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MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
c17_01_56 Exploreable area WIP C17 first maps, garage section isolated. c17_01_xx as seen in the /aaron/ iterations. This one has the interior garage section isolated in a void.
c17_01_80 Playable map WIP Industrial area starting to be very nice. More refined version of '/aaron/d1_garage_08'. Contains everything back in place now. Burned house is further worked on and does not lead to a level change. The 'old-hydrasewer' and top areas are linked by two routes (sewer drop, ladders or burned house. Maybe combines ambush you and you need to take a detour because of it ?. Sewer area has the xenian organic lights which not seen in hl2 ! What makes this more interesting is that this is more worked on than the e3_industrial So maybe it wasn't abandoned after not being present at e3? _Definately worth a look!
cremator_006 Small exploreable area WIP isolated c17 section as seen in '/aaron/cremator_034' A small section from what is seen in '/aaron/cremator_034'. Just an crossroad section in a void.
deep_01_011 Small exploreable area WIP, concept Underwater small vessel. A very small sub-water-like thing with Odell, conscripts anda citizen. Is this the early Kraken maps ?
devtest dupe of '/auto_compile/devtest'
e3_techdemo_14 Playable sequence WIP Two e3 maps merged, Gman is copied to all three labs. Alternate e3 gman introduction? Has the Gman intro area AND '/e3_techdemo/e3_techdemo_4' with more work done on all areas. BUT! Visgroups reveal even more stuff ! Alternate labs which are based on the shorter (retail) design. The _06 tech and _02 are hidden. All contain the gman and are a bit earlier on design. _02 especially.
slowents Playable map WIP close to 'c17_plaza06'. See it for more details. Seems to be very close to '/aaron/c17_plaza06'. 3D skybox is missing but there are many surrounding buildings that almost make up for it.
sniper_008 Small sequence Prototype, WIP, concept Vertigo-era C17 streets section with a sniper event. Tall c17 area (Around vertigo era?). There are a few streets and a car that a sniper shoots from distance. Supposed to be triggered when you approach the car?
sniper_019 An alternate section done in a bit different style (less taller and more details). Can't seem to spot the sniper.
Ok, here the vertigo fun starts..
sniper_027 Playable map WIP Vertigo-era C17. Tanks, conscripts, zombies and sniper. Both areas merged together and lots of details added. A sniper has a conscript pinned down and you need to rescue him. Dialogue, a tank! and some other stuff. Making it worth a check !
vert_01_006 Playable map WIP Vertigo first level. Crash site and stairs. First map, you crash on the top of it leaving almost nothing in there. It's a mess. You progress up/down on the stairs/levels to finally reach the trigger for 02.
vert_02_002 Playable map WIP Vertigo second level. A large area which is a mess. Second map, A mess as always. You go to a large opened area where you progress down from the rubble. Some combine try to keep you company while at it. It's raining outside. Opening leads to corridors.
vert_03_006 Sketch WIP Vertigo third level. Large area (reception?). A non-fitting Third map, Has a big hall/reception area where one could use all the elevators in. Has a duct area underneath the mail hall. Seems to missing some brushes and does not link to 02.
vert_04_001 Sketch WIP, concept Vertigo fourth level. Covers mid-bottom. Draft stages. Fourth map, Again pretty non-fitting. Extends from midway to the bottom. very very rough draft on the whole area, Many areas are still unreachable.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
ai_borealis Small exploreable area Prototype Isolated borealis section. A borealis section (entry where you meet Odell and some tug sections). No real gameplay.
...realis_stairwell Same as above mostly. Missing even more areas.
ai_entitybridge Messing with two barneys and 3 buttons at your disposal. There are some barricades that you can control to mess up with the AI.
ai_flying Three scanners trying to reach a goal.
ai_guide1 dupe of '/aaron/ai_guide1'
ai_hallwalk Close to 'ai_entitybridge' This time there is not a straight path.
ai_physroom1 Town-style structure with models that a zombie can toss around.
ai_singlefile 'ai_entitybridge' with three barneys on each side!
ai_stairs Similiar to 'ai_entitybridge' this time with borealis style stairs that link to the other side.
ai_stairs_climb Similiar to above, Odell added.
fast_zombie_jump A small snippet that looks like from '/aaron/prefab_industrial'. A fast zombie added to test it out.
test_jump2 A box with a course that the AI needs to complete.
test_route3 Combine female assasin test. Similiar to above but has a bit different layout.
zombies Ravenholm docks entry that is a bit wierd since it has c17 style structures and the road is a bit different as well (does not slope downwards).


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
canals_01_002 Sketch, Playable map WIP First old canals map with some enemies. Very close to the early canals_01 in '/aaron/canals_01_xx'. Has some enemies added in (helicopter, apc etc..)
canals_02_001 Very close to '/aaron/canals_02_xx' from the mid-near end phases.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
d1_garage_01_08 Dupe of '/aaron/d1_garage_08'
d1_garage_01_32 Playable map WIP C17 industrial area More word done inside the factory secions. Burned building scrapped and the sewer is dumbed down, not really reachable unless you fall and die. Hard to put if this was pre-c17_01_80 or post.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
d1_garage_02_03 Playable map WIP C17 industrial burned building/sewer. The missing area seen in the 'c17_01_80' map. Has levelchanges to 01. Some areas are a bit different, only slight alterations.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
d1_terminal_01_05 Playable map WIP Seems to be a continuation of '/aarond/c17_plaza06' Seems to be a continuation of '/aarond/c17_plaza06'. Some old monitors still exist near the trainstation, no skylift or other e3 stuff.
d1_terminal_01_15 More ropes and stuff moved around a bit in the plaza. Veikko building has a small extension to it.
d1_terminal_01_19 Skylift implemented, not functional yet. Trainstation has a slight facelift on the roof. One of the house rooftops has been changed a bit.
d1_terminal_01_26 Skylift worked on more, Lot's of details added to support it and seems to be functional. The same houese rooftop has been changed again.
d1_terminal_01_40 Playable map WIP Terminal with more details and skylift added. More work on places, little details and lots of cubemaps added in the plaza area.

/john/combine designs

MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
combine_gallery_002 dupe of '/aaron/combine_gallery_002'

/john/combine gate

MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
gate Exploreable area Prototype Gate and an outpost in void. Includes a combine outpost and a gate floating in void, visgroups seem to contain stuff but do nothing. Likely an corrupted map or too old version.

/john/combine gate/combine sensor gate

MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
sensor_gate Exploreable area Prototype Gate and trigger in void, similiar to above. Combine gate with a trigger. Void.
sensor_gate_004 Test Prototype Multiple gate triggers. Same gate multiplied by six and added to a playable area. Same area you see in 'combine_gallery_002' but in an earlier form.

/john/combine launcher/

MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
combine_launcher Test Prototype Two launcher prototypes stuck in wasteland style rocks. Interesting two combine launchers stuck in to a rock with cones sticking out as a placeholder. Supposed to seek enemies with a seperate 'npc_enemyseeker' and shoot. Maybe early city-alien repellant?


