_01 one. End part has been stretched a bit further. Details added. Old area is removed.
outside_city06 Details, texture changes etc.. End part has been prettied up a bit and the citizen section is added.
outside_city06_test Majority of the brushes have been changed to one texture.
outside_city07 Sketch WIP Outside C17 walls, a canal section. A lot of stuff is changed on cosmetics. Nearly identical to canals_01_01 at this point.
park01 Exploreable area concept, sketch A park in c17 A nice looking park with a strider on the other side.
park02 Exploreable area concept, sketch A park in c17 Surroundings added and a second strider as well.
particlezoo Test Prototype Particle test Very similiar to model_test but an earlier iteration of it.
particlezoo_sky Test Prototype Particle test Very similiar to above
pipeprefab01 Test Concept, sketch Structure in a void Some structure/lookout in a void
pipes01 Small exploreable area Concept Model pipes for borealis Lots and lots of model pipes in a borealis tileset.
plastertest Test Prototype Test room with some blocks. A room with func_detail brushes
powerbox Small exploreable area concept Room with transformers some power transformer box and stuff in a small box, seems to be lab underground tileset?
prefab_buildings2 Exloreable area concept Area with [Insert theme here] prefabs An large area with prefab c17 buildings. Some are recognizable from e3_strider and e3_terminal
prefab_canals Canals prefabs. Some neat ideas here such as c17 buildings on both sides + streets and bridges crossing. Kind of like a european style village.
prefab_government Similiar to buildings2 but has less focus on residental buildings. Possibly some really early concepts for the palace building seem to exist in here.
prefab_handrails01 Antlion king with some handrails in a box.
prefab_industrial Industrial style setting, some huge power transformers seem to exist (model does not load)
prefab_industrial01 Same stuff
prefab_lockers Bathroom / prison lockers and facuets ?
prefab_modern Glassy modern buildings, flat textured. One of them could be a 'in-development' vertigo.
prefab_residental Stuff from government and buildings2 are in here. Same style.
prefab_street A street section with typical prefabs found in earlier maps. Street lights exist !
prefab_substation Exploreable area concept Area with [Insert theme here] prefabs Transformers found in industrial
prop_test01 Exploreable area Prototype Some prop test? Prop testing with a very lacking map. Section reminds of c17_ruins
prop_test02 Largely the same thing, some indoor stuff changed.
prop_test03 Exploreable area Prototype Some prop test indeed.. No comment
props_borealis Exploreablr area Concept Shows [Insert theme here] props Borealis props laid out in a box. Some can't be displayed because they are either missing or could use a incompatible (older) model format.
props_c17 city 17 props laid out...
props_debris Debris props laid out...
props_foliage Foliage props lais out...
props_wasteland Concept Shows [Insert theme here] props Wasteland props laid out... ...Some of these ended up being used in the coast section of final half life 2
proto_bridge Small playable sequences Prototype These are prototypes packed together to save time/space Dam section from canals in a prototype test.
proto_c17combine Combine wall eating up the city, contains some usual prefabs. There exists also a combine razor train. Citadel is a wierd simple brush based thing.
proto_c17inner01 Oldschool pre-citadel map. Rusty citadel and brush-based. Very early ideas since the walls are still placeholders.
proto_church02 C17 style street section that leads to a church.
proto_citadel_skybox C17 overview and the circular citadel model. There are some additional combine structures that aren't recognizable.
..._citadel_skybox3 Same overview but Citadel is bigger with no substructures seen on the above revision. Citadel design has been changed a bit.
proto_combinebridge Has parts from c17combine. Added bonus is a very cool bridge that looks a bit wierd, kind of like a rotating combine wall combined with walkable area! Height adjustable by rotation ?
..._combinebrdige01 Same thing but with more detail added and c17combine section removed.
proto_docks Docks in a coast'ish setting. one boat vaguely reminds of the first hl2 screenshot with the people waving from the ship.
proto_innerwall Very close to combinebridge, if any different at all.
proto_outerwall Seems as if it is an wall meant to seperate the c17 outside area with the inside area.
proto_prison1 Very early drafts done with the prison, mostly trying out gameplay stuff here with a few enemies and turrets.
proto_riverbed Canals/Coast influenced river section with some houses.
proto_tree Wastelands with a few dried trees.
proto_wasteland Small playable sequences Prototype These are prototypes packed together to save time/space Same stuff as riverbed, one cliff is missing.
quarry_town01 Sketch WIP Very early ravenholm concept & draft A VERY early version of the town map. Has the entry and goes on a bit until where you first meet Grigori in retail. Whole theme is heavily leaned on mining and art direction looks very different.
quarry_town02 Starts to resemble ravenholm a bit more! Lots and lots of smaller details and buildings added to support the main theme. Textures altered to look more varied and closer to the retail ones.
quarry_town03 Sketch WIP Much stuff added, a lot got changed later on. Typical changes. Much of the layout will be used in the final iteration of this map. A pickup truck exists which was removed later on in the development.
quarry01 Exploreable area concept Digging site with combine A huge digging site, combine infested. not much to do. Water at the center
quarry02 Some addidional areas added and a train that has had better days.
quarry03 Split in to a larger area that acts as a 'cliffside'
quarry03a Exploreable area concept Digging site with combine, idea got scrapped. No comment
randalpond Small playable puzzle Prototype A water? puzzle with wooden structures. Town/dock themed Interesting puzzle section. Seems that you have to fill a tank with water. Not exactly sure how the whole thing is supposed to work but would be interesting to see it functional ingame.
ravine04 Exploreable area Concept Wastelands themed cliffy opening. Very large opening, wasteland themed and brush based cliffs. Not much to do. There is a huge hole in the middle where you can accidentally drop in to die.
ravine04a Exploreable area Concept Wastelands themed cliffy opening. No comment.
reflecttest01 Test Prototype Reflection test Some stuff in a box and a road to test reflections on.
reflecttest02 Test Prototype Reflection test #2 Some stuff in a box and a different road to test reflections on.
rock_caves01 Small exploreable area Concept Displacement cave test Displacement cave experiment in a box.
rock_forms05 Small exploreable area Concept Rocks on wasteland, prefab? Brush rocks in a wasteland-like surrounding.
rocket Test Prorotype Rocket launcher test in a box. Close to the one found in c17_ruins. Three targets and a launcher.
rocket01 Retextured
rocket02 Old textures again
rocket03 Test Prototype Rocket launcher test in a box. Room has a barrirer dividing two areas.
roofshack_01 Small playable area Prototype Rooftops altered, three shacks and two citizens. Rooftops section without stalkers, some shacks in the rooftop and two citizens named "ihateyou" and "ihateyou2". Must have been a bad day.
rooftop_victory Small playable area Prototype Rooftops with a script and a stalker. Above area with one shack removed, citizens replaced with one in the opposite building named "lobber". Stalker is near the player in the start. Script test for citizen ?
rooftops02 Sketch WIP Rooftops map. Early stages of development. Above area, but earlier on in development. Covers a few blocks and has the older c17 style. No enemies seem to exist yet.
rooftops03 Isolated area, selection is same as roofshack_01. Has stalkers and some pickable items.
rooftops04 Full map again, the later part has been worked on. Some detail additions and other small changes.
rooftops05 Scanner paths and scanners added, some minor details here and there.
rooftops06 Some holders added for the paths in the air/against a wall.
rooftops07 The other building close to the starting one has a fence added. Shack copypasted there as well. ihateyou citizens make a special appearance ! Detail additions and stuff.
rooftops08 Lobber spawner and his scriptings. Minor details here and there (wow)
rooftops09 Possibly details, can't really spot anything.
rooftops09a Same but stripped to only have the start location.
rooftops10 Playable area WIP Likely the last rooftops iteration before scrapping it. No comment.
ruins12 Sketch WIP, concept Streetwar'ish old style c17 section. Oldschool style C17 ruins, Odell NPC exists but no real logic (This could indicate stage of development and some story elements) Must be an early streetwar concept.
ruins13 Sketch WIP, concept Very little has changed. Some small additions.
scraper_base04 Sketch WIP Vertigo and a part of c17 around it. 'rooftop'-like design. Vertigo and it's surroundings. Shows some of the stuff cloe to vertigo. Player starts in vert. and makes his way out to a large building. Has some stuff seen in 'bullseye' (apartments hallway)
sky_walk01 Sketch WIP See above A straigt copy of scraper_base04 ?
sky_walk10 Nodes on ground/air added. Tanks, combines, a stalker and manhacks added. Lots of details and touches. 3D skybox exists. Apartment section now resembles 'func_brush_test'. Endlevel changed as well.
sky_walk10a Skybox taken oight exist in another map as an isolated area)
sky_walk11 Sketch WIP Much better at this point. Still much to do.. No comment.
skybox02 Exploreable area Concept Wasteland'ish 3D skybox with two buildings. generic 3D skybox. Two buildings in a wasteland-like enviroment. Must be a quick test/start for c17 outer walls ?
sniper2 Prototype Sniper and tar Second building added! Same as seen in sniper_street01 & 02. Could this be an very early draft of it?
sniper_street01 Test Prototype Snipers and different targets tested. A Sniper test. 'camostreet' design. Targets are 'joe' and 'pete' (proto_sniper)
sniper_street02 Test Prototype Snipers and different targets tested. Seems to be the same but with decals added in.
streetfire Exploreable area Prototype, concept Street fire test ? Close to 'sniper' lacks the parking lot. This could be an earlier version of it.
streetfire01 No comment.
streetfire02 Parking lot added
streetfire03 No comment.
streetfire04 2D map shows some additions.
streetfire05 Sketch WIP, concept Street fire test, used as prototyping base for many entit. No comment.
streetwar01 Sketch WIP, concept C17 section. Has a few streets. camocity is based on this Resembles 'camocity' Earlier version of it. Must be a pre-citadel c17 map. Rebel uprising.
streetwar02 More crap added to block the void.
streetwar03 Indoors section added and some props to make it look better.
streetwar04 Sketch WIP, concept C17 section. Has a few streets. camocity uses THIS one. Stuff added. streetfire01 exists (no parking lot) in a void.
strider_street05 WIP Early? E3 strider maps. An early? version of e3_strider. Start and other areas seem a lot more basic, less polished. Has the smaller style sewer section WITHOUT hydras !
strider_street12 WIP Early? E3 strider maps. Much closer to e3_strider design. Start changed but the hydra area seems to be still the smaller one. Maybe it was changed only for the e3 show-off and then pasted on to 'under' maps ?
testroom_fire01 Test Prototype, concept Brush fire in a box Same kind of fire as seen in streetfire01. Brush based and in a box.
toxic_pit03 Explroeable area Prototype, concept Toxic, rocky area with cremators. Sealed 'rocky' area with supposedly hazardous toxic pits and cremators. The toxic idea made in to the final as the canal levels where you need the waterboat.
train_depot06 Sketch WIP Terminal area with some addition to the trainstation. A split from rather early terminal levels. Earlier than 'plaza' due to the mid-sized plaza section. Lot's of terminal/industrial removed to focus more on the actual station. Gates addedand a lookout
train_depot06a Same with more stuff removed.
train_depot07 Plaza changed slightly.
train_depot08 Circulal citadel in the 3D skybox. Some details here and there.
train_depot09 Small work done inside the station, plaza enlarged a bit, detailings here and there. The usual stuff.
train_depot10 Sketch WIP More work on the terminal. Plaza takes it on from here. Close to what plaza started on. Must be an actual gap between the first terminal levels and plaza > e3_terminal iterations.
VanceHQ Exploreable area WIP Early Vance Headquarters. A lot got changed later on. a _very_ early version of vance HQ. seen in c17_05_xx in a more complete form. Contains parking/indoors and there is a Vortigaunt. Must be a very early map. Brushwork is very basic.
wasteland_bridge05 Exploreable area. WIP, concept. Familiar bridge in a wasteland setting for the train. Same bridge used in canals_03 but a bit extended and has train tracks. Wasteland setting and a linear path to go on.
wasteland_testmap02 Exloreable area Concept Wasteland displacemenet horror. Very crude wasteland rocky displacements in a barrier-filled box with some tunnels and stuff.
vmt_test Test N/A small streetwar01 part isolated in a skybox. A very small part from streetwar01. Testing I bet.
zombie_town01 Sketch Prototype, concept Zombies and some prefabs in a linear map. Prefabs and zombies in a small linear section. Must be the _very_ early quarrytown concepts to bring zombies in a town.
zombie_town02 Sketch Prototype, concept Zombies and some prefabs... Same as above. Both are in a wasteland themed setting.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
