The 2003 leak may have seemed small initially, just "a source code leak".

However, it quickly grew into an outright outpouring of assets so large that the community, even to this day, has yet to fully discover everything there is to be.

The Leak

Back in 2003, Valve had some very ambitious plans for their release date. Newell definitively stated, "We're going to launch the product at E3 and we're going to ship it on September 30, 2003".[1]. There was no doubt in it. He, and the team behind him, believed that that game would be in its final, release state by that time.

However, it became more and more obvious, as Gabe's expectations for the team were increasingly obviously wrong, that the game was in no state to release. The fans, however, were not yet aware of this.

Axel "Anon" Gembe was an interesting character. A fairly well-known hacker at the time, he already had some talents with it. Having previously pioneered the "botnet" approach to computer viruses, he sometime after became curious about Half-Life 2.

October 2[2] - Half-Life 2 Source Code Leak

The first of Anon's leaks, and one of the most consequential.

Interestingly, it wasn't actually one of Anon's leaks. At the time, he had not yet become intent upon releasing the files. He merely gave the code to a myg0t-affiliated cohort, who promised to not share them.

Obviously, he didn't keep the files to himself. The code quickly ended up on torrent networks, and Anon's secrecy was irreparably cracked.

As a result of this leak, it seems that Anon decided to take a different approach to distributing his leaks. Instead of giving it to people who leak it for him, who not do it himself?

Theoretically, if the myg0t cohort had not leaked the files here, Anon may have never had the change of heart, and released the later leaks.

The source code leaked is in a relatively poor state. It requires fixups, and a very specific incarnation of Visual Studio simply to compile. The models supported by this version are outdated, being v35/36 instead of v37.



TODO: I don't work with the 2003 source code much, can someone add some more info on this?

(NFO) October 8 - Half-Life 2: Axel's patch 1

The first (and only known) patch for HL2 anon released from Valve's latest development. However, it was already included in the only version of anon-hl2, making it effectively useless, except as a mild curiosity. Date-wise, the files range from 9/24/03 12:45 AM to 9/27/03 8:46 AM.

The files featured here can be used to make some guesses about what was added and changed during this short period, such as the new "Art" facemap, a texture for the Jeep's ammo box, and some citizen lines on the Coast gunship battle.



(NFO) October 8 - NVidia Drivers 52.13

Anon releases the Detonater 52.13 drivers from Valve, ones claimed to increase performance. Not much else to discuss here.



(NFO) October 9 - HL1Ports - Early CS and HL: Source

Hl1ports, while not one of the larger releases, or one of the more significant ones, is nonetheless deserving of note for different reasons. First, alongside Half-Life: Source is a very early version of CS:S, with most of the textures being either temporary or no-modification imports from HL1.

A few examples:

"Temp" TF2 Player Models

But the most noteworthy part of this leak was not any part that was supposed to be there. Two player models from the "Invasion" stage of TF2 were included in the hl1ports CS build as placeholders. It can be assumed that the later "temp" CS player models in here have replaced the TF2 models for a significant period of time, as the TF2 models use an obsolete model version. Previews:

Other TF2 Content

However, the models are not the only TF2-related content present here. In the materials folder are a large number of unused textures. They vary, ranging from earlier versions of the Alien Commando texture, to separated versions of the current Human Commando texture, to 2 separate sets of textures for a different playermodel we don't have!

  • Old Alien Commando Textures
  • "Generation 1" Lost TF2 Player Textures

It should be noted that the "generation" divides are only based on their texture resolution. These are 512x, and the others are 1024x.

  • "Generation 2" Lost TF2 Player Textures


[Valve Archive]

(NFO) October 9 - The WC Mappack

In this release is a large portion of the HL2 "vmf sources" folder in 2003, with cut/test maps making up the majority of the files present.



(NFO) October 9 - The HL1 WC Mappack

Alongside the WC mappack is its less-well-known twin, the HL1 WC Mappack.

It contains the largely-final map sources for Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Deathmatch Classic, and a few other/unused maps. Curiously, it seems he even included a map of his own, with one of them present called "bounce-by-anon.vmf".

A few cut maps are also present here, as Marphy Black demonstrates in this video:



(NFO) October 9 - Wmods

One of the more interesting releases, Anon dumps what is supposedly a Valve employee's copy of Half-Life, containing two versions of the yet-to-be-released Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, as well as several other bits.



October 7[3][4] - Half-Life 2: "Chosen 9" Release

The original, infamous "2003 leak" of Half-Life 2, it is the largest of the leaks and arguably the most noteworthy, tied with the WC mappack.


[ValveArchive] []


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