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
cremator_034 dupe of '/aaron/cremator_034'
cremator_039 Playable map WIP Cremator C17 section in a good shape Largely the same except the tunnel seperating the both areas has been extended, fitted with car wrecks and occupied with one primitive turret. Early brushwork and a 3d sky.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
e3_industrial_001 Exploreable are Prototype Isolated child factory in void. Seperated child factory area from industrial. Stuck in a void.
e3_industrial_003 No visible changes done.
e3_industrial_006 WIP e3 industrial WIP stages. All in again. Some unfinished areas compared to the last e3 iteration of this map. Building without a texture for example.
e3_terminal_015 Playable map WIP Terminal with skylift and first e3'fication steps taken. Likely to be a continuatuon of '/john/d1_terminal_01/d1_terminal_01_40' Has the cubemaps and >95% structure intact. Some scripts added and there is a hallway to link to areas. Used by the hunter.
e3_terminal_022 Skylift rooftop section isolated in a void. The one where the citizens are in the attic.
e3_terminal_027 Removed a lot of unnecessary areas for the actual demo. Televisions scrapped and so are many other ideas like the entrance for the tram. Must be the deciding point of scrapping the bus/tram idea.
e3_terminal_034 Combine guard (hunter) area scripting test.
e3_terminal_039 Exploreable area WIP Two key areas worked (Guard and skylift scripts) The rooftop & combine guard block with scripting. Isolated in a void.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
fireroom Exploreable area Prototype Borealis engine room (the burning one). In a void. Borealis engine room (the burning one). Isolated in 'the' void
borealis Test Prototype func_smokevolume test in a room. Room and a hallway with some borealis texture. smokevolume test.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
c17_01_35 Sketch, Playable map? WIP Industrial after '/aaron/c17_01_xx' version. Continuation of the '/aaron/c17_01_xx' series before it changed it's name. Lacks factory, burned building (sewer is there). Start is shorter and Bus paths exist (plus gates in the main road)
c17_01_42 Child factory added, Very early texturework and the player path has just six windows in total where it can see the area. (no "balcony")
c17_01_71 Close to '/john/c17_01_80'. Slightly less detail in the factory it seems and start area is different.
c17_01_74 Playable map WIP Industrial, see: '/john/c17_01_80' for the next version. Closer! razor train is in now.
crane_04 Test Prototype (magnet?)Crane test in a box. Crane prototype. Has a name "Garage crane". Maybe this was supposed to be inside that garage as seen in >'c17_01_7x' maps.
factory_08 Sketch WIP very early child factory when it was still alone. Same style child factory as in 'c17_01_42'. Has a different entrance area and some different gameplay flow ideas. The two pistons that break the wall near the stairs are missing. Worth a check.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
bugbait_high Playable section WIP E3 bugbait with slight modifications. e3 bugbait with what seems to be slight alterations.
bugbait_low Same but with lower details ?
bugbait_low_noprops No comment.
bugbait_low_props No comment.
bugbait_noents Playable section WIP E3 bugbait variation #101 Missing some special brushes.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
vert_01_014 Sketch WIP Early first vertigo level. Very similiar to the vertigo level on the previous folder. Slight route changes.
vert_02_004 Sketch WIP Early second vertigo level. I repeat the above in here. No combine though.
vert_03_010 Sketch WIP Early third vertigo level. Much more refined from the previous one in the subfolder. Way more areas and you start in an upper floor, use a washer lift to reach the "lobby area". Much more to see. Still very early design.
vert_04_001 Sketch WIP VERY early fourth vertigo level. Very very early crude and horrible layout of a possible flow for the fourth vertigo map. Does not reach ground level yet.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
snipe_proto_5 Test Prototype Sniper enviroment test. Two wrecked buildings connected together and a prototype sniper entity in a city-scene box.
sniper_029 Playable map WIP same content as 'sniper_027'. See 'sniper_027' from the subfolder. Nothing noticeable has changed.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
synth Exploreable area WIP Random city area with no other content. Random city alleys and a few blocks. Similiar to the cremator/camo area but without the destruction.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
catapult Combine and some catapult prototype placeholders. Flings the victim in to a wall that has poles sticking out of it (Similiar to pachiniko playfield)
catapult2 \Same, but has a monitor added + actual models for the catapults. One combine replaced with two zombies.
crush Similiar area but with one zombie nad a crushcar that you can control. Same puzzle as the retail ravenholm.
electric_trap A textured 'town' alley with a fast zombie on the other end. likely runs towards the played when the fences blast away and gets electrified.
firetrap Grigori debut level fire trap integrated in to the level.
firetrap_training Two areas connected, two firetraps and some zombies. Devtextured and prototyping area.
gate_break Devtextured area with a fence/gate and a poison zombie on the other side. Guess what is supposed to happen.
mines Similiar area to 'catapult' This time with mines that explode!
propeller Above area again with a motor-powered propeller/cutter and a few zombies.
propeller_training Same style as in firetrap_training. Same idea as in 'propeller' but a bit more varied in layout.
skytche A falling 'pendulum' that slices a zombie.
town_proto_4 Many of the above areas combined together.
town_training Some of the prototypes combines with a digger prototype.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
wasteland Exploreable area WIP Wasteland large area proto. A very large wasteland area similiar to the other prototypes seen in other folders.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
bays Sketch WIP Depot Gunship bay. Depot/Prison Gunship bay area. Has the depot model with combine structure. Controllable gunship cranes.
cellblock1 Sketch WIP Cell area (first interior area from retail) First interior prison level (cell area). Major changes done in here to gameplay flow. But some of the stuff is very close to final style.
ck1...-cell3gameplay Sketch WIP Another cell area, early shower & laundry Different layout to 'cellblock1'. Has a very early shower area and laundry area. Both seperate.
cellblock2 Sketch WIP More cells, early shower & laundry The shower and laundry area exist, seperate again. But the cellblock area has been replaced with a large area (multistory hall) with 40+ cells visible. Nothing like seen in the final.
compound3 Sketch WIP Old exterior for depot/prison A totally different exterior area. All of it got scrapped. Has the old APC and some wierd underground/sewer tunnel.
compound6 Sketch WIP Old exterior for depot/prison More work in both areas. NPCs removed and replaced with antlionmakers.
d1_town_01 Playable map WIP Ravenholm 'pre-traps' implementation '/dario/' has versions close to this. This one hasn't got any of the prototype traps from '/john/' And has some other interior areas that got removed later on.
d1_town_01c Sketch WIP A completely different version of the e3_traptown area. A very different map connecting the previous section and goes up to a church that was copied from a prefab. This version has a very straight path to the church and no additional levels to slow you down. Nearly nothing from this made it to the later iteration except the "a church in the hills" concept. Uses some of the City17 assets, something which got removed later on.
d1_town_02 Prototype Prototype Above level with a small area for testing a barricade. Same level as above but has only got the road near the church in a void. The is an electrified barricade added that is triggered. No detour implemented around it.
d4_palace_01 Sketch WIP New vertigo style: palace. First level. Vertigo reworked. Almost no resemblance to the original iterations. Good looking levels compared to the vertigo. Still has a lot to go on. '/aaron/demo_rubble' is taken from this. Worth a check!
d4_palace_01a Starting area being worked on in a void. Has some slight changed in to the "subfloor" between the roof and the room, where the crash occures.
d4_palace_01b All back in again. Lots of details everywhere, Still hasn't got a complete play-flow. Has a helicopter model on the top.
d4_palace_01g Resembles more like '01' instead of '01b'
d4_palace_01j Combine gunship test section, the room from '01' with four 'env_shooter's in a void.
d4_palace_01k Sketch (use '01b', most progress) WIP New vertigo style: palace. First level. Again, same as above.
jf-roof7 Sketch WIP Changes from '01' to '01b' being worked on. A production version of 'd4_palace_01b', lacking in some areas and is in a void.
jf-roof8b Sketch WIP See above, slight changes on places. Very closely the same thing.
pre_prison1 Playable map WIP 'prison/nova prospekt' outdoor map before you enter. Architechture resembles the final nova prospekt style a lot, layout was completely redesigned later on. Has some fire pits and some other combine tech not really seen elsewhere. Worth a check!
pre_prison6 Sketch WIP Depot Gunship bay, Alternate. Design idea is largely the same but stuff is still laid out in a different way than with 'bays' Looks almost as if two people made the same thing based on an same early draft.
proto_4 Test Prototype Antlion, combine and turret test. Prison puzzle. A cellblock with devtextures, turrents, antlions and combine. Seems that the player is supposed to disable the turrets so that the antlions (come from roof) can reach the combine and kill them.
proto_bays_test No major differences to 'pre_prison6' noticed.
proto_bays_test2 Has seperate crane controls for this part.
proto_cell4 Test Prototype Antlion, combine and turret test. Prison puzzle. MARKII Altered from 'proto_4' Has slight extensions here and there. Plus as a wierd addition there is a scale model of the whole map tucked away in a void. Uses the familiar floorturrets this time.
proto-cell4 Test Prototype Above, This time there is a scale model of the area. Same but the scale model moved inside the control room! From what I can tell is that you use the buttons to control the turrets and the scale model shows you realtime updates on their on/of status!
sub4 Prototype concept The brush submarine that is used in many concepts. _the_ submarine, brush based. You can find this floating around very many coast/wasteland maps. Here it is in a void before adding it in anywhere.
yard Exploreable area concept Prison area, outdoor and has areas for yard/depot/bays. A pretty complete overview of the whole old-new prison complex (outdoors) with the bay areas on the other side of the depot (Just a little is copied over). Useful if you plan to re-create the area.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
cage Exploreable area Concept A map with prison/c17 style bricks, fences and a ladder. Prison/c17 style bricks with some fences and a ladder. Nothing to do.
cguard1 Test Prototype A Combine guard and some shelves. Combine guard AI test? A room full of shelves.
charge Test Prototype Big antion AI test. Antlion boss AI test. Some combine and props here and there.
ext Test Prototype Fire extinquishers, controllable in a box. Fire extinquishers, controllable in a box.
firespread Test Prototype Spreding fire. A zigzag hallway with some fire entities. Spreding fire. A zigzag hallway with some fire entities.
firetest Test Prototype Fire (lightning??) test. Four different fires which are extinquishable by a trigger button.
grub2 Test Prototype Antlion grub test. Antlion grub cave, not a very large cave section (Likely just a concept/AI test)
guard3 Test Prototype Antlion guard AI test. Alternate Antlion guard test with some obstacles (crude piles of rock) where you can hide behind.
guardpoint Test Prototype Antlion "peek-a-boo" AI test. Antlion guard again, there is a small crouchable area that is connected to all ends of the "cave wall". This concept was reused in EP2 antlion cave chase sequences.
impact Test Prototype Two stacked box piles and buttons, Physics test? Two piles of stacked boxes and buttons to blow them away, physics test?
proto_laundry1 Sketch Sketch Laundry baskets on a rail with 29 paths to follow. A scrapped laundry basket carrying rail. A non-functional one exists in the 'e3_bugbait'. This one carries you trough a few corners and continues on to somewhere.
proto_laundry1b Added a few more details, This time you need to go inside the basket (or on the rail tracks) to progress. Turrents added with a button control. Props as well added.
proto_laundry1c Sketch Sketch Laundry baskets on a rail again. More work done. Ceiling turrets replaced with floor turrets (movable familiar ones). No button and clippings changed for NPCs.
testroom_aguard Test Prototype Antlion cave/wasteland charge test. Antlion guard in a wasteland / antlion cave setting. You are on a "rocky bridge" and the guard charges to you. Reminds a bit of the EP2 sequence.
...room_antlionguard Test Prototype A small cave section with antlions and a guard. Antlion + guard AI test?
testroom_bullets Test Prototype Some shooting test room with props and combine. Like a targeting range, has combine and some props to shoot at.
testroom_depot Exploreable area Concept Prison interior concept stuff. Depot/Prison architechture interior. Has a few rooms and some heavy machinery with combine. Could be some concept?
testroom_explosion Exploreable area Prototype A wip test map? Structures and a sandbox. Some structures with no function, and something that looks like a sandbox that has displacement.
testroom_gunship Test Prototype Gunship AI test. Gunship AI test. Has two targets named "Monkey" and "Monkey2" (Other being a vortigaunt). Path adjustable by triggers on the floor.
testroom_impact Test Prototype Texture/Material surface shooting test. A room with different things to shoot at. Meant to test surface damage sound/particle emission likely.
testroom_jeep Exploreable area Concept, Sketch A small devtextured area with jeep and an early depot. Devtextured depot? Seems to have a traintrack on the top and it's not the typical model based. Could this be an very early depot concept (one of them?)
testroom_rmines Test Prototype Rollermine AI test. Rollermine AI test level, has a few things you can jump on and a fire pit on the other side of the room.
testroom_showers Sketch Concept, Prototype Shower area with antlion guard + antlions. Isolated. Yet another shower variation, this resembles the final style a lot more than the one in: '/justin/ck1...-cell3gameplay' mentioned close by. Still has an old design style to it.
testroom_turrets Test, Playable area Prototype, Sketch Hallways with turrets to test their AI and gameplay. Turrents in a progressive firing range style level. Made likely to test out gameplay styles and AI. Ends with a button linked to a trapdoor that takes a turret down. All floorturrets.
testroom_weapons Test, Playable area Prototype Combine combat test? Medium-sized testmap. Combine and weapons, player progresses to 'wasteland-like' outdoor section.
zoo_fire Test Concept, Prototype Fire, citizens and a combine in a box. A box with displacement floor, 'under-like' textures. Few citizens and fire here and there. There is a wooden platform where a combine is standing.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
alyx Test Prototype Isolated box A test room with alyx inside it.
barney A test room with barey inside it.
bullsquid A bigger room with a barnacle, headcrabs and a bullsquid.
conscript A test room with conscript inside it.
covertest Crude testing area with combine and a floorturret.
eli A test room with eli inside it.
gman A test room with gman inside it.
hydra1 Barney, some overpass and a devtextured area for the npc_hydra.
hydra2 56x 'npc_hydra' in a devtextured box. Stresstest/AI test?
hydra3 Another wierd hydra test. Similiar to 'hydra1' with two mode hydras, one is upside down and one is in the wall (the base floor was copied over and rotated).
kleiner A test room with kleiner inside it.
monkcircle A very wierd circle inside a box with monks on every circle. Texts read the distances and the monks perform some choreo events.
soldier Interior area box with some walls and nodes. Early pathfinding tests ? There are some hints to test crouching.
soldier2 Above with two more soldiers.
strider2 A strider in a box with some displacement gravel. Likely an model animation fluidity test. As in how to go over small objects and that.
testroom_ripley A test room with alyx inside it. A bit different from the 'typical' testroom.
testroom_sewertalk Same as above.
vortigaunt A test room with vortigaunt inside it.
zombie Alternate version of 'soldier' Hasn't got the duckable barrier. Zombie instead of a combine.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
bullsquid Test Prototype An large wasteland area with bullsquids, likely an AI test. A rather large 'wasteland-like' area with some bullsquids and weapons, even has a brickbat! The area itself is very poorly mapped out and has no displacements or detail.
BurnTargets Test Prototype Stalker targeting test. A room with 3 stalkers and some targets that they burn! Two button which do nothing exist.
c1a3_port Playable map Prototype c1a3 ported to test a fully functional map, demo? c1a3 from half-life 1 ported for half-life 2 with assets changed to match the counterparts.
CScanner Test Prototype Combine scanners in a maze. combine scanners in a mazey enviroment.
flymh (Manhack?) flying level. A brickwall complex with citizens. Test Prototype
func_tankpulselaser Test Prototype func_tankpulselaser testing area. Very old map with a 'func_tankpulselaser' entity and an obsolete 'trigger_auto'. Has a 3D skybox as well. Old HEV charger exists.
houndeye Test Prototype houndeye AI test. Similiar to 'CScanner' but has houndeyes.
hud_test Test Prototype Hud controls in a map. Various HUD adjusting entities and buttons.
item_room Test Prototype Item zoo with a headcrab. Item zoo map with a headcrab on the other side.
looktest Test Prototype A wall. A wall in a box. Meant to test view optimizations?
looktest in between Same stuff with just blocks moved around
looktest9 Test Prototype 'func_looktest' testing. Some bridge constructed from 'func_looktest' brushes.
machine dupe of '/aaron/machine'
manhack_room Test Prototype (Manhack?) flying level. A brickwall complex without citizens earlier version of 'flymh'. Lacks the citizen area.
missle_pf Test Prototype Paths, 3d skybox and citizens in a test enviroment. missle test? a circular path and a colliding 3d skybox.
player_missle Test Prototype Player controllable missle. A rarely seen player controllabe missle ! Has some shacks you can destroy and citizens. Built on top of the above map. Has HUD adjusters as well.
player_missle2 Test Prototype Above with anti-'player-missle' units. Above map with missle defence added! I guess these got scrapped along with the controllable missle.
spotlight_corridor2 Test Prototype A 'hallway' with some small scripted events. A hallway with some scripted (citizens?) spotlight test likely.
stalker Test Prototype Yet another stalker AI test. A room with obstacles and a stalker that moves around, AI test.
temp_crash Test Prototype Player controlalble missle. Seems to be 'player_missle' Maybe a recovered crash copy ?
test_wind2 Test Prototype Wind entity test. Wind trigger brushes and small "maze". Likely meant to push player like the conveyor belt.
test_wind3 Test Prototype Wind entity test with crap. env_shooter:s added. Likely to test particle/physics with the wind.
testroom_bs Test Prototype Building, outdoors and combine. Some wierd building and an outdoor area with combine.
testroom_bs0 Test Prototype 'func_breakable_stuff' test. four windows with 'func_breakable_stuff' applied.
testroom_bs2 Test Prototype Yet another test, this time in a setting that reminds citadel citadel style hallway with breakable glasses using the breakable stuff entity tieing. Some combine as well.. Might be based on very early citadel ideas even though it's an test.
testroom_duck Test Prototype Player duck AI test. Duckable barriers and some combine.
testroom_filter Test Prototype NPC filtering test. headcrabs and stalkers. Filtering entities with different conditions that display text.
testroom_leak Test Prototype Two water tanks and pipes. Two water tanks and pipes. Seems to be unfinished.
vortigaunt Test Prototype Vortigaunt pathfinding/combat test. One vortigaunt, combine and that. Supposed to test pathfinding and combat I guess.
wscanner1 Test Prototype Weapon scanner AI test. Weapon scanner AI test? Neat wasteland style setting with a huge pipe! Reminds a bit of airex as well.
wscanner2 No comment.
wscanner3 No comment.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
break Test Prototype Breakable stuff in a black room with a wooden floor. Breakable stuff in a black room.
crush dupe of '/john/town_traps'
d1_trainstation_01_edit_01 Sketch WIP Trainstation maps with 70% base-layout done. The familiar retail trainstation in very very early design. Suprisingly much is done at this point and you can see almost 70% of the progression path here already. Visgroups reveal even More older design ideas for the map in some areas. This uses the tram models instead of the ugly brush train found in later versions. Progression is close to the known precompiled leak version of this map. Has areas for the return trip where you run together with barney.
...instation_01_01ld Sketch WIP Trainstation in a better shape, still same layout. More improvements, has textures and some props as well. Layout is still the same as in the above map. Visgroups reveal the same stuff as the above map.
mines Test Prototype Some prop test. prop miner? Can't view the model. Small box with lights and the aftermentioned props.
prefab_docks01 Exploreable area Concept Dock concepts, prefabs. Dock prefabs. Similiar to what ended up in coast maps.
prefab_docks02 Similiar to 'proto_riverbed' in /aaron/
prefab_pilings01 Exploreable area Concept Pilings. Pilings prefab.
prefab_pilings02 Similiar to 'prefab_docks02' except missing docks.
prefab_substation Exploreable area concept Area with prefabs Transformers found in industrial
residental_details Exploreable area concept C17 buildings in the new style. C17 buildings, new style.
skytche dupe of '/john/town_traps'
substation2 Exploreable area concept Area with prefabs Transformers found in industrial, altered 'prefab_substation'