canal_jetski Sketch WIP, concept Jetski in an canals-like setting. A rather unique canals map where you use a jetski. Design is not typical canals-like. Has houses constantly on both sides and most of them are in ruins/ blowed up. Everything is still devtextured.
canal_watertest Sketch WIP, concept Canals-like setting on foot. Very much the same but with metrocops and without the jetski.
canals_01_15 Playable map (use _14) WIP See /aaron/canals_01_xx See /aaron/canals_01_xx
canals_industrial01 Playable map WIP A reorganized bastille. A lot more work done. bastille reworked! A lot more detail and touches. Some surroundings seem identical to canals_01_xx so this was most likely the replacement map for it. bastille midway> end changed to start > midway.
d1_canals_01 Playable map WIP, concept An very early draft of the canals section. A very early draft of the retail canals map! This is the one after you get your recharge jolt from the vortigaunt. Mostly devtextured and very crudely/quickly laid out. Has some NPC citizens named boxcar_philly and drainage_doug :) Doug got swapped for that female rebel and Philly is in the car where you meet the vortigaunt. Visgroups reveal more canal maps, a lot was laid out in hammer at this point. Very much of this stayed, Mostly additions were done later on. Worth a check! Also has the old helicopter with paths. Links to trainstation_01_to_04 and tempcanals (read more on there)
d1_canals_02 Playable map WIP, concept, sketch A quick mix&match of existing canal maps to plan a route. entry shack (One you come in with the long ladders). Level changes to: d1_town_01. A lot of maps put together in a similiar manner as seen above. Starts from canals_03 (very early) Player starts with the buggy. Could be a placeholder for the airboat. _03 ends pretty abruptly and Goes on to canals_industrial01 (Reworked a bit). Paths split to three and the other two lead to nowhere. Middle path gets you to the familiar pass-thru tall hangar structure with combine. After that the structures start to change in to houses that resemble the town maps. Player gets off the boat and encounters a shack after a few alleys that is VERY similiar to the retail ravenholm
d1_tempcanals_01 Sketch WIP Maybe a isolation to work on this section? Earlier version of 'canals_industrial01' Less detail and stuff are a bit differently. Alternate spawns most likely link this level to d1_under0102, used as a teaser of things to follow.
d1_under0102 Playable map WIP, concept An very early draft of the canals sction. 'd1_canals_01' with more stuff. Things like the tar? puzzle from retail are missing and have a simpler "jump over" puzzle. Mostly the extra stuff is just non-missing pieces.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
e3_seacliff Sketch WIP, Prototype, sketch A section of cliffs and dried seafloor, buggy as well. Many early elements can be seen in here. Not sure on where all originate from. Has the submarine wreckage, Lighthouse (distant), Eli speeches scattered all over (triggers). A _very_ early draft.
e3_seafloor Sketch WIP, Prototype, sketch A section of cliffs and dried seafloor, buggy as well. Similiar to above, lacks most of the seafloor-level and a bit modified.
e3_seafloor_cliff Sketch WIP, Prototype, sketch A section of... Similiar to above, a bit modified again.
e3_strider Playable map WIP E3 strider, concept remade in E3 2003 version. See /aaron/e3_strider_test. Seems to be identical to it.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
prefab_industrial ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
antlion_cliff Exploreable area Concept Seafloor level with antlions. Design resembles e3_seafloor. Could be an very early version of it. Cliffs, dried seafloor and antlions. Has parts from proto_riverbed.
antlion_cliff1 Exploreable area Concept Seafloor level with antlions. Above map in an earlier form.
antlion_cliff2 Exploreable area Concept Seafloor level with antlions. (still!) No comment
e3_outpost_test Sketch Prototype, concept Wasteland/seafloor outpost. Occupied. Wasteland/seafloor combine outpost. Long traintracks go over it. Player uses and combine APC to enter but is exposed at some point. Has rollermine spawns somewhere.
e3_seacliff Sketch WIP, Prototype, sketch A section of cliffs and dried seafloor, buggy as well. same as in /e3/. Has been worked on more. Has textures on the seafloor now instead of generic dev/measure textures.
e3_seacliff01 Sketch WIP, Sketch Very early E3 2003 seafloor concept. Layout changed. A very early concept on what became the E3 2003 seafloor demonstration can be seen. Still lacks proper road and a lot of stuff got changed later on in the layout.
e3_seafloor Playable map WIP E3 2003 seafloor / coast techdemo/gameplay E3 2003 Seafloor gameplay-demo. A very refined and E3'fied e3_seacliff01. Almost all of this overall concept made it in to the retail, altough a lot was added and changed.
e3_seafloor_01 Earlier version, still has the whole map layout from 'seacliff'-era left as opposed to the stripped found in above. The combine gate was replaced with buildings, one of them is the one where you use your buggy to blast trough a window with a indoor ramp. A lot of this was packed together to keep the map faster-paced and shorter. Train bridge is still taller on this one.
e3_seafloor_02 A lot of the 'not-seen-in-demo' area got trashed for better performance. Bridge redone and buildings relocated to form the basis for the dock.
e3_seafloor_02_ab Triggers, gunship, docks and the roads have been added as well but are lacking wrecked vehincles. Some extra buildings surround the area which got removed. Bridge still taller, why was it lowered?
e3_seafloor_02_ds Same as above, only other half exists on this version. Both have the new style submarine with interior (model instead of brush)
e3_seafloor_03 Playable map WIP, concept etc.. E3 2003 seafloor development stages. Early to the end. Back to oldschool design and layout. Same as the stuff in e3_seacliff and others during that time. Stuff just shuffled around a bit.
hub_test Playable map WIP, concept, prototype Two combine bases and APCs. Antlions & repellants Wasteland/seafloor style with early antlion repellants and antlions. APCs that you are supposed to steal? Gates open and you can continue on. There are two combine bases, a smaller and a larger one.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
big_terrain Exploreable area Concept Wastelands, big terrain area. Very huge crude displacement area, player gets a buggy but area is pretty deserted. Some junk / scrap here and there.
hub_test Playable map WIP, concept, prototype Two combine bases and APCs. Antlions & repellants See /aaron/seafloor/hubtest
hub01 WIP, concept, prototype / Two combine bases and APCs. Antlions & repellants Playable map Above but in a different development stage. Ups and downs, not sure if which one is older.
jeep_beach01 big_terrain changed to include a beach and some ships. 90~% dry land.
jeep_jump Playable map Prototype Jeep jump racetrack/Physics test? An totally unrelated jeep test map (more like a set up racetrack). Must have been a boring day since they actually added lots of unnecessary eye-candy ;)
jeep_test_01 Playable map Prototype Jeep Physics test? Done in a same fashion as the above. This one has a huge hill leading to a loop!
proto_bridge Test Prototype Look up proto_bridge. Same old proto_bridge.
wasteland2 Exploreable area Prototype, concept Wastelands and a digger. Same boring wasteland landscape, close to big_terrain in style. Has the digger drivable vehincle !
wasteland3 Exploreable area, test Prototype, concept Wastelands and a digger. Special guest: antlion guard Same, has an antlion king and some raised terrain.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
d1_trainstation_01 Playable map WIP early retail d1_trainstation_01 in it's early days. You arrive in the furthest track and progress in a quite similiar manner compared to the pre-compiled found in the leak. This one has a better looking train but other sections seem a lot more bland. Barney takes you and gives his few lines as a popup text. Last line: "Have fun storming the castle" is unique. Here be the retail trainstation, Much earlier on in development of course ! Seems to have retail citadel in the skybox. Traintracks have been changed to allow a alternate escape route.
d1_trainstation_02 Playable map WIP early retail trainstation_02 & 03, reorganized & merged. Comparing major changes to retail. Start room indicated that this was done after _01 since its more detailed in this map. After the door you are straight in the "pick up that can" section. The large hallway has a straight opening to the plaza. Outside you are called in by a citizen who you follow for a while until he gets busted by the metropolice. The plaza looks a lot more bland. Nice bonus is a subway entrance right away on the left when you walk outside. There is a cafeteria that used to house security equipment that got scrapped in the retail (close to the area where you continue on when you revisit the area (streetwar)). Apartments are moved closer, replaces the place where the combine let you peek a little inside but shun you away immediately. (On the right when you enter the plaza, first underpass) In the apartment there is a chatty citizen (no idea what he says there). An bridge connects the two buildings together (still left in retail, but emepty) The bridge leads to another apartments that leads you to the roof.
d1_trainstation_03 Playable map WIP early retail d1_trainstation_04 mostly. Roof is rougly the same layout-wise. The window you go out from is on the left side instead of going straight ahead. Rooftops are flatter. You use ladders at one point to reach another building. Before the last building, the ledges get pretty slim and requires more concentration. No scene of alyx kicking the combines asses, Instead you progress in the house manually (up and down, forward) Story-wise _01 is recycled and you get a placeholder for the lab (area #2 for some reason, the familiar area #1 is missing completely!) HL1 style placeholder teleporter. After failed teleport (you didn't really think that it would actually _work_? ;)) you venture on with barney trough the traintracks. He ends up on covering your ass while you run for it. Story links> d1_trainstation_04.
d1_trainstation_04 WIP replaces retail 'd1_trainstation_05' d1_canals_01 section but veeery streamlined so a lot of stuff is missing. links to d1_under0102
Watch the E3 2003 demonstrations instead of me explaining the same with words! Some interesting remarks not seen in there will be explained here, ALL are playable and polished snippets which have to be played exactly like in the demo, not doing so will get you stuck very easily.
devtest Playable map WIP borealis in pretty good shape. A one big prototyping map? Later version of nov_borealis. Major additions everywhere and design/quality/era -wise fits in the E3 2003 style. Stalkers, combine, scripted sequences, Odell (placeholder?), Still not the last one.
e3_bugbait Combines bits from 'sawyer/d1_prison_02-05'. There is an altered bathroom area as an leftover, which hints that the entry was altered for e3.
e3_c17_01 Gordon and Barney C17 snippet.
e3_c17_02 Strider C17 snippet.
e3_lab Lab.
e3_traptown Show-off stuff for E3, earlier versions still had that water tank to jump in to. So e3 version was just a show-off mockup. Connections: "d1_town_04_to_03." landmark.
e3_seafloor Has some stuff that hints that the entry used to be where the current retail is. Still has leftovers from early days (Eli speech triggers).
e3_techdemo_1 Face posing (First tech showing with gman speech lipsync etc..)
e3_techdemo_2 Deform, physics room.
e3_techdemo_5 "Stress test" rooms. Interestingly one visgroup is named "05 hydras"
e3_techdemo_6 Docks. Town entry reminds something a bit closer what is seen on the retail. Reuses an wasteland 3D skybox.
e3_under_02 The hydra scene.
testroom_standards Exploreable area N/A Measuring reference. Measuring textures all over, Contains pre-determined values for heights, halls etc.. a consistency reference.
zoo_shader Exploreable area N/A All(?) shaders in various rooms. Shaded stuff! If you want to see a plethora of different shaders then check this one out.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
alyx Test Prototype Isolated box A test room with alyx inside it.
barney A test room with barey inside it.
citizen1 same but with changed model.
citizen2 same but...
conscript ...
zoo_extras Test Prototype Isolated box to test AI/model ? Same crap, but this time there are multiple citizens.
kleiner_labtalk Playable sequence Prototype Lab area, testing the whole script in one go. The extended, bigger lab with the teleporter and underground area working ! links to d1_steam01. map's real name is subt_kleiner
testroom_labtalk Test Prototype Isolated box to test a script Some labtalk stuff in a similiar isolated box as the ones above.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
proto_c17courtyard Exploreable area WIP, sketch, concept Early streetwar section found in the final. Familiar from retail. Streetwar section. One of the alleys where you have to go in/out apartments to get further on with it (a fence blocks straight entry). Final has rebels with a wooden bridge.
proto_c17map Exploreable area WIP, concept Very rough draft of a c17 blueprint. Whole c17 laid out in a very crude manner. Not sure on which stage of development this came in. Design looks closer to what E3 2003 has.
proto_trainstation Sketch WIP, sketch Trainstation draft with some canals thrown in. There is a canals section hidden. It's the one with the three tar/water jumps that throw you down. The whole section has some detours/differences, used to be more complex in a way. Draft on the first few maps. Trains are tram models. You can access the whole station since nearly all the barring walls are not there! Plaza metro stairs are in a different spot.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
(nothing in the root)


