Shaft is a mod that aims on recreating various aspects and concepts from the earlier stages of Half-Life.

Cut Features

One of the key features of Shaft is restoring cut content. This included items such as:


  • Archer
  • Chumtoad
  • CIA
  • Construction
  • Flocking Floater (Bloater)
  • Human Sergeant
  • Kingpin
  • Mr. Friendly
  • Panther Eye
  • Snapbug
  • Stukabat


  • Adrenaline Bottle
  • Air Tank
  • Alien Shield
  • Alien Cloak
  • Antidote Bottle
  • Rad Bottle
  • Security Card


  • Chumtoad

Original Features

Shaft also includes original features to go along with the game. these features include:


  • Needle Eye
  • Rocket Grunt
  • Poison Crab


  • Super Battery


  • Minigun

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