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
airmine_test Test Prototype Airmine test Supposed to be some sort of airmines ? some zombies and floating triggered boxes.
airmines Test Prototype Airmine test, newer than above Similiar to above, much more mines scattered around.
alyxcave4 Exploreable area sketch Antlion caves, mark whatever. Similiar to the antlion caves in '/aaron/'. Has no entrance/exit pipes, is textured, has antlion grubs and displacements.
antcave Exploreable area sketch Antlion caves Above with a hollow box added outside the playfield.
antcave2 Exploreable area Sketch Antlion caves again Lacks the box from above and endpart has been extended slightly.
balloonmines Test Prototype Airmine test #1 ? Likely the first version of 'airmine_test'.
bigwall Test Prototype Big jumbotron on a wall with consul or gman and child workers Two C17 buildings and a traintrack segment. There is a huge monitor covering one wall. Showing a) multiple consul models b) gman along with a lot of child workers. Maybe an very early intro sketch?
cbctv2 Test Prototype Screen and stuff on the other side Two Isolated rooms with a camera on other and a monitor on other side. These can be found in 'bigwall' monitor circulation. This one has the gman and multiple workers.
cbctv3 Same as above
cbctv4 Same
cbctv5 Test Prototype Screen and stuff on the other side Same style but consul instead of gman.
cloister Exploreable area Sketch A castle-like design, only brushes. Very old. Very rough castle-like architechture. Uses only one texture in the whole map. Very rough brushwork all over the place. Could this be one of the first hl2 maps laid out in hammer?
dangle Test Prototype U-hall with zombies and hydras. Possibly borealis textures on the wall, zombies, classic zombies and some hydras. All packed in a U shaped hallway section.
dock_strider dupe of '/aaron/dock_strider'
docktest Test Prototype Long dock section on the town maps, without the strider. Same as above but without the strider (a floating wooden 'raft' replaces it) No town area either, it has been cut off afterwards it seems.
domino Test Prototype Domino blocks in a room. A small room with blocks in a circular domino formation, do I need to say more?
drive_bridge Exploreable area Sketch Wastelands section with a bridge. Early, crude wastelands section. There is an antlion guard and a nontextured bridge. Looks like a very typical wastelands section due to the large open area and almost nothing to do. APC driven.
drive_bridge2 Exploreable area Sketch Wastelands section with a bridge. Same as above but the bridge has a small extension (goes even higher after the end).
drive_government Same as '/aaron/prefab_government' but has an apc that you can drive around with.
drive_modern Exploreable area Sketch Modern prefab collage with an apc. Above, but with modern prefab stuff.
drive_residental Exploreable area Sketch Residental prefab collage with an apc. Above, but with residental prefabs. Some interior areas as well. One of them is very familiar from testmaps.
e3_meathook dupe of various 'e3_meathook' maps.
flatland1 Exploreable area Sketch, concept Wastelands section, APC and the digger. Earlier version of 'drive_bridge'. Lacks all the buildings and the bridge.
funnel Exploreable area Prototype Stalker prototype, brick funnel. Early maps. One of the early maps again. Some funnel-like brick design with stalkers on the other side. No real meaning.
garage Exploreable area Prototype, concept A quick draft on a multistore parking lot. Has the buggy. Some very rough ideas about a multistory parking lot. Nothing to do. There is a spawnpoint at the lowest floor with a buggy.
hazard Playable segment Sketch, concept, Prototype A scrapped hazard course! Kleiner, gman and you. The infamous cut hazard course! Has two testing areas (in the other one you hear different lines from kleiner and you can't go further than the main area). You are supposed to screw with the testing area and blow the fusebox which will allow you an entry behind the scenes. After a hallway with some spooky(!!) flashing visions you will reach Gman that gives you a speech. Watch the youtube videos.
hazard01 Sketch, concept, Prototype / More work on the above mentioned hazard course. Playable segment More detail and some minor layout changes (stairs for example). Textures and more models here and there.
hazflick Sketch, concept, Prototype / ?First iteration of the hazard maps? Almost playable segment Two versions of the hazard course. Other one uses ugly texturing all over and the other one is very close to 'hazard'. Both have nearly the same brushwork. Done before 'hazard' likely. Lacks Gman.
hazruin Almost playable segment Sketch, concept, Prototype 'hazflick' with more work on the ruined area. Close to above, the ugly texturing clone (rusty) Has the main testing area destroyed. Were you supposed to get some flashes about a ruined hazard course during the level?
hellhall Test Prototype Manhack AI test in a plus shaped room? A plus shaped structure, you are inside of it and its sealed shut (There are some bars from where you can see to the outside world. npc_maker with manhacks on the middle keeps you occupied.
highdive Test Prototype Metropolice falling off the plank! Either a physics test or a joke out of boredom. There is a huge pit with a jumping board placed very high above the ground. There is a metropolice spawner (They walk in the end of the plank and fall)
ickypop Test Prototype Gman + Ichthyosaur in 'docktest' I don't know whats supposed to be happening in here... 'docktest' with a Ichthyosaur and gman. Both on paths which collide. You figure it out.
intervu Test Prototype Jumbotron testing again, childworker + breen speeches. 'bigwall' with some alterations. There is a boy speaker(kleiner model and a breen speaker(gman). Both have about 13 lines. First time I see a boy/childworker scripted so far in some form, cool!
iris Test Prototype Some testing with eyeballs A hallway with a huge blurry eyeball on paths.
kickme2 Test Prototype Some socket testing? 'dangle' without water or almost anything.
kickme3 Test Prototype 3-4 zombies on ballsockets. Same, but with a bit thinner hallway.
kozykasm Exploreable area Prototype Chasm with some enemies. Chasm with the generic default texture. Has some enemies but no real point.
looklab Exploreable room Prototype, concept An arctic base leftover? This could be a remnant of the arctic base that was screapped! A very small room with a view to the arctic landscape, has some scripts (depending on where you look at) and Dr. Kleiner.
nether_01 dupe of '/aaron/nether_01'
pachiniko Test Prototype Pachiniko playaround/physics test. Pachiniko? Do I need to say more :)
pins Test Prototype Bowling playaround/physics test. Bowling HL2 style.
proto_c17_mp Exploreable area concept City 17 blueprint charted out. similiar to '/c17/proto_c17map'. Some buildings have textures but 98% don't.
proto_cartz dupe of '/jweier/proto_laundry1b' ?
proto_hazard dupe of 'hazard01' ?
proto_prison_ml Sketch WIP Typical devtextured prison cellblock area. Four cellblock areas merged together with watermelons here and there and combine. Uses devtextures.
proto_prison_ml2 No changes to note about.
pumper Sketch WIP Water pump station, you start at the bottom. Water pump station. Completely scrapped. It has most of the rough brushwork done (layout planned out) Worth a look for inspiraton.
pumper2 Sketch WIP Water pump station (No, they havent switched to lava yet) Slight changes (added barrels for example)
pumpstation Sketch WIP Water pump station (And they wont switch to lava) closer to 'pumper'. Has different enemies such as stalkers but lacks the advances seen in 'pumper2'.
scurrymines Test Prototype Moving mines test. Mines that move on a path.
skittle Test Prototype whirligigs in a box A couple of whirligigs.
stalkhall Test Prototype Yet another stalker test A plus shaped structure, outer area is reachable and has some stalkers. You can reach the top of the structure as well.
testroom_turrets1 dupe of '/jweier/testroom_turrets' ?
whistle_next Exploreable area WIP e3_hydra beginning hallway. Before e3 optimization or areas. The hallway from the beginning of 'e3_hydra'. Hasn't been very e3'fied yet. Lacks some areas that have been added in later. Seems still to be aimed for normal gameplay instead of just demoing.
whistle_test Exploreable area WIP e3_hydra, same hallway. Both are possibly from 'under' era Same hallway but in a lot earlier stage of design. Has an NPC named.. you guessed it. Joe. He says something to you then runs.
whistler Test Prototype The bare scripts from above. All the stuff from the 'whistle_xx' maps. Minus the brushwork! Just the scriptings. It seems that the Joe whistles to you and flees from the manhacks.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
citizen_talk Test Prototype Citizen speech techdemo/test Some citizen talking different stuff. There are some triggers that trigger the choreo scenes.
e3_seafloor_drive E3 seafloor in one of it's earliest stages. Jeep does not have the monitor yet. WIP earlier version of '/aaron/Seafloor/e3_seafloor_3'. Outpost has less detail and some stuff has been changed. Not by much. based on '/aaron/Seafloor/antlion_cliff2'
eli_talk Test Prototype Eli speaking to a camera that is shown on a monitor.In a box. eli with a choreo assigned to a trigger. Has a monitor and a camera as well.
eli_talk2 eli isolated behind a wall this time
eli_talk3 This time the monitor is tied to a buggy (entity says 'jeep', Was it supposed to be a jeep at some point?) Eli giving a speech again.
eli_talk5 Test Prototype Eli speaking to a camera that is shown on the buggy's monitor Both areas are seperate boxes instead of just a wall.
seafloor_talk WIP E3 seafloor in one of it's earliest stages. Very close to 'e3_seafloor_drive'. What I figured out is that you drive the path while eli talks to you via the mounted jeep monitor. In the end there is a rock rubble and you fly off the cliff.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
cell_talk Test Prototype Combine and citizen in a cell, script test stages. Scripting tests. This one could be the "This must be a mistake, I got a standard relocation coupon just like everybody else".
pen_talk A similiar scene with barney and all scripts start with "pen_". Sound files seem to be all scrapped.
scan_talk "scan_" scripts performed by our dear Barney.
scout_bust The scout that used to escort you for ten seconds before getting caught and there are also two metrocops.
scout_talk Scout talking to you, probably the "psst over here!" lines etc..
secure_talk Barney with a lot of scenes to speak. This could be the one where barney escorts you to his box.
stair_talk A citizen performing some choreo again. Likely done after you exit the train and reach the stairs.
terminal_pa Test Prototype Various test script maps. All under the same box. Terminal intercom scripting.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
vienna_talk Test Prototype Test script map. Three hobos talking in an 'under' setting. There are 22 lines in total to speak.
vienna3 Test Prototype Test script map. Expanded, has two areas. Other one is the old box and other one has the three hobos.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
portals Test Prototype Areaportal testing A strider and a building with no scripts.
portalwindow Test Prototype Areaportal testing A box with a window seperating the second area which has a 'env_smokestack'.