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
c1a3_port Playable map Prototype c1a3 ported to test a fully functional map, demo? c1a3 from half-life 1 ported for half-life 2 with assets changed to match the counterparts.
camoroom dupe of '/aaron/camoroom'
ragdoll Test Prototype Physics test for ragdolls. Two rooms connected by three hallways using borealis assets. Has some zombies, a combine, few boxes and a water brush.
testroom_bullsquid Test Prototype Bullsquid test Two roomd with a bullsquid, seperated by a wall.
testroom_frag Room with some physbox objects.
testroom_lamps Hallways with lamps, reminds _steam_ map series.
testroom_physics 'ragdoll' with no enemies, just physics objects.
testroom_physprop A box with physics props.
testroom_scene Alyx and Barney, also a choreo_scene to test the awareness?
testroom_skybox Sky texture applied in a skybox box. Early map !
testroom_standards dupe of 'auto_compile/testroom_standards'
testroom_water01 A container for water, crude box.
zoo_model Exploreable area & test Concept, Prototype A model Zoo Multiple rooms with the main npc/enemy/friendly models.
zoo_particle Test Prototype Two rooms, npc_particlestorm test. Two rooms, has the npc_particlestorm entity!!
zoo_shader dupe of 'auto_compile/zoo_shader'
zoo_weapon Exploreable area & test Prototype A weapon Zoo. Similiar to 'zoo_model' has the weapons and 'hand models' AR-1 Shows an early skin for the hl2 HEV !