Physics test/

MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
combine_room3 Exploreable area concept Combine prefabs Various combine props not seen in the final game. Including a combine health charger! (Not HEV)
prefab_canals Similiar to '/aaron/prefab_canals' Lacks some of the dam area.
prefab_crates Crates !!
prefab_furnitures01 dupe of '/aaron/prefab_furnitures01'
prefab_government dupe of '/aaron/prefab_government'
prefab_handrails01 dupe of '/aaron/prefab_handrails01'
prefab_industrial dupe of '/aaron/prefab_industrial'
prefab_lockers01 dupe of '/aaron/prefab_lockers01'
prefab_modern dupe of '/aaron/prefab_modern'
prefab_pipecluster ++
prefab_pipes01 ++
prefab_pipeset01 ++
prefab_prisonOffice Prison office segment. Very similiar to the first one you see inside nova prospekt. Actually cut from the map from the look of it.
prefab_residental Your typical average residental prefab, not much to see here.
prefab_substation dupe of '/aaron/prefab_substation'


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
prefab_combine_tower Exploreable area concept, Prototype Combine tower prefab in a void A combine tower prefab in void, uses too old model format as well.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
citizen_tech01 dupe of '/aaron/citizen_tech01'
proto_c17combine dupe of '/aaron/proto_c17combine'
proto_c17courtyard dupe of '/aaron/proto_c17courtyard'
proto_c17map dupe of '/c17/proto_c17map'
proto_cafeteria Sketch concept, Prototype Prison/Depot, experimenting with a large battle 'arena'. Prison/Depot split in to two different area. Higher located area has a much more oldschool "desert depot" style design where the lower one has the newer prison design. Both have a large main area and a observation spot on a higher ground. Lower area has a cafeteria and the higher has some turned tables to form a barricade. My guess is that the laundry room was designed to fit the need for a large open battle arena. Both areas are somewhat similiar in their base idea, and share gameplay similiarities with the laundry room.
proto_cellblock Sketch concept, Prototype Prison/Depot cellblock experiments. Experimenting with different style cellblocks. Has the familiar looking multistory with narrow hallways AND the wierd larger design seen in: '/justin/cellblock2'
proto_docks Sketch concept, Prototype Coast map design. Experimenting with docks design! These deisgn guidelines got moved onto the coast maps (starting map where you get the buggy) and the segment seen in 'e3_seafloor'. Tugboat shows a resemblance to a very early HL2 screenshot, maybe at some point of development this map was used for that particular screenshot? (The one with the crowbar and some citizens cheering on a boat).
proto_gunshipbay Sketch concept, Prototype Gunship bay depot. Still kinda early. Yet another gunship depot map. Not much to say except that this one hasn't got a flow. There are much more finished iterations than this.
proto_laundry Sketch concept, Prototype Laundry room. Has two different versions. Laundry! This one shows the transition from the oldschool laundry seen in: '/eric/laundry_props' to the one we know from 'e3_bugbait'. Similiar to final except the room is a lot narrower.has both.
proto_showers Sketch concept, Prototype Shower area, possibly JUST before it was put to 'e3_bugbait' Shower room. Similiar to the one seen in 'e3_bugbait' but in here the antlion guard is already inside the area and doesn't bust troughout the wall. Isolated area, has no other rooms.
proto_trainstation dupe of '/c17/proto_trainstation'
proto_yard Sketch concept, Prototype Prison yard visions, see: '/justin/pre_prison1' An earlier iteration of '/justin/pre_prison1'. Lacks all scripts and all that dandy stuff. Basic, crude brushwork done so far.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
borealis_001 Sketch concept, Prototype Borealis brushwork, no scripts or anything. Tail section. Borealis map, no scripts or anything. You start in the tail section as seen in some other borealis maps. About 30-40% of the layout is shown in here.
borealis_002 Sketch concept, Prototype Borealis brushwork, no scripts or anything. Out&mid section. Middle & outdoor section of borealis. Same sad state of affairs as above, meaning no details. Doesn't have the wierd combine-like thingy in the middle with assasins.
borealis_003 WIP concept, Prototype, WIP Borealis with scripts and anything. Whole thing and WIP. Whole thing, lacks the tail section for some reason (as if it was cut/barred). Lacks the stalkers but has scripts and that stuff, Some layout changes here and there can be seen.
citadel_cellblock_001 Sketch concept, Prototype cellblocks from '/demo/demo_citadel01' Cellblock seen in '/demo/demo_citadel01' Antique citadel design with lowres textures.
demo_camshaft Test concept, Prototype Industrial pistons. Pistons tested, similiar to the industrial pistons.
demo_npcs Exploreable area, Test Prototype NPC zoo. Lots of NPC's laid out in individual rooms. Stuff ranges from missing citizen models to synths and childworkers.
light_borealis Sketch Prototype borealis isolated section to test lights? Borealis engine room + freezer areas. Has scripts and that but lacks enemies.
light_palace Sketch Prototype palace isolated section to test lights? vertigo/palace map. Lacks scripts and enemies. Nothing interesting to see here, It's the "2nd revision" era (1st being the pre-palace and 2nd being with more "museum-like" design)
prefab_buildings Exploreable area concept Yet another C17 prefab place. Much of the usual c17 prefabs. Lacks a lot of buildings compared to regular prefab collages. Some buildings are recognizable (used in e3_strider and e3_terminal)
prefab_combine Exploreable area concept Combine prefab designs, early outer wall designs. Early outer wall designs and some C17 segments. Similiar to what was used in those very early streetwar maps.
prefab_combine2 Exploreable area concept More combine design. Similiar but this time the combine design is brush based. Has some interesting variations not seen due to resorting to specific models later on.
proto_airexchange001 Exploreable area concept Airexchange interior. Typical boring airexchange interior with little to no design besides crude brushwork. Has a few pipes and a large hall with powder. Seems as if it's meant to be one of the first interior areas.
.._c17citadel_skybox Exploreable area concept Citadel 3D skybox design. Interesting looking citadel design, similiar to what we know but it is surrounded by other structures and it floats!
proto_c17combine dupe of '/aaron/proto_c17combine'
proto_cafeteria dupe of '/randy/proto_cafeteria'
proto_cellblock dupe of '/randy/proto_cellblock'
proto_church Exploreable area concept A church in the hills A road that leads up to a church, very similiar style that what was seen in '/aaron/proto_church02' My bet is that this was later worked into '/justin/d1_town_01c'
proto_citadel_002 Exploreable area concept Circular citadel prototype The circular citadel revision with no good textures applied to. Scale seems to be 1:1 from intended.
..._citadel_advisors Exploreable area concept Organic citadel interior Organic chasm with a interior observation area, no scripts or advisors here. This follows the organic citadel design style.
.._citadel_cellblock Sketch concept, Prototype cellblocks from '/demo/demo_citadel01' Cellblock seen in '/demo/demo_citadel01' Antique citadel design with lowres textures.
proto_citadel_consul Sketch concept, Prototype Visions for a consul confortation. A rather anti-climatic consul room with Alyx, Judith and Odell. Spherical TV sets that rotate /presumably/ around a nonexistant consul and drama occurs. No scripting is present.
..to_citadel_garbage Exploreable area concept Silos inside a citadel enviroment and name. Some silos that have a funky bright light at the bottom (waste disposal?)
..o_citadel_interior Exploreable area concept Citadel interior, crude and barely any work done. Crude brushwork on a possible citadel interior artstyle. Design is still too crude to make any sense but it can help a concept artist who whishes to recreate the old style.
.._citadel_interior2 This one is similiar to above in style. Has only one huge area with an organic-like pipe(?) structure with some pods attached to it. Too wierd to explain properly.
.._citadel_interior3 Exploreable area concept Citadel interior, crude and barely any work done. The area in #2 merged with the first iteration, this one has the most work done (still very little).
..citadel_mechanical Exploreable area concept Citadel interior, crude and barely any work done. Same design style as with the above deigns. This one has a button and a shaft that reacts to it. Circular room with same design style ('organic piping').
..oto_citadel_skybox dupe of '/aaron/proto_citadel_skybox'
..o_citadel_tankroom Exploreable area concept Citadel interior, crude and barely any work done. very close to 'proto_citadel_mechanical' but lacks the button and the shaft. Likely an earlier version of it.
proto_coastline Exploreable area concept Wastelands/Coast sketches. familiar, recycled section. very close to '/aaron/proto_riverbed'. Likely an earlier version of it.
proto_core001 Exploreable area concept Citadel(?) core. Very early and crude. A very early and rough draft on what seems to be the citadel core. Mostly just brushwork with some lightning.
proto_core002 Exploreable area concept Citadel(?) core. Very early and crude. Some curves added, the same thing otherwise.
proto_deep002 Exploreable area concept, prototype Kraken base, brushwork and makes little sense gameplay-wise. The kraken base! ..or what is left of it. There is much to see but then again not much to see. Just a bunch of hallways and connected areas. There is a one room that houses a submarine.
proto_deep002b Exploreable area concept, prototype Kraken base, brushwork and makes little sense gameplay-wise. A _MUCH_ better texture choice by miles. There are some slight adjustments here and there. Also from what is seems is that these are from a very early devstage and uses (model_studio) for models.
proto_depot_approach Exploreable area concept, prototype One of the earliest "entering depot" maps. well well. It seems that the 'proto_coastline' ends up as a base for an early-style depot approach! what a history it has :). This map has the aftermentioned map modified to house the lightouse and the depot, gunship bay area and the prison itself. (plus some additional cliffs). Familiar to what you see from old coast/waste to depot maps (some even have a buggy for you to use!)
proto_docks dupe of '/prototypes/proto_docks'
proto_eliden Exploreable area concept Eli's place. Junk and a schoolbus inside a cave/canyon. The cave where Eli Maxwell is at. Has a nice canyon-like atmosphere with lots of junk around. You encounter two Eli placeholders and one Alyx placeholder. No scripting is present and the schoolbus is here again to haunt you ! These are worth a look if you want to see early ideas for Eli's place.
proto_eliden003 Exploreable area concept Eli's place. Now with more JUNK. Now with more detail and textures that have been removed from the game later on ! There is a helicopter(?) that has crashed in the canyon's pit. models now use 'model_studio' instead of 'static_prop'
proto_gunshipbay dupe of '/prototypes/proto_gunshipbay'
proto_industrial Exploreable area concept, Prototype An early take at an industrial setting (demomap) Small map with props/buildings and scenery that make a demomap. Has more of the HL1 oldschool look, toilets attached to walls etc. This look got adopted in to the industrial C17 and ravenholm.
proto_innerwall dupe of '/aaron/proto_innerwall'
proto_laundryroom dupe of '/prototypes/proto_laundry'
proto_outerwall dupe of '/aaron/proto_outerwall'
..._quarrystructures Exploreable area concept, Prototype Quarrytown equipment in a demomap. Small map with props/buildings and scenery that make a demomap. Various quarrytown related props can be seen in here. Almost none of this made it as the quarry/mining was almost completely scrapped.
proto_quarrytown1 Sketch WIP Quarrytown entrymap continued, see: '/aaron/quarry_town03'. '/aaron/quarry_town03' continued. This one has got an art facelift and enemies added in ! Gameplay length is around the same.
proto_quarrytown2 Sketch WIP Quarrytown entrymap continued. More details, nothing major.
proto_riverbed dupe of '/aaron/proto_riverbed'
proto_showers dupe of '/prototypes/proto_showers'
proto_skyscraper Exploreable area concept Vertigo building, outdoors and no detailing. vertigo skyscraper brushed out. very crude and meant to be as a starting point / reference or a placeholder.
proto_teleport Exploreable area concept Early sketches on the Kleiner's teleporter. The Kleiner's teleporter. This has been isolated in a box. Somewhat similiar to what you see in the final except that the final version has static pieces rotating around you and not randomly sized/placed as seen in this iteration. Also the teleporter resembles the reactor from HL1 test chamber.
proto_tree Exploreable area concept Brush based trees tested on a wasteland landscape Some brush based trees laid out in a wastelands-like displacement surface. Has three not related arches.
proto_wastelanddepot Exploreable area concept, Prototype The transition from small depot to the bigger depot we know.
  1. All disabled: Entry to depot, this one has a brush based depot since the model wasn't likely made yet. There is also a shack instead of the lighthouse where it typically is. Uses little to no displacements so this seems to be pretty early on. Razor trains are also present. Worth a look!

#All except water and the previously seen: Various remnants of the old "go in, go out" style depot that this used to be. Some staircases and barrels etc.. can be seen. Nothing much of interest.

proto_yard dupe of '/prototypes/proto_yard'
skybox_depot Exploreable area concept Depot's 3D skybox. Supposedly Depot's intended skybox. Has water and your typical wastelands terrain.
skybox_palace Exploreable area concept Palace's 3D skybox. typical C17 3D skybox. Nothing interesting here except that it seems to have a bit different texture than usual (not the night time).
test_debris Test Prototype Debris test map. Some physics test (or could it be a game?) with debris bits and 5 different bins, each with different amount of debris bits.
testroom_antlion Test Prototype Antlion test in their "natural" habitat. Wastelands like setting with antlions, cars and other junk scattered around. No connection to storyline.
testroom_buildings01 Exploreable area Concept Buildings in sand? C17 Buildings laid out in a wasteland-like displacement surface. No meaning.
testroom_buildings02 Same style, but with quarrytown-like structures.
testroom_buildings03 Exploreable area Concept Buildings in sand? Tall buildings and the early trainstation.
testroom_cubemap01 Test Prototype Cubemap testmap Various rooms that test the lightning/cubemaps. Themed in the same style as the Kleiner's "under" maps.
testroom_devhell1 Exploreable area Prototype Development Hell? This is another gallery map. DevHell? It sure has a lot of textures applied to blocks and NPCs + models laid out! I guess this used to include a lot of the stuff that was done at one point. Most of the textures are now missing.
testroom_gastanks Test concept, prototype Citadel-like interior with some buttons to press. Citadel-like interior with some buttons to press ?
..room_light_airex01 Test concept, prototype Lightning test for airEX Mockup buildings resembling airEX with some lightning to accompany it. I guess they just wanted to test out the mood/atmosphere before going out with full-scale construction.
..m_light_borealis01 Test prototype Borealis lightning test. A section of borealis on fire, testing out the lightning of the fire.
..m_light_borealis02 Test prototype Borealis lightning test. (Middle&outdoor) Middle&Outdoor of borealis, light test.
..m_light_downtown01 Test prototype Downtown lightning test. Based on 'testroom_buildings03'. Little changes (less space and lighted up).
..light_industrial01 Test prototype Industrial lightning test. Based on 'testroom_buildings02'. Little changes (less space and lighted up).
..om_light_oldtown01 Test prototype Oldtown lightning test. Based on 'testroom_buildings01'. Little changes (less space and lighted up).
.._light_wasteland01 Test prototype Wastelands lightning test. Wastelands as a quick draft, env_light used to light everything up.
testroom_lights01 dupe of 'testroom_cubemap01' ?
testroom_signage Exploreable area concept Testing out propaganda on a city enviroment. Lots of propaganda signs and other early combine structure laid out in the infamous 'get your free tv's map'. (see '/aaron/city_test03' and up).
testroom_thrusters Test prototype Gastank race? close to 'testroom_gastanks'. Is the purpose to have a physics-based gastank race or what?
testroom_tree Exploreable area concept Trees Earlier version of 'proto_tree' ?
testroom_wasteland Exploreable area concept Wastelands cliff concept A rather cool wastelands section with cliffs surrounding you on both sides. Brushes, displacements and cars.
testroom4 Exploreable area ?? Wierd abstract displacements. Wiiiierd abstract displacements, citadel tubes?


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
demo_citadelpipes Exploreable area concept Citadel interior, crude and barely any work done. Really similar to 'randy/proto_citadel_mechanical' but has the mechanical parts replaced with something different.
demo_materials Exploreable area concept C17 street section for testing/demo'ing 'aaron/demo_materials' with a bit more work done.
demo_npcs dupe of 'randy/demo_npcs'
demo_physics Techdemo Prototype, WIP e3_techdemo_2 In an earlier stage of development. An earlier version of 'auto_compile/e3_techdemo_2'. This one has a much deeper water pool and the pachiniko field extends a lot lower. Instead of droppable props there are metrocops. Another change was that instead of the "deforming ground" seen in the e3 version, you had pistons. At this point they did not seem to be working, but it has a big droppable wrench above them.
demo_quarrytown Exploreable area concept 'aaron/demo_quarrytown02' continued. A continuation of 'aaron/demo_quarrytown02'. There is a small cavern added that you can enter, but it doesn't really have much more to it.
demo_rubble Exploreable area Prototype Vertigo/palace crash section isolated in a box. 99% dupe of 'aaron/demo_rubble'.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
e3_town dupe of 'aaron/e3_town'


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
d1_quarry_01 Exploreable area concept Presumably the first quarry map after the prefab demo. a slightly worked version of 'aaron/d1_quarry_01', The three buildings in the reachable area have been beefed up slightly, has prefabs from demo_quarry.
d1_townn_01 Sketch WIP, Sketch 'randy/e3/e3_town' with more gameplay elements. 'randy/e3/e3_town' in a more worked state for actual gameplay rather than just exploring around.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
proto_prison4 Sketch WIP, sketch One prison map that made it in to the retail, earliest forms. Prison segment with turrents and antlions. This segment made it in to the retail version with suprisingly little changes to the basic layout. This is the part with goal at the top, you need to circle around and go up the stairs a few times. There is a combine barrier with a mounted gun as well in retail.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
prefab_docks Exploreable area concept One of the various dock concepts done over the months. Similar to other dock prefab maps inside the folder 'laura'. This one has a unique layout andsome design styles seem a bit similar to canal maps.
prefab_government_rl Exploreable area concept C17 government buildings, seven of them. Government prefabs, lacking a lot of the buildings/structures seen on other versions of this. Likely the original file that was used as a base for future work.
prefab_industrial_rl Exploreable area concept C17 industrial buildings, under 20 of them. Industrial prefabs, lacking a lot of the buildings/structures seen on other versions of this. Likely the original file that was used as a base for future work.
prefab_residental_rl Exploreable area concept C17 residental buildings, under 20 of them. Residental prefabs, lacking a lot of the buildings/structures seen on other versions of this. Likely the original file that was used as a base for future work.
prefab_streets_rl Exploreable area concept Steet bit prefabs. Street bits and residental area from the 'prefab_residental_rl' map.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
testroom_crane Test prototype Crane prototype Crane seen from coast maps in an box with cars, props and combine. Likely the map used to test the crane before putting it inside a full level.
testroom_dropship Test prototype Dropship prototyping Dropship testing, testing paths, AI amd on-the-fly path changes.
...room_headcrabhide Test prototype Headcrab hiding AI test. Headcrabs and some props in a box, likely to test the headcrab hiding AI.
testroom_helicopter Test prototype Helicopter prototyping Similar to 'testroom_dropship' but has an helicopter instead.
testroom_phystank Test prototype A scrapped gascanister launcher puzzle prototype A scrapped puzzle, uses a canister launcher to launch tanks towards zombies. Typical orange box testroom.
testroom_templates Test prototype Templates for gascanister launcher Templates for gascanister launcher and some triggers. Orange box.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
ants_vs_gunships4 Test prototype Gunship&antlion AI test or puzzle Seems to be a long maze-like map where you progress to the other side that has two typical combine turrets. You are hunted by gunships but they are likely more focused on antlions at the moment.
apc_test Test prototype APC explosion test The brush-based combine APC inside the depot. Looks like it's supposed to explode if you shoot at it. Much earlier than what is seen in 'wasteland_depot'. Not enterable and two train tracks.
boxing Test prototype Zombies in a boxing ring. Two zombies battle it out in a fighting ring :) This map doesn't really serve other function. Possibly done to test the AI or to pass out time.
bugbait1 Test prototype Bugbait test. You stand above an platform that seperated three antlions from three combines, you are likely supposed to guide them using the bugbait.
bugbait2 You are in a hallway and are supposed to guide antlions around a corner, no combines.
bugbait3 You start in a hallway and progress to a dam-like wall that seperates two areas. You call the antlions with a bugbait to slaughter the combine.
bugbait4 Oldschool indoor prison snippet, has three antlions and a switch to control a gate. Unplayable due to existing in void.
bugbait5 Test prototype Yet more bugbait prototypes Oldschool prison indoors again, no antlions but has combine on the other side. Typical copypasted cellblocks from this era.
cafeteria Sketch concept, prototype, sketch Cafeteria section sketch in old depot style, got remade. Similar to 'prototypes/cafeteria'. This one has got just the "oldstyle" section of it. I guess this was the concept that they worked on to make a new version.
cellblock3 Sketch concept, sketch Almost a level-worthy section of cellblocks. Not very rich. Typical copypasted cellblocks, some progression, antlions and an antlion guard. has a section similar to 'bugbait5' in here. Somewhat worth a look since this is almost a full level that got scrapped.
d2_depot_01 Playable area sketch, WIP Depot entrance map in semi e3-gameplay stages. A full-blown scrapped map! This one combines a lot of the concepts from wasteland and coast. Seems that a lot of these concepts ended up in the e3_seafloor later on. This is one of the best oldstyle depot entrance maps that there is. combines elements from 'randy/proto_depot_approach' and 'randy/proto_wastelanddepot' to make a pimped up entrance. This one has some e3 remnants in the visgroups, So prehaps at one point this was intended to be an e3 demonstration map. Visgroups hide away interesting little details such as an alternate start area which is based off on 'randy/testroom_wasteland' presumably. Houses the submarine similar to 'justin/sub4' just with slight modifications it seems. There are antlion thumpers scattered all over, this reminds of another dull wastelands section that had 3-4 thumpers around, might be a recycle of it. Gunship follows you around in a similar manner to e3_seafloor and there is a strider roaming around the area. I assume that the player is supposed to reach the depot's side and enter the lighthouse, then take down the gunship in a similar manner that ended up in the retail version. After this you are presented with an underground route. Meaning that the lighthouse basement was connected with the depot at one point. The start location was changed a bit in the non-hidden version and is somewhat similar to the map mentioned, but shorter. You start below the main area and ascend to the wasteland fields. Depot is a model, Prison is largely unchanged from previous iterations. This whole concept kinda ended up in the final game, they added the coastline plus redesigned the whole map.
d2_depot_01b Exploreable area concept, sketch Depot _01 construction progress. Two mentioned maps mixed. A mixature of 'randy/proto_depot_approach' and 'randy/proto_wastelanddepot'. Mainly with modified layouts and other small stuff. untile _01, this has the lighthouse interior.
d2_depot_01c Even less than _01b, this one has the lighthouse section and some land, the rest is water. Lighthouse interior is accessible.
d2_depot_02 Playble area sketch, WIP Old depot entry and the courtyard. 'd2_depot_01' merged with _b and _c changes. There is a totally new area present that is a continuation from 'justin/compound6'. It has been prettied up a bit and it's linked to the lighthouse. This map also has the "old canyon" from d2_depot_01 enabled by default, possibly it means that they decided to use it anyway since it has been popoulated with AI and scripts.
d2_depot_03 Sketch sketch, WIP Old depot courtyard and indoor cellblocks. Alright, this one hides a lot of stuff behind visgroups again. Outside the bounds there is an early draft on a possible look for prison blocks, looks a lot more crude and less maintained. oldstyle. The other stuff, courtyard from _02 has been a bit expanded, lacking a lot of brushes here and there for some reason. But the good thing is that almost a complete blueprint of the prison area is visible! This includes classics such as: the cafeteria, various cellblock concepts, antlion guard (debut?) in the toilets, 4-floor cell block, and another '5-story' dual-sided cell block where you ascend stairs from the bottom. cafeteria could be the end of the line since it connects (horribly) to the depot model, hinting that after it you would catch the train. One area points to the 'randy/bugbait5', altough rest of the 'cellblock3' area is not used in here, I guess it got scrapped. I really recommend to check this one if you are interested on how the original prison might have looked like and how the various prototypes&concepts were tied together. WORTH A LOOK!
d2_prison_01 Playable area WIP New prison look, courtyard. Redesigned layout in final. Prison level, I assume here that this is after the oldstyle depot was scrapped and valve decided to go with a bigger prison that later evolved into nova prospekt. This map is a continuation of 'justin/pre_prison1'. Changes include: removal of most combine tech, firepits no longer have fire, slight layout changes, texture and gameplay changes. Generally the map looks a lot better.
d2_prison_02 Playable area WIP Continuation from above, first indoor nova prospekt level. Continuation from 'justin/cellblock1' The level is largely similar to the retail version, but some areas have been shuffled around. Bits from this were taken to e3_bugbait.
d2_prison_03 Playable area WIP Third prison level, toilets, to-be "fan puzzle + cellblocks" Early toilet + cellblock level. This one had major changes. Toilet area now has an inner wall that you can escape inside to hide from the guard. The cellblock area lacks the cellblocks seen in the retail version. Lot's of hallways lead to different areas and most are missing so far. Fan puzzle is gone as well. As previously, worth a look if you are interested in the development of these maps.
d2_prison_04 Playable area WIP Fourth prison level, cellblocks, largely the same as final. Stars from where 03 left off. First bit is a heavily worked version from 'randy/gameplay/proto_prison4', largely the same what ended up in the final game. Different route and lacks fine-tuning.
d2_prison_05 Playable area WIP Fifth prison level, Laundry room, changed areas. Stuff from 'jweier/testroom_depot' combined with the infamous laundry room. laundry room seems to be roughly in the same state that it was during the e3 presentation, other areas lack a bit in detail some of the stuff mentioned above replace the area that is behind the basket rails (toilets in the e3 version) and that area connects back to the main laundry room later on.
d2_prison_06 Playable area WIP Sixth prison level, cellblocks (Alyx wait), cafeteria. This one seems to have the most changes to the final version, actually ~80% of this was changed in some way. You start where you left off in _05 and reach a twin-cellblock area, this seems to be the very same area where you wait for Alyx for the second time in the final version. Since Alyx doesn't exist in this timeline it also means that you don't really have to wait for anybody. After the "2x2 cellblock" area you will get to the cafeteria. The area before cafeteria appears in the final version as the area before the crushing combine wall and meeting Alyx for the first time. Some weird shuffling was done for this map and you will have to go around a kitchen (appears in the final) to get to the cafeteria itself.
d2_prison_07 Gunship bay, this is largely based off from 'justin/pre_prison6'. Some cosmetics added here and there.
dangerted Test Prototype, sketch Stripped depot approach level with gas canisters for testing. The main depot approach from 'd2_depot_02' is in here. It's in a gimped form and has only some of the area present. There are buttons to control some gas canisters placed in for testing/fun/demo'ing
depot1 Sketch sketch First wasteland/lighthouse/depot sketches Old-style depot, whole area! This is comparable to 'd2_depot_01' but in a much earlier state. Has the rocky cliffs instead of walkable barren wastelands. WORTH A LOOK, this shows some of the earliest bigger depot iterations, the whole area is exploreable and it doesn't use teleports to transport you between lighthouse and the depot area itself. The courtyard doesn't remind of anything seen inside 'justin/compound6'. Seems that this whole area got pretty much overhauled later on, only some stuff are similar to what was in 'd2_depot_01'. The level flow is largely similar but many bits have been changed. You start from the rocky terrain, proceed to the lighthouse, enter depot, enter courtyard, cellblocks, enter an elevator that takes you underground. Links to wasteland_depot_inside
depot2 Sketch sketch Depot,cellblock,cafeteria. half of 'depot1' with more work. Area outside depot removed, lighthouse is still present, this is basically map2 of the depot areas. Cafeteria is present and connects two of the cellblocks seen in 'depot1' There is an outpost added with combine tech, this is presumably an early concept of an sniper/watchout tower.
e3_bugbait dupe of 'auto_compile/e3_bugbait'
e3_depot Largely a dupe of 'd2_depot_02'
## NOTE: I think these e3_prison sections were made for deciding on which one ends up as the e3_bugbait. I guess they ended up with combining various levels together instead of just using one of these.
e3_depot_2003 Playable map WIP E3'fied section of depot entry. Mostly just stripped stuff. Largely similar to 'e3_depot' except that you start much further on with a buggy, a very similar setting to 'e3_seafloor'. This one excludes the courtyard area completely and seems that the gameplay ends after shooting down the gunship from the lighthouse.
e3_prison_1 Playable section WIP, sketch E3'fication started. First bits of 'e3_bugbait' in here. Earlier drafts on the 'e3_bugbait' section. This one has the laundry area and toilets worked in, somewhat similar to the "real-gameplay" counterparts. Toilet area design is very different, In this version it is much smaller and has a long hallway conveniently placed for an antlion guard ambush.
e3_prison_2 Playable map WIP E3'fied 'd2_prison_04' This is 'd2_prison_04' with some slight modifications here and there. Instead of a level end trigger you get ambushed by an antlion guard.
e3_prison_3 Playable map WIP E3'fied 'd2_prison_05' 'd2_prison_05' E3'fied, this time you get ambushed by the antlion guard inside the cafeteria
e3_prison_4 Playable map WIP layout-wise 80% done 'e3_bugbait'. This is a more worked on version of 'e3_prison_1' It already a lot more complete but still has the smaller bathroom and the lacks the cellblock starting area seen in the final revision.
e3_seafloor_1 Sketch concept, sketch Seafloor in a more wasteland type of setting. A barren devtextured area that resembles a typical wastelands terrain. There are some antlion thumpers with textured ground far away, maybe this are was expanded from that. You start with the buggy and there is a small outpost after some distance that has a few combine guards. Nothing major. Differs a lot from the other seafloor concepts.
e3_seafloor_2 Exploreable area concept, sketch Seafloor, cliff iterations, route17 starting to emerge. seacliff type of segment (see maps from 'aaron/' to see more on these). Short cliff segment with a gate/potpost and one combine. Lower ground resembles '/aaron/proto_riverbed', expanded on it?
guard Exploreable area concept, sketch Development of 'd2_depot_01' from earlier map versions. Wastelands section, similar to what is used in the beginning of 'd2_depot_01' and the textured bit from 'e3_seafloor_1'. Some of this is seen in 'gunship'. Rest of the map is some weird alternate deformed version for the sea floor of 'd2_depot_01' Has an antlion guard.
guard_alyx_script Test prototype Alternate e3 shower antlion guard show-off. Wierd alternate twist for e3_bugbait toilets! This one has preserved the other toilet room as well, unlike the final e3 version. What makes this unique is that this version has Alyx added! From a quick glance it looks like she drops a fridge on the antlion guard to kill it. She stands on the overpass (where you enter the area first in the retail)
guard_alyx_script2 Test prototype Isolated prototyping of the antlion killing. Orangemapped hallways with a door that gets blown open by the antlion guard. The door and the shape behind it hint that this was copied over to the prison level as-is later on. This time the killing object is a generic crushing brush. Not much in cosmetics in this level.
guard1 Antlion guard encounter in a rocky wastelands setting. Antlion guard smashes to a rock. concept, sketch Antlion guard encounter in rocky wastelands setting, somewhat similar to the sandtraps area in the final. Everything pretty much is brush based in here.
guard2 Start area has a bit more work done, this time there are three combines and an APC. I guess the antlion guard smashes them to the chasm nearby.
guard3 Sketch concept, sketch Antlion guard encounter in a rocky wastelands setting. similar to 'guard1' some entities are still left from the 'guard2' combine APC. Antlion guard smashes to the same rock as in 'guard1'
gunship Test concept, prototype Gunship AI test on wastelands terrain. The often-used thumper-area. four retail-like thumpers, some rocks and a railroad track in wastelands. This one has a gunship.
gunship_chase Sketch concept, sketch Gunship + Route17 long bridge, very early. Route17 orangemapped and textured in some places. This is the long bridge section. The state is very early, map mostly focuses on the bridge area. Worth a look if you are curious on it's development.
gunship_chase2 Now with some more floating props added in, possibly leftovers from some experiment. Some slight changes in the route and more obstacles added in.
gunship_chase3 Sketch concept, sketch No gunship, different to above, Route17 section, Lighthouse. An totally different section of Route17, dev-stage in the same style as above maps. This one has road that ends up with a non-enterable lighthouse. Roughly reminds what you see in the retail version.
._highway_lighthouse Playable section prototype, WIP Gunship showdown in a lighthouse, similar to depot approach. A short road cliff+road section with the lighthouse, along with the now non-functionsl depot entrance copypasted (Probably from 'd2_depot_02'). Somewhat like depot approach maps. Has a gunship.
gunship_lighthous Playable sequence prototype Gunship showdows in a lighthouse, copypasted in to void. Same as above, lacks the cliffs and the road, so It's basically just the depot lighthouse pasted in with a gunship. Meaning that this is very likely the above map in an earlier stage.
gunship_quiet Test concept, prototype Gunship AI test on wastelands terrain. 'gunship' without the thumpers.
manhack_playground concept, sketch manhack playground, rocky wastelands settingand with combine / Sketch An alternate version of 'guard' maps. No chasm and some brush-based combine towers. No antlion guard this time, there are manhacks instead. Some slight diffrences compared to 'guard' maps
pre_block2 Sketch WIP, sketch 'd2_prison_04' In an even earlier stage One of the earliest versions for 'd2_prison_04' Idea is the same but the route has been changed completely halfway the map. You continue from the top to bottom and there are some turrents instead
of combine shooting you in the hallway.