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
d1_town_01 Playable map WIP Very good progress on ravenholm (maps order got changed) Town map, dev stage is approx. in E3 era. linked to from canals. Has much of the retail features but starts straight from the second ravenholm map (no outdoor grassy area first). Suprisingly much has been laid out in hammer and a lot of the stuff are very close to the final iterations layout/concept/idea-wise. Just lacks the polish.
d1_town_02 Playable map WIP Caverns section, still work to be done. Gameplay is there. The caverns entry/main room as seen in the end of ravenholm. This has a headcrab generator/mother/whatever blocking your path. You need to get up and get the digger, blast away some barriers and then use it to kill the generator (termorarily a combine advisor model). Elevator takes you up to the d1_town_03 (strangely landmark says that this is _03 and the next will be _04, leftover?)
d1_town_03 Non-traptown version. Further work done. Has the second area which is largely different to retail and different progression. in same style as _05 WIP very close to '/aaron/d1_town_03' No refereces to the cavern-version of the map.
d1_town_04 Playable map WIP Traptown and _03 mixed together, no combine elements. A mixature of _03 and the e3 version! Starts where the retail does as well and has the previous sections removed. It now links to 'town_03_gameplay'. Still has the water tank instead of combine.
d1_town_05 Playable map WIP An early retail area. (available as map source from valve) Linked from _04. The main area of ravenholm (The one which is available as an official map source) Early version of it (Oh, wow.) Progression is same to retail. End links to _04 as well ! Contains both maps (_04 and _05). The _04 progression is different since _05 is thrown in at a different time.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
e3_phystown Playable map WIP E3 2003 demo reel stuff. E3 2003 traptown, nothing in particular spotted.
e3_phystown2 Some misalignments fixed, 2/3 of the map is missing.
e3_phystown3 Playable map WIP E3 2003 demo reel stuff. Same as above, trying different traps out.
e3_town_04 'e3_phystown2' section without E3 stuff. Test Same section as above, but in the non-combine dimension.
e3_town_05 dupe of 'd1_town_05'