pre_laundry Sketch concept, sketch New Laundry room with devtextures. 'proto_laundry1' added in. Very early revamped laundry room. The one that is similar to the retail laundry room. 'jweier/proto_laundry1' has been copied to a visgroup, maybe it was supposed to extend the rails at one point.
pre_prison1 Playable area WIP New prison look, courtyard. Redesigned layout in final. An earlier version of 'd2_prison_01'. Lacks some texture changes but still different to the even earlier one.
pre_prison2 Playable map WIP 'd2_prison_02' Largely 'd2_prison_02' largely, no noticeable changes.
pre_prison3 Playable map WIP 'd2_prison_03' With slight changes. 'd2_prison_03' with one wall opened to enable entry to the "watchbooth" upstairs. Otherwise seems to be identical.
pre_prison4 Playable map WIP 'd2_prison_04' and 'd2_prison_05' combined with changes. 'd2_prison_04' and 'd2_prison_05' combined, some changes are noticeable, mostly missing brushes and some other gameplay flow changes. Mainly happening behind the room after laundry rails.
pre_prison4_orange Sketch WIP, sketch 'pre_block2', devtextured and changes at the end. 'pre_block2' them oranges. Slight changes at the end.
pre_prison5 Sketch concept, sketch Various prison elements glued and pasted. Maybe reorganizing? 'd2_prison_02' turret room combined with the cellblocks and cafeteria from 'd2_prison_06' and toilets from 'd2_prison_04'. Toilets and cafeteria are connected by an almost straight hallway strangely.
pre_prison6 Sketch concept, sketh Gunship bay, no difference. 'd2_prison_05' Gunship bay area.
prefab_track Test prototype Track paths laid out in void. Track path entities lines up, in a void.
prison Playable map WIP, Sketch WHOLE depot/prison laid out, loads of old depot stuff. This is probably the first sketch of a bigger prison after they scrapped the depot-sized prison! There is one player start model pretty near where the map loads so I assume that you were to start from there. First sight is somewhat similar to the cellblock that you see when you first enter the prison area. After that you make a U turn to another cellblock closeby which remind of the blocks seen in 'd2_prison_05', the twin cellblocks I mean. After some cellblocks (generic copypasted) you will reach the end room which reminds of the one where they placed the turrents in the final. After this you will have to take the stairs up and walk a bit to reach.. the toilets. The toilet modelling is still the old depot-style and you have the antlion guard placed in there as usual. Surviving trough the toilets will put you in a small hallway with locked gates on either side, this is where it gets very different from retail prison. You reach a watchbooth with a switch that opens the door to (LEVEL 4 as referenced by a texture) cellblocks. This is the multistory cellblock seen in the depot levels. At the 2nd level you will have a booth with 4 switches to control the cell doors on each floor. You have a few monitors to see the showdown of the antlion guard + some combines. After opening enough nibbles to gain access to the next area you will reach Old-style laundry room. You are to reach the overpass in the laundry room by stairs that haven't still been implemented in. Possibly models were high enough for you to use them as stairs. This connects back to the area after the toilets, but on the other side of the gates. Two twin cellblocks are up next, A small wall seperates them. After the 2nd twin cellblock you have two doors to go into, one is a dead-end duplicate of the toilets without the antlion, possibly meant that you could grab some extra items in here if you decided to wander off a bit. The other door leads you to an yet-anoter multistory cellblock, identical to the first one but this time you ascend instead of descending. At the top there is a door to reach the cafeteria which still is the old one as well. There nowhere to go after this, just like in the prison maps. These are DEFINITELY worth a check if you wish to re-create the depot prison maps. All the depot concepts are in here and connected together in some way, huge source for inspiration and if you want to see how "depot" became to be the current "prison".
prison_block Exploreable area concept, sketch Cell blocks, depot/prison styled. Various cellblock designs from the depot era. Some are viewable in 'prison'. Old depot style cellblocks and newer prison style cellblocks. Also a possible alternate entry is present.
prison_demo Playable map WIP 'd2_prison_04' teaser/demo map, progress report? Very similar to 'd2_prison_04'. No notieacble changes aside from possible cosmetic changes.
prison1 Sketch concept, sketch 'prison', sliced up and more work done on with remaking it. A lot of disconnected visgroups overlapping here, I will try to explain the best as I can. Starts off the same as in 'prison'. You are likely to reach the toilet area just the same, this time The toilet has some wooden planks blocking the antlion who will likely smash trough. Therea are some beds blocking the exit. The other door before the toilets leads to some hallways that connect With the toilet's/bed-blocked door. After that you are connected with the laundy, except approaching it from a completely different direction. Both old and new laundries overlap in here. Worth a look if you wish to see how the transition to 'prison' went on. Still contains the multistory cellblock as well.
prison2 Sketch concept, sketch 'prison', sliced up and more work done on with remaking it. Largely the rest of 'prison', this time it has some wierd locker room added in though. Seems to have some alternate antlion encounter area that likely ended up as the cafeteria kitchen. Visgroups reveal alternate cellblocks, some of those have the bottom level flooded with water, alternate depot is at the exact same spot so it was used as a reference. Worth a look for re-creation.
proto_prison1 Test prototype Prison gameplay prototype, combine and turrets. Some prison gameplay prototyping, entering from a vent and some conbine and turrets laid out in a hallway.
proto_prison2 Test prototype Gameplay proto, prison twin-cellblocks. combine and turrets. More prototyping for the prison, this is a rough oranged iteration of the twin cellblock area. Probably the first iteration of it.
proto_prison3 Test prototype Two-story cellblocks. Ceiling turrets and antlions. Ceiling turrets and antlions in a two-story cellblock hallway with a button to disable the turrets.
proto_prison5 small Playable map prototype 'pre_block2' in it's earliest stages. 'pre_block2' in a very early state. This one has the very basic brushwork done and some turrets placed in. No buttons to press and the upstairs area lacks the control rooms. End is different as well.
proto_turret_defense small Playable sequence prototype EP2-like timed antlion turret defence in cafeteria. A big map again, but changes seem to be only in the cafeteria. You defend from the antlion whose spawns are controlled by a button, a timed event like what ended up in EP2. Seems that the testers used cheatcodes to spawn turrets since I can't seem to find any sensible turrets that you can place. This puzzle was carried to the final but replaced with combine and appears in a different area.
proto_turret1 Test prototype Turrets and crawling behind an counter (glass wall) test. Three turrets and a counter you need to crawl behind to the other side and continue on (or take down the turrets) This was somewhat carried to the final in the kitchen area.
proto_turret2 Test prototype Turrets and crawling as above, now with antlions. Same as above with added antlions and turrets seem to be a bit further.
proto_turret3 Test prototype Turrets and crawling as above, now with further distance. Same as 'proto_turret2', turrets are even further behind this time.
proto_turret4 Test prototype A test with turrets in a real level section. The section behind the laundry rails, the long hallways has two turrets fitted in.
proto_turrets small playable map prototype Turret gameplay prototypes combined as a one level. Combines elements from the above mentioned turret levels and puts them inside a small hallway complex.
proto_wastelands_01 Exploreable area concept Wastelands & depot approach. Rocky cliffs, alternate entry. Familiar depot approach terrain, this time there is no real depot in the gameplay world. Antlion thumpers use the old model, Some brushy rocky terrain is placed on top of the displacement as well.
punchout Test prototype Zombies in a boxing ring. 'boxing' with two huge monitors and a camera. Likely to test the dynamic'ness of the camera.
rallypoint1 Test prototype Combine AI test inside the old cafeteria Combine AI test inside the depot cafeteria.
rallypoint2 Test prototype Combine AI test inside the old twin-cellblocks Combine AI test inside the old twin-cellblocks (depot style).
scanner_playground Test prototype Scanners, (linked?) to a rocket launcher, rocky wastelands. Based off from 'manhack_playground'. There seems to be an automatic launcher added in! (Shoots cones). This very same launcher is found in '/john/combine launcher/combine_launcher'.
scanner_playground2 Test prototype, concept You control a manhack in wastelands. based off on above map. Well fuck me.. this is based on above map but the combine outpost has a game_ui referencing to a manhack. So this concet existed outisde the manhack arcade! very cool. WORTH A LOOK.
scanner_tower Exploreable area concept A wastelands section. Combine outpost, scanner and antlions. crude and early wastelands terrain with displacement cliffs. Has a combine scanner and a similiar combine outpost as the 'scanner_playground' maps. Some antlion exist outside the cliffy area.
seafloor_01 Exploreable area concept Seafloor concept. You start with a buggy from the cliffs. Similar to the e3_seafloor's sea floor. Has the submarine and some other stuff. Combine tower pasted from 'scanner_playground' and has some differences inside it. Cliffs surround, no way out.
seafloor_ants Test prototype, concept Antlion guard encounter at the seafloor. Orangemapped 'arena' with antlions and an antlion guard. You start with the buggy a bit above the area. There is nothing else after that.
seafloor_base Exploreable area prototype, concept Combine occupied base at the cliffs, traintracks above it. A combine-occupied base that ends the cliffy road, there is a train track above you. You start with the buggy and travel roughly 5 seconds to reach the base. It has some structures that weren't used in the final version, one of it ended up in 'e3_seafoor' as the one where you bust trough the window with the buggy when the gunship chases you. I think that this whole area was retooled in to the rebel base with the lighthouse later on. Busting trough the window seems to help you continue with the buggy further on in here as well.
seafloor_bridge Playable map sketch Route17 long bridge section, see 'gunship_chase' 'gunship_chase' mostly, lacks the additional areas seen there. This one has a lot shorter road section.
..._citizen_assault3 Test prototype, concept Citizen assault? in a seafloor themed map. A combine outpost in a battlefield style. You progress inside an area that likely has some rollermines and other stuff to hinder your progress. There is an outpost copied from 'e3_seafloor_1'
seafloor_minefield Test prototype, concept Rollermine field in a seafloor themed map. A variation of above, rollermines scattered all over and the battlefield is laid out a little differently.
...loor_vort_assault Test prototype, concept Vortigaunt assault in a seafloor themed map. Same as above maps but this time with vortigaunts?
...oor_vort_assault3 Test prototype, concept Vortigaunt assault in a seafloor themed map. Above with the citizen replaced with a vortigaunt.
showers_breakable Test prototype Antlion guard in an alternate old toilet area. Alternate shower/toilets, antion guard, this time the mid-wall is breakable on both sides. This idea was later added to the new shower/toilet area when it got redesigned.
solitary Test prototype, concept Old prison cellblocks design. The old twin-cell block area with the combine on the other side and a barricaded door. Used very often in many maps. such as the 'prison-block'
submarine Exploreable area concept Isolated submarine prefab, very used. The old submarine that we all know and love :) This has been used in over 20 maps I think.
submarine_brushes Exploreable area concept Isolated submarine prefab without the models. 'submarine' without interior models.
terraintest5 Sketch concept, sketch Wastelands terrain, huge bridge and a train + outposts. Wastelands chasm with two outposts on either side, very early development. Has the outpost from 'gunship_chase' and the other side has 'seafloor_01'. Huge bridge connects the two areas together. On the bridge there is a razor train and a underpass. This is probably what ended up was the huge bridge in the coast maps. Almost a complete wastelands section map-worthy. WORTH A LOOK !
thumper dupe of 'proto_wastelands_01' it seems.
wasteland_depot Playable map WIP, sketch The old old depot in wastelands & train track. This is the "real real" old wastelands small depot! You start in an old wastelands section with old texturing and everything. There are some combine battling antlion closeby in a sandy path that leads to the depot itself. Along the path there is also a train track that also goes inside the depot itself. And judging from the skybox: 'terraintest5' was located one or two maps before this one. 'apc_test' has been implemented in here inside the Depot courtyard. But trying to enter the depot by normal means will close the gates. You will need to use the underground antlion infested tunnels to reach the inside of the depot. There are some physics objects like barrels to play with, possibly early physics engine tests. The depot inside looks pretty generic, an APC and some junk is laid around. There are some soldiers and a soldier that knocks a table over. At the upper level you will meet a stalker and going outside to the train platform there is a cremator waiting for you. DEFINATELY worth a look if you want to see what the first full iteration of depot looked like.
...and_depot_inside Playable map WIP, sketch Old old depot interior, replaced by the prison later on. Revamped old style depot. You progress lower and lower in a chasm-style level. Very neat ideas that were completely unseen in the final version. Somewhat resembles 'pumper2'. Some of the old rooms from earlier versions are still present. This is basically a one-level depot that ends at the bottom level, you presumably enter a train car and it gets lifted up to the actual tracks by a crane. The depot brushwork on outside looks somewhat the same as it is in the later/final version. Again, have a look on this! Much of this is already very complete. Start location has an elevator that also exists in the later depot maps where you enter from the lighthouse. Seems that this kind of area was scrapped in favor of a full prison.
...and_depot_outside Playable map WIP, sketch Old old depot approach, Big changes. More like newer version. Revamped outdoors from 'wasteland_depot'. This one still has the basic concept as the same, but with already familiar changes emerging in. The depot approach is now a very rocky terrain that leads to the depot gates. This time the lighthouse makes it's first appearance. There is a gunship that leaves from the depot courtyard and tries to hunt you. At the lighthouse bottom most of the path that is at the basement is still unfinished.
...nd_depot_outside2 Playable map WIP, sketch Old old depot approach, Big changes. More like newer version. Largely similar, entry to the courtyard from the lighthouse is totally different. Instead of ascending from a basement to a building you would use a side-door. Bits missing so this is just assuming.
wasteland_railbridge Sketch WIP, sketch Wastelands terrain, huge bridge and a train + outposts. Identical to 'terraintest5' except that the outdoor rock textures have had a change from the early lighter brown to the one that was used much often later on, grey.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
budget_dropship Dropship test In a box prototype A dropship, scanners and a few combine accompany you and 3 male citizen.
budget_innergate Test prototype Strider test Two striders and male citizen. In a box.
budget_pitchedbattle Test prototype Combine/manhack test Combine and manhacks and scanners. In a box.
c17_look Seems to be a dupe of 'e3_streetwar' without enemies
e3_c17_01 Seems to be a dupe of 'e3_streetwar'.
e3_c17_01_simple Test prototype Performance test of e3_streetwar? A devtextured/more simple version of 'e3_streetwar'.
e3_c17_01_talk Sketch sketch 'e3_streetwar' in it's earlier iterations Possibly an earlier version of 'e3_streetwar'. This one lacks the gate and a lot of the details. Also in the combine side there are around 15 combine in a pattern.
e3_c17_02 Seems to be the 'e3_strider'
e3_end 'e3_end'
gameplay_building1 Seems to be a dupe of 'dario/c17_assault1'.
gameplay_halltest Test prototype AI combat test inside an apartment-like complex. AI test inside devtextured apartment-like hallways. They contain some combine but nothing interesting aside from that.
gameplay_stnadoff Test prototype AI combat test from barricaded sides. Barricaded two sides with combine on another and citizen on another. Area is pretty small and devtextured mostly.
prefab_streets_blvd Exploreable area concept City17 boulevard prefab Street section similar to the e3_strider section. Both ends have a wall with a gate and combine guarding it.
prefab_streets_dc Exploreable area concept Different prefabs mixed in a map. Various street bits combined in with 'gameplay_standoff' and 'gameplay_building1'
proto_c17block_blvd Exploreable area concept Devtextured building complex with a courtyard devtextured building complex with a courtyard.
...block_residental Exploreable area concept Devtextured building complexes with courtyards Same style as above, this one has two building complexes and some more variety to it.
proto_c17courtyard dupe of 'c17/proto_c17courtyard'
proto_c17map dupe of 'c17/proto_c17map'
streetwar_test1 Test prototype Strider placement/combat test in city streets Street section with striders, seems to be a test on how to place them the best on maps.
strider_circle Test prototype Strider walking in a circular path inside a Box Strider walking in a circular path inside a Box
strider2 Test prototype Strider walking in circles inside a Box, with obstacles. Strider walking in a circular path inside a Box, this time with some obstacles.
sw_prison_barney Test prototype 'd2_prison_04' with Barneys instead of antlions. Using multiple barney's to test streetwar combat inside Sawyer's prison level. This is basically 'sawyer/d2_prison_04' with barneys instead of antlions helping you out.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
test_fallingdamage Test prototype Falling damage test in a small map. Fall damage tests, platforms with different heights. Seems that you sustained pretty high drops without any damages according to this map's text boxes. Devtextured.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
ai_odellhackery Test prototype Odell AI test, two buttons in a devtextured obstacle path. Odell AI tests, you control the script with two buttons.
ai_odellhackery Test prototype Odell AI test, two buttons in a devtextured path with blood. Above, different floor textures and some blood instead of a barney NPC on the other side.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
town_01_gameplay Sketch sketch "Gameplay map" of the town, just the gameplay elements. The town map gameplay elemets in order. This seems to be stitched together from the town map trap prototypes.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
town_02_gameplay Sketch sketch The second map of the town maps. Underground mines Second town map, the mines. This has more than just gameplay. Use the digger to destroy the headcrab spawner and take the elevator upstairs.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
town_03_gameplay Sketch sketch The third map of the town maps. Big firetrap Surface again, big fire trap, continues to where e3_traptown begins.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
town_04_gameplay Playable map WIP The last map of the town maps. Fast zombies. The most complete map out of these. This has the rest of the ravenholm (starts from the same as e3_traptown). This is a bit earlier than the e3 version and has loads of differences to the final.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
combine_room2 dupe of 'prefabs/combine_room3'