(all dupes of the counterparts in '/auto_compile/')
MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
d1_trainstation_05 Playable map WIP Kleiner's lab in a "close to final" state. Kleiner lab, a bit altered from what has been seen before. Entry is close to final in layout. Teleport room will instantly put you to 'd1_trainstation_01'


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
coastline_bridge Playable map WIP Coast bridge map (pre-sandtraps) The big train bridge from retail. This one has a regular road instead of the traintracks. Most of the basic layout/gameplay is there, but lacks the detail completely. Other side of the bridge reveals a unused road that got scrapped. Bridge mid-sections used to have some generators instead of random shacks found in the final.
coastline_cliffside1 Exploreable area WIP, concept Coastline with a road. Very early stages of dev. Very early draft on a road along the coast. Seems a bit familiar but I can't pinpoint the counterpart from retail.
coastline_cliffside2 Exploreable area WIP, concept Coastline with a road. Very early stages of dev. #2 Same as above, this section resembles the section from retail where you first meet rollermines with your buggy. (After some tunnel?)
coastline_lighthouse Exploreable area WIP, concept Coastline with the same style as above. #3 A bit same layout to above. Has a lighthouse brush (model look-a-like) near the end.
coastline_map01 Exploreable area WIP, concept Coatline maps as a whole in a scale model! A layout of the whole coast in a scale model! Will help if you want to piece these maps together. (Has borealis??). Ends in a prison (no bugbait puzzle). Detail is very rough and blocky. Lots of stuff can be found like the e3 section hidden away a bit from the rest.
coastline_prison Exploreable area WIP, concept The last coastline map, ends in a prison and has borealis? 90% same as in the _map01 blueprint. Only two borealis clones have been added (with a less bright colour)
coastline_warehouses Exploreable area WIP, concept One of the first coast maps. Houses, same as above, can be found in the layout. Strange that it has some docks.. (Not similiar to the ones in the first retail coast level)
d2_coast_01 Exploreable area WIP, concept First coast map (same gameplay as retail) Very early design of the first coast map (first in retail as well, you get the buggy in here). Has all the basic ideas, get buggy, progress higher and jump over a bridge.
d2_coast_02 Exploreable area WIP, concept Second coast map (rougly close to retail) A bit more detail than above. Has a small combine outpost near the end and the submarine makes an appearance! No roads to be found.
d2_coast_03 Sketch, playable map WIP Third coast map. (Pretty close to retail overall) Un-E3'fied seafloor. Lacks the lighthouse and Some other stuff as well. No clear entry, could be that player used to enter from the lowest level? _02 ends so.
d2_coast_04 Exploreable area WIP, concept Fourth coast map, got reworked in the end. Very early draft on a road along the coast. Section is not familiar.
d2_coast_05 Exploreable area WIP, concept Coastline with a road. Very early stages of dev. Very early draft on a road along the coast. Seems a bit familiar but I can't pinpoint the counterpart from retail.
d2_coast_06 Playable map WIP Coastline bridge map, newer than 'coastline_bridge' An extended version of 'coastline_bridge'. Visgroups reveal an older iteration of the brdige! Early 2001-2002 syle design with brush based architechture and blurrier textures.


A close to 'devtest' stage of development on borealis. Cut in to parts to help the performance and loadtimes since it is getting pretty huge and complex at this point.
MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
d3_borealis_01_006 Playable map WIP Borealis 1/3th, "Backside". similiar to 'devtest' The side opposite to 'devtest' start is playable in here. This time around it contains more stuff and doors. Links to d3_borealis_02 and d3_tug.
d3_borealis_01_008 Start area has been isolated away, rest is missing.
d3_borealis_01_009 Exact opposite.
d3_borealis_01_017 Playable map WIP Not much has changed except the start and meat room. All back in again, stuff removed from the start. Meat cooler room has been blocked (only available via visgroups!). Small changes everywhere.
d3_borealis_02_001 Playable map WIP Borealis 1/3th again. "Middle". View to the sea (pieces of ice floating). Lacks Odell and has some combine-like structure inside a few rooms (breaking them). Inside there are a few female assasins.
d3_borealis_02_002 More detail again, fridge area has been done better.
d3_borealis_02_003 Playable map WIP Not much has changed. Some stuff in the fridge backdoor.
d3_borealis_03 Playable map WIP Borealis 1/3th AGAIN. more "Middle" than before. You can walk around the deck. Some areas more done than others. Close to _02_ in many aspects.
d3_borealis_001 Playable map WIP No comment No comment.
d3_borealis_04_001 Playable map, sketch WIP start from 'devtest' and stuff from _03_ 'devtest' but starts from the inside instead. Gets cut when you to lower floors. Middle outdoor from _03 exists also.
d3_borealis_04_002 Above. WIP No comment. No comment.
d3_borealis_05_001 Playable map WIP Engine rooms from borealis. This time around we be having combine in the engine rooms. Engine rooms have new model syntax as opposed to _01_ maps. Blood and violence ahoy!
d3_borealis_05_005 Playable map, sketch WIP Afrer the engine rooms, last parts. This time around we focus on the last two hangars before escaping on the tugboat. Not much to see, old engine room can be found behind the level changing triggers.
d3_borealis_06_001 Playable map, sketch WIP parts from _02_ combine wierd thing from _02_ and the meat room.
d3_borealis_07_001 Playable map, sketch WIP Borealis deck and hangar. Player outside in the front, entry is done where you exit the ship approximately. Continues on to _06_.
d3_tug_01_011 Playable map, sketch WIP Borealis basement with water. Basement section with water, just a few hallways and stairs.
d3_tug_01_013 Exploreable area (needs skybox) WIP Unplayable section of above. Severely cut and isolated.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
borealis_full Playable map (whole chapter in one map) WIP Full borealis from 2001. Wierd mixature when compared to d3_borealis. Has pretty early design and architechture (not same as nov_borealis). More polished than 'd3' but lacks a lot of detail and stuff that was added later. Area of coverage is comparable to 'nov_borealis' or 'devtest'. Must be a show-off map due to all being together in one map (slow as hell).
borealis_full_untouched Same as above. WIP Full borealis from 2001 again. Largely the same, has two visgroups which clip eachother a lot. Lacks the surrounding sea and stuff.
c17_archetype Playable map(s) WIP 'd4_streetwar_01' with a big overhaul. Loosely based on 'd4_streetwar_01'. Much further on with development, has multiple areas which are not connected together, worth a check if you want to see an early'ish streetwar. Ends on plaza.
c17_assault1 Playable sequence Prototype Building ambush / assault map. One of the buildings found in above map, earlier designs. Contains a few floors and you + the AI are ambushing it. Attic has a few weapons.
c17_assault2 Playable sequence Prototype Plaza ambust / assault map. Same idea as above, this time you are assaulting the plaza from 'c17_archetype'.
c17_test1 Playable map WIP Streetwar streets and the courtyard. Streetwar streets. One of the unreachable areas from 'c17_archetype'. Has the 'proto_c17courtyard' section merged in with gameplay modifications and some textures. Ends in combine walls.
d1_town_01_dario Playable map WIP Minecart ravenholm, done before 'd1_town/d1_town_01' earlier and different from 'd1_town/d1_town_01' Has the old minecart progression/puzzle. But lacks a plethora of other puzzles introduced later on. Has a few maps merged in but it is still a lot more linear (lack of puzzles) compared to what it is later on. entry is done the oldschool way from the road and you enter the building via a hole (same where you start from in d1_town_01). Lot's of other stuff that was cut can be still found in here. Really worth a check if you want to see original ravenholm stuff but still want it to be in a good shape.
d1_town_03 dupe of 'd1_town/d1_town_03'
d3_borealis_01 see 'd3_borealis/d3_borealis_01_006'
d3_borealis_02 see 'd3_borealis/d3_borealis_02_001'
d3_borealis_03 dupe of 'd3_borealis/d3_borealis_03'
d3_borealis_04 see 'd3_borealis/d3_borealis_04_001'
d3_borealis_05 see 'd3_borealis/d3_borealis_05_001'
d3_borealis_06 see 'd3_borealis/d3_borealis_06_001'
d3_borealis_07 see 'd3_borealis/d3_borealis_07_001'
d4_streetwar_01 see 'aaron/d4_streetwar_01'
e3_ship Playable E3 map WIP E3 modified borealis, after 'devtest' E3'fied borealis with some crazy scripting and optimizations. A few maps are merged in here. From the looks of it, it's post-devtest era. Is this one of the rumoured "E3 2002 reel" ?
streetwars01 Exploreable area Concept Old streetwars style map. Linear and seems to be a mockup. Oldschool 'brush 17'. Linear street that forks in to two for a short period. Seems to be a mockup.
streetwars10 Exploreable area WIP, sketch In-design d4_streetwar_01 Maybe a advancement from the one above? Shaping up to be the 'd4_streetwar_01'. Also has the early vertigo