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
fastzombie_roofs Test prototype Fast zombie AI test Fast zombie AI test, some devtextured buildings to climb and jump in back/forth.
fisicks Test prototype Physics/origin tests in a box. Early date, A room filled with various physics objects, seems to be only brushes. Possibly early physics engine tests.
physcannon Test prototype Physics manipulator gun test. A small room with citizens and some physics props. Some objects attached to a wall as well.
physcannon2 Test prototype Physgun tests, this time you kill a combine with props. A variation of above, this time there is a small extension and citizen replaced with one combine, possibly to test how to kill it with props.
physzombie Test prototype Testing a Zombie's awesome physics smashing skills. Same room as 'physcannon' without model props. This time a zombie throws brush based objects around.
testroom_assault Seems to be a dupe of 'dario/c17_assault1'.
testroom_fastzombie Test prototype Testing a fast zombie's awesome pathfinding skills. Hangar-like interior with a fast zombie and some nodes he can follow along.
testroom_terrainmorph Test prototype Displacement morphing test. A room with two buttons and two morphable surfaces.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
city Exploreable area concept Vertigo's skybox barely started. Vertigo's skybox/surrouding buildings. Placeholder textures and very few buildings.
vert_01_001 Playable map concept, sketch First vertigo level, likely the earliest version. An old vertigo map. Judging by the name this could be one of the first vertigo maps done. More of these at '/john/'. I assume that you know what the map roughly looks like already so I will spare all that fuss. You start in an crash site, interior. There is hole above where the player fell trough. judging from the sound files, Alyx bolts away after pulling up the 'father' card again and two combine find you after a discussion about rebel weapons. The player crashes to the building in an aircraft.. After the combine and the whatnot, you will find stairs, you will use these a lot to go up from the interiors and down from the upper rubble area, It's a zig-zag. When you reach the third stairs they will take you down to the next vertigo level.
vert_01_011 Playable map concept, sketch First vertigo level, Reworked starting area. Largely the same as above, mostly the only change is the reworked starting area. This time there are no combine blowing a wall open (or they haven't been added in yet).
vert_02_001 Sketch concept, sketch Second vertigo level, wrecked hallway and stairs. Starts where 01 left off. You reach a rather a rather large wrecked big hall that has paths conveniently leading down. There are some combine looking to kill you. Not much has been done except the very basic layout of the map. More of this at '/john/'
vert_02_003 Sketch concept, sketch Second vertigo level, changes to the endsection A stripped down version of above, lacks almost everything except brushwork. This map has an alternate end section where all of the _001 was removed and replaced with open area and a washer lift.
vert_03_002 Sketch concept, sketch Third vertigo level, washer lift, lobby, elevator complex Level starts off where _02_001 ended. You still go down the washer lift and crash in to a lobby-like hallway from that. Player is encouraged to explore as he will find a way to continue inside one of the elevator shafts. This will lead to some hallways that take you to an complex with the same elevators (only below) but no real way to proceed. There are some non-reachable areas such as two identical complexes below the last linked one and an engine room that is presumably meant for the elevators. Most of the plans are somewhat decipherable but it's still very sketchy all over.
vert_03_008 Sketch concept, sketch Third vertigo level, Retextured. Almost worse than previous. Same treatment as 02_003, that is entities mostly removed. Some texture differences and minor layout changes. Seems like a step backwards in some sense.