airex maps have LOTS and LOTS of stuff hidden behind visgroups, be sure not to enable all at once! (lots of old stuff will clip / collide with new stuff). All maps have lot of them laid out but are very crudely done. I'd say that these maps are from 2001-2002, One could take this all and have enough to go with to faithfully finish what valve didn't. Remember that nearly 90% of what you see are placeholders.
MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
airex_0102 Sketch WIP, concept Airex 1 and Airex 2 in one map. Allright, this level is so huge content-wise and the map screams like a detuned violin. Insane amount of stuff hidden behind visgroups.
I suggest you take a look on some airex mods to see this better. Listing more than this in here would be just insane. Last areas remind of citadel and EP1 in some sense.
airex_03040506 Sketch WIP, concept Airex 3/4/5/6 in one map. The rest, Split in to three areas by visgroups. Core interior/exterior and surroundings. Refinery & surroundings. Has some old fan+wind puzzle in one group. So much to see in these both!
airex_rough_puzzles Test(s) Prorotype, concept Various puzzle candidates in visgroups. Puzzles for airex, rough drafts hidden in visgroups. Pretty interesting stuff to avoid, one in particular reminds me of the EP1 "combine energy ball in a shaft" puzzle.
airex_start Sketch WIP, concept Airex start Basis for the starting section. You smash your way in to the air ducts. Visgroups hide some stuff seen on the above maps.
d1_tempcanals_01 Sketch WIP Slightly reworked 'bastille' A section familiar from '/aaron/d1_tempcanals_01'.
d1_tempcanals_02 Sketch WIP '/aaron/d1_canals_02' with some wierd 'd1_under_04' links A cut version of '/aaron/d1_canals_02' For some wierd reason the hangar area has two entries/exits to 'd1_under_04'. You had to go trough an under section. Maybe to open some gates?
d1_under0102 Sketch WIP 'aaron/c17_canals/d1_under0102' a bit cut. A section from canals ase seen in '/aaron/c17_canals/d1_under0102' (In a bit? later stage.)? Visgroups reveals the 01 OR the 02 map. Also hidden away is a very early canals design!
d1_under0102a Manhack debut area from _02 visgroups isolated and some stuff worked on.
d1_under0102b Some layout changed, rest aside from 'manhack debut' has generic measure textures applied. A bit more brushwork and detail on _02 areas. Most of the changes is where the 'water mixer' is in final.

_01 area: Quickly scrapped entry, school bus(!) entry is done in the same way as seen in '/c17/proto_trainstation', actually very similiar with a lot more detail of course.

d1_under0102bbbb Opened some areas up, 'water mixer' area reworked again. Other layout changes on 02.
d1_under0102bbbbb 01: Changed the 'drop in to' tunnels a bit. 02: Pipe extended and the level is now finishable.
d1_under0102bbbbbb 01 has some wierd modifications that make it almost unfinishable at it's current state. 02 does not exist. 01 has grey measure textures all over it.
d1_under0102bbbbbbbb Clost to above in 01 part. No more "drop in" entry. Bus is cut. 02 has some missing brushes, likely due to changes. Pipe has some changes and cosmetic background where it ends. Minor details.
d1_under0102new Playable map(s) WIP Under 01 and 02. Seperated by visgroups. Pretty close to 'd1_under0102'. Some stuff changed and added. Some metal doors added and textures here and there. 01 starts from the slide down to the open area in canals. Then goes on to a door that takes you to two slide-traps. You move on to 02 which has some changes done. Citizen 'joe' is the one getting killed by the manhacks. Ends near the manhack room (flooded in retail) You get a peek of canals in the end (moved away from 01). Continues on further 'under'
d3_under0102 Playable map(s) WIP Under 05 and 06. Seperated by visgroups. Again the: "Let's hide random stuff behind visgroups" -day. Just the hydra gameplay levels :) Yes, you heard that right! Hydra in a non-e3 enviroment and as a part of the gameplay ! I will explain these as visgroups since this map basically tells a lot on the hydras.
VIS #2 Various hydra encounter prototypes. Rooms with a circular shaped hole (similiar to the tentacle monster in the first game) Other gameplay stuff here and there.
VIS #1 #4 #5 #6 A section linked from 'd1_under_04'. Starts off with stairs that lead to a sewer tunnel. After a few turns you end up in something that resembles the citadel entrance chasm / digging site. Crossing the wooden planks to the other side will lead to another tunnel. Interesting fact that combine walls can be seen above, but what you are going under in to isn't the citadel! It is the Depot model! In the tunnel you will find a small hole, dropping down from it will throw you together with multiple hydras and some combine. (after defeating?) will get you access to level change.
VIS #3 #8 #9 You continue on from the hydra introduction scene to a huge drop in to the water. Area looks pretty original (close to stress test designs). The whole area is Pretty well done since it has models, gameplay, textures and stuff. Progresses on to a bridge that takes you to a larger sewer area. After a while you will meet npc_hydras. Later on you will reach an another hallway that takes you to.. Stress test start! This is what the original purpose of that elevator and shaft is!. Links to d1_canals_01 for some strange reason. Crazy mindfucks with the progression order, eh? WORTH A CHECK!
demo_matgallery Exploreable area Prototype 'kleiner_labtalk' modified a bit for showoff purposes. 'kleiner_labtalk' in a modified / earlier? form ! Has swappable version via visgroups, Material demo or the real deal. Missing nearly all the detail from 'kleiner_labtalk'. Links to 'subt_01' Instead of the steam map. Mat enabled version is largely the same but with slight changes and mostly a model showoff. All various NPCs scattered around the map. Container in place of the teleport!
e3_techdemo01 Early 'e3_techdemo_5'. This follows the same style that is seen near the end, linear tight corridors with sightseeing on the right. Has foliage and some gman rooms with props. Implemented in 'e3_techdemo_1' later on as a seperate map.
e3_under_02 'e3_under_02' with visgroups mocking at you since they do nothing. See 'e3_under_02' for details.
kleiner 'kleiner_labtalk' with some very slight modifications. See 'kleiner_labtalk' for description.
kleiner2 See above
ms_lab dupe of '/aaron/ms_lab'
proto_underground_combine01 Exploreable area concept citadel<>sewer chasm design/test Early version of the citadel chasm and sewers as seen in 'd3_under0102'. Early citadel designs in a box.
proto_underground_combine01a Exploreable area concept citadel<>sewer chasm design/test Same as above, has a start on the wooden planks that cross.
subt Sketch WIP, concept arcade > lab map. Oldschool c17 design. This helps you to piece the long lab and the arcade together! Underground segment in the style of old c17. Whole map has visgroups that hides some stuff but it's a brushy maze mostly. Check it out!
subtbbbb Sketch WIP, concept d1_under0102 to this one. Takes to _04 Whats up with the naming?. Has parts from above map but implemented as 'd1_under_03' most likely later on in development ! Much of this made in to retail in some form as did nearly all _under_ maps.
temp3 Exploreable area concept airex, earlier than the 'airex_03040506' thing ? see airex maps, so many revisions plastered together with bubblegum that it's very hard to document these properly, yet alone describe them in a way that anyone other than me understands it.