MAP NAME .VMF What is it State or purpose What does it have Comments
ai_hallwalk dupe of '/john/ai_testmaps/ai_hallwalk'
ai_singlefile dupe of '/john/ai_testmaps/ai_singlefile'
ai_stairs dupe of '/john/ai_testmaps/ai_stairs'
ai_stairs_climb dupe of '/john/ai_testmaps/ai_stairs_climb'
alpha_test Test prototype Box with some brushes and glass. Transparency test
alpha_test2 Test prototype Box with some brushes and glass, now with added spitballs! Same as above, lots of spitball models added in.
bergs Exploreable area concept Borealis icebergs in isolation. Icebergs used in the borealis maps, just a collection of iceberg models and some displacement snow in water. Similar to the borealis entry.
break Test prototype func_breakable test, wooden stuff in a box. Physics too. func_breakable test, just a bunch of wooden stuff in a room.
c1a3_port dupe of 'charlie/maps/c1a3_port'
camoroom dupe of '/aaron/camoroom'
crab Test prototype Headless zombie test. A headless zombie in a typical %20 filled test room.
cubemap Test prototype Cubemap test in a small box. Likely the simplest map in this pack, A box with one cubemap entity.
d1_town_01 Playable map WIP, sketch 1&2 town maps, differs from other layouts/gameplay a bit. A very interesting development on this map. This has some elements seen only on this map, such as the back alley near the start (Where you enter the wooden house from the retail), Grigori has been inserted in to that alley for some reason, I guess this was his first debut before moving him to the balcony later on. There are some electrified fences (prototyped in /john/town_traps/electric_trap) inserted as some roadblocks, these got moved&merged as one that you need to switch off when you reach upstairs in the retail version. There are town01 and town02 combined in this one. From the looks of it, the route is not completely playable at the time since there some objects blocking the path where you are supposed to go. Plans show that the progression was to be somewhat different to the one that is more often used. Lots of small little changes and differences from the other versions are present. traces of the older town03 are present near the end. Worth a look!
\ different to the one that is more often used. Lots of small little changes and differences from the other versions are present. traces of the older town03 are present near the end. Worth a look!
d1_town_01b Playable map WIP, sketch 1&2&3 town maps, Alternate/earlier version. An alternate version of town01, this one seems to be earlier and more similar to the other town maps seen in this pack. Contains an very early town03. Similar to the one in '/justin/d1_town_01c'
d1_town_01c Playable map WIP, sketch 1&2 town maps, blended 01 and 01b. Some minor changes. A blend of 'd1_town_01' and 'd1_town_01b'. The map has a slightly alternate ending that is marked as 'residental'. No 03 in this one. Lacks some stuff seen in 01, so this must be earlier than it.
d3_borealis_01 See '/dario/d3_borealis_01' Very little changes to that.
d3_borealis_05 See '/dario/d3_borealis_01' Very little changes to that.
d4_palace_01 See '/justin/d4_palace_01'. Mostly cosmetic changes.
devtest dupe of '/auto_compile/devtest', except that the old obsolete entities have been updated to work with the newer engine version. Consider this as an "current engine" version.
dsp_test Test prototype Barney E3 streetwar line delivery test. Barney in a box delivering his "Remember when we thought that Black mesa was as bad as it could get" line. E3 test.
e3_hydra dupe of '/e3_hydra/e3_hydra'
e3_insdustrial dupe of '/e3_industrial/e3_industrial'
e3_lab dupe of '/e3_lab/lab'
e3_shiptest Playable map WIP, sketch E3'fied borealis map. One of the last borealis edits. e3'fied Borealis! This one is largely a very polished borealis map, possibly one of the last edits to it. You start from the water and go through the interiors until you reach the freezer area. In here you are ambushed by zombies, if you take the other direction you will be ambushed by zombies as well. Seems that the player used propelled gas canisters to take them out until he gets killed.
e3_strider dupe of '/aaron/e3_strider'
e3_techdemo_2 Playable map Demo E3 techdemo, terrain morph and props. The same old e3_techdemo with terrainmorph and physics props.
e3_techdemo_2a Playable map Demo E3 techdemo, alternate terrain morphing and start location. Above, but this one has a different starting location and the terrain morphs a great deal more than the finalized e3 version.
e3_terminal dupe of 'aaron/terminal'
e3_termtest Sketch Demo E3 terminal before it was fully scripted. An earlier version of above, lacks most of the scripting (like rebels against the combine) and the combine guard. Some cosmetic differences are noticeable as well, such as an added balcony near start.
e3_towntest Sketch WIP, Demo E3 docks, a WIP version of the e3 techdemo. A WIP version of the town map e3 docks. Everything seems to be in place except that there are much more town map remnants further on in the map than it's necessary.
e3_towntest2 Sketch WIP, Demo E3 docks, a WIP version of the e3 techdemo. Above map with some changes done to the end of the dock. It's a bit shorter in this version (One bit removed)
env_cubeworld Test prototype Cubemap lightning test. Cylinders with textures and lights, to test cubemaps it seems.
glass Exploreable area concept Sawyer's lighthouse top's glass placement testmap. A part of the lighthouse that sawyer has used a lot on his maps. This one is just the very top tip of it. Probably isolated to do easy glass placements.
leveltrans1 Test prototype Level change test in a dull box with a rollermine. Small box with a wall splitting it, This is presumably to test level change connections. This connects to 'leveltrans2' naturally. There is a rollermine thrown in just because.
leveltrans2 Test prototype Level change test in a dull box without a rollermine. Same as above, this time lacking the rollermine and the changelevel is placed in a different location.
light Test prototype Light/cubemap test with a strider A small city17 themed section with a strider and cubemaps. Isolated in void and looks like it's missing half of the brushes. Looks like a section from terminal.
lightningtest Test prototype Light testing on a terminal snippet. A small section from terminal isolated in void for easier light testing?
lightningzoo Test prototype Lightning test zoo. Lightning and cubemap tests in a few rooms with different textures and some displacements.
lightningzoo2 Differences to above map are too minor to search for.
mdl2 Test prototype Zombie cutter test? e3_traptown ending area isolated in void. The part where e3_traptown ends. This is isolated in void and is likely a model placement test for the zombie cutter.
ms_lab dupe of '/aaron/ms_lab/'
physics_ai Test prototype Physics playaround in a box. Various brushes, a typical physics playaround test in a box.
props_borealis see: '/aaron/props_borealis'
props_c17 see: '/aaron/props_c17'
props_debris see: '/aaron/props_debris'
props_foliage see: '/aaron/props_foliage'
props_junk Exploreable area concept Junk props for easy copying. Junk props laid out in a long hallway.
props_lab concept Lab props laid out for easy copying Lab props laid out in a long hallway.
props_wasteland see: '/aaron/props_wasteland'
proptest Test prototype A box with a prop. A box with a prop.
ragdoll dupe of '/charlie/maps/ragdoll'
shaderzoo Test prototype Shader zoo. What the name says, It's a shader zoo.
shadow Test prototype Shadow control testmap. Shadow control test, citizen and triggers in a box.
skybox3d Test prototype 3D skybox testmap. 3D skybox testmap.
ss Test prototype Combine guard scripting A rebel destroying a combine guard? This scripted sequence has some similarity to the terminal sequence.
strider_cannon Test prototype Strider pathfinding test. Somewhat similar to '/Streetwars/strider_circle'. More obstacles for the strider to go trough.
strider2 Too little changes to above to search for.
strider3 Test prototype Strider pathfinding test MK III. Above map with some floating platforms for added difficulty.
tentacle Test prototype Alyx&hydra encounter only. One tentacle only. e3_hydra's hydra encounter without the rest of the map, not even a hole hinting it.
test Test prototype Gman camera room from e3 techdemo maps isolated. Gman camera test room from the e3 techdemo maps isolated.
test_details Test concept Visions of a possible wastelands vista. Random wastelands-like plane with some model rocks insterted in, A terrain/concept look test it seems. Also seems to test material blending.
test_details2 Test concept Visions of a possible wastelands vista. Same as above, this time around most of the textures are missing due to version differences or the resources were simply were removed.
test_dlights sketch WIP, sketch A version of town with the e3 docks stitched in. This seems to be a town map that has the e3 docks inserted in. So basically it's 'e3_towntest' with rest of the map reachable.
test_foliage Exploreable area concept Foliage testing to see what works. A grassy patch with some trees and two combine and a car junk. Nothing to do except gasp at the breathtaking 22kb scenery.
test_hierarchy Test prototype Brush hierarchy test. Brush parent testing, bunch of connected brushes follow a train track.
test_hierarchy2 Test prototype Brush hierarchy test. Brush parent testing, bunch of connected brushes follow a train track.
test_hierarchy3 Test prototype Brush hierarchy test. Brush parent testing, a brushs follows a train track.
test_hierarchy4 Test prototype Brush hierarchy test. Brush parent testing, bunch of connected brushes follow a train track.
test_lablight Playable map Demo e3_lab with just some small lightning testing going on. e3_lab light testing, otherwise the content is the same.
test_lightprops2 Exploreable area concept Early sketches on the e3 docks area. e3 docks map in an early state, no connection to any land yet. Out of the bounds the player can discover objects belonging to the old quarrytown approach maps, maybe this was worked on from that.
test_model_light Test prototype ligthning test on a e3_streetwar building bit. e3_streetwar building's face and a street section. To test lightning.
test_route3 dupe of '/john/ai_testmaps/test_route3'
test2 - Does not open -
testroom_bullsquid dupe of '/charlie/maps/testroom_bullsquid'
...om_clientsideanim Test prototype A room with dancing metrocops, far out! Brush bits with dancing metrocops!? Player is given a switch to control. Name suggests that this is to test Client-side animations.
testroom_frag Test prototype Yet another physics test. A room with some physics stuff, brushes and props.
testroom_lamps dupe of '/charlie/maps/testroom_lamps'
testroom_physics dupe of '/charlie/maps/testroom_physics'
testroom_physprop dupe of '/charlie/maps/testroom_physprop'
testroom_physprop2 Largely the same as above, nothing worth a mention.
testroom_physprop2 Largely the same as above, nothing worth a mention.
testroom_scene dupe of '/charlie/maps/testroom_scene'
testroom_skybox01 dupe of '/charlie/maps/testroom_skybox01'
testroom_stairs Exploreable area concept Industrial map stairs Stairs that were put into the industrial map.
testroom_standards dupe of '/charlie/maps/testroom_standards'
testroom_water01 Test prototype Water physics/engine test. A big box with two water pools of different heights.
trace Test prototype Glass shooting/shattering test. A orange room with some glass that you can shatter, likely to test how the glass shatters from your bullets (how it follows in the final).
water Test prototype Engine water test? A room with some enemies and three different water pools.
water_bug Test prototype Isolated map under map section, reminds of stresstest. A section from the under npc_hydra(not the same as e3) sewers. A small part of water and sewers. Bugreport likely.
water_bug2 Test prototype Isolated map under map section, reminds of stresstest. A section from the under npc_hydra(not the same as e3) sewers. A small part of water and sewers. Bugreport likely.
water_error Test prototype Isolated map under map section, After stresstest area. A different section to above from the under npc_hydra(not the same as e3) sewers. A small part of water and sewers. Bugreport likely.
water Test prototype Engine water test? A room with some enemies and three different water pools. Almost identical to 'water'
watershadow Test prototype Water shadowing engine test? Stairs and some displacements above water. Floating Ichthyosaur. Go figure.
visdemo Test prototype VIS-related testmap. Just a box with boxes floating midair. Visibility demonstration, A bug during compilation or frame optimization?
zoo_cable Exploreable area concept Cabling zoo, prefabs or examples. Cable feature testing, various different options to pick from.
zoo_dust Test prototype func_dustmotes testmap. func_dustmotes in a box.
zoo_item dupe of '/aaron/item_zoo'
zoo_lightning Test prototype Lightning test zoo. An earlier version of 'lightningzoo'. Lightning and cubemap tests in a few rooms with different textures and some displacements.
zoo_model dupe of '/charlie/maps/zoo_model'
zoo_particle dupe of '/charlie/maps/zoo_particle'
zoo_portal Test prototype Areaportal test most likely, A box with two windows. A box with two windows in a wall that seperates the two areas.
zoo_portal2 Test prototype Areaportal test most likely, A box with two windows. A box with two windows in a wall that seperates the two areas.
zoo_shader dupe of '/charlie/maps/zoo_shader'
zoo_weapon dupe of '/charlie/maps/zoo_weapon'