All under maps area finishable. Worth a check since these are one of the best 'new style' under maps found anywhere in this pack.
MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
d1_under_01 Playable map WIP 'd1_under0102' seperated. 01 map. A seperated 01 from 'd1_under0102' 01. No other modifications.
d1_under_02 Playable map WIP 'd1_under0102' seperated. 02 map. A seperated 02 from 'd1_under0102' 02. No other modifications.
d1_under_03 Playable map WIP 'subtbbbb' with some advancement. 'subtbbbb' from the previous folder. Some small changed like details and citizens added with no function.
d1_under_04 Playable map WIP 'e3_under' with no hydra and some other crap instead. See 'e3_under' Everything until the hydra is the same. Hydra area replaced with a large hall that was moved to the endgame in retal (whole map was). Seems that you where supposed to enter this map from the canals huge hangar (see 'd1_tempcanals_02' on previous folder). Has extra visgroups that reveal nothing. Large hall advancement is a bit different since you go down instead of up. This is the hall where you use the cart to get higher. No other hydra references. One tunnel does have vaguely similiar design.
d1_under_05 Visgroups #1 #4 #5 #6 from 'd3_under0102' as 'd1_under_05' . Look those for a description on what is stored in here. Hydras cut. WIP See 'd3_under0102' from the previous folder. Has the visgroups: #1 #4 #5 #6
d1_under_06 Playable map WIP Visgroups #3 #8 #9 from 'd3_under0102' as 'd1_under_06' See 'd3_under0102' from the previous folder. Has the visgroups: #3 #8 #9. Look those for a description on what is stored in here. Hydras cut as well.
d3_under_06 Playable map WIP Above as a hydra variation. Above, but this time with the hydras intact.
d1_sewer_steam1 Early draft of '/dave/compile_versions/d1_under_04'. Elevator shaft hidden in visgroups. WIP, concept, sketch Very early draft on the middle section of '/dave/compile_versions/d1_under_04' No gameplay and some layout changes.
d1_sewer_steam2 More work done, _04 start area has straight connection to the hall with no staircases in the middle. Details in the hall and some organic looking tubes? added.
d1_sewer_steam05b Details, the level now has a rough draft on the sewer area (after the main hall). Borealis props copied over.
d1_sewer_steam05c Alternte endlevel layout. Has a very early hydra holder as seen in 'd3_under0102' from the previous folder !.
d1_sewer_steam05g to-be Hydra section is now part of the map flow. Changes again the in the areas close to it. Has some wooden plank puzzle added in after the hydra section.
d1_sewer_steam06 Lab's goo pipe textured pipe and an elevator in an isolated area.
d1_sewer_steam06b Sketch WIP, sketch Still and early draft. First iterations of hydra as well! _06 elevator in a visgroup. Lot's of other random stuff overlapping. Visgroups reveal an alternative hydra scene, a bit more refined one still in the same 'tube' style.
d1_sewer_10 Sketch WIP Early iterations on the 'd1_under0102' 'd1_under0102' Likely in it's earliest forms. Lot's of crude brush design and many areas are altered a lot (some are longer and some shorter). Worth a check! Has the busride in visg. and the bus!
d1_sewer_11 Layout changes. early e3 hydra sequence also hidden in visgroups !
d1_sewer_12 No comment.
d1_sewer_13 Texture changes?
d1_sewer_15 Changed 02 endlevel tunnels, circular room designed (transition room)
d1_sewer_16 Endlevel changes again, has stuff from 'subtbbbb' Ends abruptly in a circular room with manhacks. Some displacements added as well.
d1_sewer_17 No notieable changes.
d1_sewer_23 Major texture changes and some layout as well.
d1_sewer_25 Another texture change on nearly all. Layout changes and details added as well.
d1_sewer_35 Different section, an early '/dave/compile_versions d1_under_06' Visgroups reveal crude drafts on the map layout. 01 and 02 exist as well. A bit refined (follow along 'd1_under0102' variations).
d1_sewer_36 One curve in the tunnels has been finalized. No longer a brush hell in that section.
d1_sewer_37 No comment.
d1_sewer_41 Extended the sewer area. No real changes to the other areas.
d1_sewer_43 Elevator area added in an early form. Other layout changes.
d1_sewer_44 Some minor layout changes.
d1_sewer_47 Bridge has been wrecked up a tiny bit. Rocks now force the player to take a detour near the 03 start. 01 and 02 are still the same.
d1_sewer_48 Start drop in 03 changed a bit ?
d1_sewer_49 No comment.
d1_sewer_51c Changes around the elevator area
d1_sewer_51d Changes around the elevator area
d1_sewer_51e Same, they all focus on the stairs that lead to the elevator room.
d1_sewer_51f Elevator room changes
d1_sewer_51g Cosmetic changes on 02. Mostly some texture and displacement additions / swaps.
d1_sewer_51h Some alternate ideas for the sewers after the circular room (which is after the manhack debut). Isolated.
d1_sewer_51i Loads of cosmetic and architechtural changes. Some in 01 and some in 02. 03 has a few additions as well. Entities / triggers and stuff added.
d1_sewer_51j Playable map(s) WIP Later iterations of d1_under 01 02 and 03. Changes to sewers (close to the section seen in 'h')
d1_under0102 'd1_sewer_51j' with some more details, nothing major except lacks the 03 area.
d1_under0304 Playable map(s) WIP Various sewer maps punched together to form a progression. An alternate detour to the 'hydra sewers' You start from the sewers near the end of 'd1_sewer_xx' _02 parts. After that you are slapped in to pasted 'd1_sewer_steam' which leads you to a dead end. Does not have much interesting stuff besides being a collage of various sewer maps.
demo_matgallery01 Exploreable area Prototype 'kleiner_labtalk' modified a bit for showoff purposes. Older variation of the same in the previous folder. Lacks the original stuff in visgroups.
demo_matgallert01b Exploreable area Prototype 'kleiner_labtalk' modified a bit for showoff purposes. A bit newer version of aboce.
_combine05 Exploreable area concept citadel<>sewer chasm design/test Early version of the citadel chasm and sewers as seen in 'd3_under0102'. Early citadel designs in a box.
airex_03040506 dupe of '/dave/airex03040506'
d1_under0102 see '/dave/old/d1_under0102'
d1_under0304c Earlier '/dave/old/d1_under0304'. Has the combine/citadel chasm and loads of other stuff seen in sewer levels. WIP see '/dave/old/d1_under0304'. Could be a bit earlier version of it ?


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
balcony Scripted sequence Prototype Father Grigori shotty balcony script test. Father grigori meeting (When he gives the shotty). Isolated in void. Based on the non-e3 version with wooden crap surrounding the balcony.
ents Test Test Entity zoo/gallery Various entities in a zoo type map. Has 11 rooms in a prison-like texture setting.
proto_crush Test Prototype Car crushing test. Crushing vehincle that drops on the combine, puzzle idea very close to the one in ravenholm where you drop the cars on zombies.
test_poisonzombie Test Prototype Poison zombie, ladders, stairs in a boring box. Poison zombie test in a generic boring test map with ladders and stairs.
turret_puzzle_01 Test Prototype Turrets and some log-like blocking things. Some rejected turret puzzle where you drop some log-like round objects to block the vision and run past them.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
alyx dupe of '/aaron/alyx'
barney dupe of '/aaron/barney'
demo_arctic Exploreable area concept Big arctic terrain/scenery. Borealis, structures and a cave. Early arctic map concept, seems to be demoreel material for engine showcases. Has the early borealis brushed up and a few structures with a cave. Only scenery.
demo_chargallery01 Exploreable area Prototype Very early Kleiner lab design with random NPC models. see '/dave/olddemo_matgallery01' I think that this one is the earliest kleiner lab iterations.
demo_citadel01 Exploreable area concept Antique citadel design, early pods and some crazy ideas. Antique citadel designs. Very crude design and many interesting design ideas for the interiors. Contains what probably is the earliest pod/container design. Uses white tiles for texturing.
demo_citadel02 Exploreable area concept Antique citadel design, Some silo-like holes. Antique citadel designs. Different area to above with many circular holes/silos. One of them has a grinder at the bottom. Contains some random cosmetic catwalks.
demo_matgallery01 see '/dave/old/demo_matgallery01'
eli dupe of '/aaron/eli'


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
digger Test Prototype Digger control test with a placeholder. Old digger entity test. Has a monitor that has the controls done via an entity. Small box with a ramp and the digger placeholder.
test_event Test Prototype Triggered explosion test. Trigger induced shack explosion test in a box.
testroom_portal Test Prototype Two rooms, inaccessible. Two seperated rooms with nothing interesting.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
e3_hydra Playable sequence Prototype Hydra part from e3_under. Likely before it was added in it. e3 Hydra sequence section isolated. Entrypoint that is in the e3_under version does not exist yet.
e3_under_02 Playable sequence WIP e3_under demo map. Largely the same to e3_under, no visible changes.
e3_under_02a_splash See above


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
e3_lab e3_lab. See other dupes of it for more info.
e3_lab_ml Above with more junk.
e3_lab_sentences This time with all the choreo scenes laid out in a nice line, Kleiner and Alyx lines are neatly organized. No strider section / wall blast.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
e3_phystown dupe of '/auto_compile/e3_phystown'


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
e3_end The void tunnel where you get flashes of various images and gman telling you "Isn't this just like old times". Transports player to HL2 logo after the sentence. Has hydras for "electric-like" effect.
e3_hl2logo HL2 logo and a box that houses the player to give a nice starting fade.
e3_techdemo_1 dupe of 'auto_compile/e3_techdemo_1'
e3_techdemo_2 dupe of 'auto_compile/e3_techdemo_2'
e3_techdemo_3 Measurement room with some zombie + citizen action thrown in to show off the AI.
e3_techdemo_4 e3_lab without gameplay elements. Area has been duplicated three times. First you start with a HL1 style design of the lab, teleport to HL2 style without props and the last one has the props.
e3_techdemo_5 dupe of 'auto_compile/e3_techdemo_5'
e3_techdemo_6 dupe of 'auto_compile/e3_techdemo_6'

entity examples

MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
ai_guide1 dupe of '/aaron/ai_guide1'
func_smokevolume Test Prototype Smokevolume test in a box. Smokevolume test in a box.
FuncMonitor Test Prototype Monitor & TV test. Monitor test, There is alyx in a box with a camera, not reachable.
randalpond dupe of '/aaron/randalpond'


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
laundry_props Exploreable area Prototype, concept, WIP Laundry room from the prison maps. Laundry room in a very early state. Has models laid out but not viewable in hammer. Some combine but no real progression.
trap001 Small exploreable area Prototype Two models laid out in a box. Some wierd crane/arm thingy and a shredder. Seems similiar to the one in 'citizen_tech'
traps001 Small exploreable area Prototype Three(!!) models laid out in a box. Same as above with a guillotine added in.
zoo_props001 Exploreable area concept Prison-like setting with some props and an outdoor area. Interesting prison-like prop-littered area with outdoor section. Skybox has two tall c17-like buildings. Maybe this was some sort of depot near the c17 exit ? Could just be a test map as well.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
50antlions Test Prototype 50 antlions in a box. 50 Antlions, stress/AI test ?
50assasins Test Prototype 50 assasins in a box. 50 assasins this time.
bumplightningstyle Test Prototype Normal maps tested in a box. Normal maps test on various textures.
predator Test Prototype Measurement room with Predator, lack the stairs. Measurement room with a predator entity and some paths. What is really interesting is the actual predator model itself! With some poking trough the variations thumbs it turns out to be an early Alyx!
test_lightstyleperf see '/aaron/demo_rubble'
..._bumped Same as above, but with everything replaced with one texture to show off bump maps.
..._unbumped Same as above, this time with a different, non-working texture.
testroom_water03 Test Prototype Water test/physics. A huge room with a water pool and four crates.
water Test Prototype Water test. Close to above, but this time has deeper pool and stairs lead to the skybox.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
_OLD: map version 5 Newer: 27
00: Barney "Superfly" added at the end pipe before level change. Alyx replaces Gina
01: Alyx replaces Gina once again.
02: Does not open
03: Does not open
04: Alyx replaces Gina once again.
05: Alyx replaces Gina, no turrets and Barney is the newschool Barney. Train is missing.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
hdtestroom Test Prototype Old model test. Uses very old studio_model syntax. Some of those in a box.
prefab_furniture01 Small exploreable area Concept Furniture show-off Apartments furniture and other props. Small specifically designed section to demo objects.
prefab_handrails01 dupe of '/aaron/prefab_handrails01'
prefab_lockers01 dupe of '/aaron/prefab_lockers01'
prefab_pipes01 dupe of '/aaron/prefab_pipes01'
prefab_pipeset Small exploreable area Concept Exterior pipes show-off. Exterior pipes show-off.
zoo_models_c17 Small exploreable area Concept Furniture show-off. 'prefab_furniture01' with slight cosmetic changes.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
HydraScript Test Prototype e3 hydra in a bare form to fix the scripting. e3 hydra section in a bare form to fix out the scripting side of it.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments